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The New Moon

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  • Chinese
  • 102 W 9th St #102, Los Angeles 90015 34.041589 -118.255305
  • (At S Main St)
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  • (213) 228-3940
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Perrier     3.00
Bottled Water     2.75
12oz Fountain     2.75
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea     3.00
Iced Green Tea     3.00
Hot Tea     2.50


Wally's Grilled Shrimp Appetizer Succulent shrimp grilled with fresh garlic and sliced scallions. Inspired by his favorites for his favorites.    9.95
Chicken Shiew Mai Steamed open faced chicken dumplings with the essence of fresh ginger and sesame oil.    7.25
Chicken Pot Stickers The unique cooking method of grilling and steaming these delicate appetizers help punctuate the flavorful filling of freshly ground chicken and Chinese vegetables.    7.95
Vegetable Pot Stickers A winning combination of glass noodles, fragrant vegetables, and scrambled tofu gives this appetizer wonderful textureand flavor.    7.50
Cha Shu Marinated strips of lean pork in Chef's Pung's sweet and smoky barbeque sauce are slowly cooked in a vertical oven to give it a nice even roast.    9.50
Mandarin Tofu Fresh tofu coated with delicate Japanese panko flakes. Served with Cantonese blackbean sauce. Who would have thought vegetarian could taste this good?    7.95
Egg Fu Young A traditional Cantonese favorite of freshly whipped eggs, rice sticks and garden fresh vegetables formed into a light and fluffy patty and finished with a tasty brown sauce.   Plain 9.95 Chicken 12.95 BBQ Pork 12.95 Shrimp 14.95
Jumbo New York Style Egg Rolls 2 rolls sliced into 3 sections. Homemade New York style eggrolls stuffed with chicken, shrimp and Chinese vegetables.    8.75
Jalapenos Stuffed with Shrimp Chef Pung stuffs jalapenos peppers with his shrimp mousseline and lightly tosses them in Cantonese-style fermented Blackbean sauce.    8.75
Shrimp Rangoon Chunks of shrimp with cream cheese and sliced green onions all wrapped in a wonton skin and fried until golden brown.    7.95
Spicy Szechuan Wings     7.75
Sample Platter A sampling of chicken pot stickers, jumbo New York style egg rolls, shrimp Rangoon, chicken shiew mai, grilled shrimp, Mandarin tofu and cha shu (BBQ pork).    15.95


Wonton Soup Homemade wontons filled with chicken and vegetables and finished with slices of Napa cabbage and green onions.   Cup 5.25 Large Bowl 10.95
Egg Drop Soup    Cup 5.25 Large Bowl 10.95
Hot and Sour Soup    Cup 5.25 Large Bowl 10.95
Sizzling Rice Soup A combination of sliced chicken breast, large shrimp and fresh vegetables in a rich broth.   Cup 5.25 Large Bowl 10.95
Wor Won Ton Soup Wonton soup with shrimp, Chinese BBQ pork and plenty of fresh vegetables.   Cup 5.95 Large Bowl 12.25
Chicken Ye Won ton    Cup 5.50 Large Bowl 10.50
Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup    Cup 2.25 Large Bowl 10.50
Vegetable Noodle Soup    Cup 2.25 Large Bowl 10.50
Chinese BBQ Pork Noodle Soup    Cup 5.50 Large Bowl 10.75
Shrimp Noodle Soup    Cup 5.75 Large Bowl 11.75


Original New Moon Chicken Salad Our signature dish of slow roasted chicken rubbed with aromatic herbs tossed with a melange of crispy, crunchy and nutty delights.   Small 10.95 Large 13.95
Wally's Grilled Shrimp over Organic Mixed Greens Salad Local greens are lightly tossed in a miso vinaigrette dressing, topped with grilled shrimp.   Small 11.95 Full 13.95
Candied Walnuts over Organic Mixed Greens    Small 8.50 Full 10.50
Grilled Beef Salad Thinly sliced steak, marinated in a sweet, piquant, and garlicky soy dressing. Served over organic salad greens and tossed with our miso dressing.   Small 11.75 Full 13.75
Soup and Salad for 1 Cup of won ton or hot and sour soup with a small order of our Original New Moon Salad.    11.95


Chloe's Shrimp A wonderful combination of crunchy shrimp coated with a slightly sweet and pungent sauce containing a hint of garlic.    16.75
Wally's Grilled Shrimp     15.95
Shrimp in Blackbean Sauce     16.25
Kung Pao Shrimp     16.50
Minced Shrimp with Lettuce Cups     16.50
Shrimp in Lobster Sauce This popular dish blends unbelievably rich and tasty flavors from minced chicken finished with sesame oil.    15.95
Spicy Garlic Shrimp on a bed of Spinach     16.25
Spicy Garlic Shrimp with Fresh Mint     15.95
Shrimp with Thai Chili Peppers     16.50
Shrimp with Candied Glazed Walnuts     16.75
Chinese Salted Shrimp     15.50
Shrimp on a Bed of Sizzling Rice     15.50
Hunan Crispy Garlic Shrimp Fiery hot chili peppers, garlic and dark soy sauce.    15.50
Jalapeno Stuffed with Shrimp     15.25


Shelby's Sweet and Spicy Chicken Just like the girl it's named after, this dish begins sweet... then the subtle heat of the black pepper kicks in to give you something worth remembering.    15.50
Chinese Snow Peas with Chicken     15.25
Chinese Snow Peas with Shrimp     15.95
Kung Pao Chicken     15.25
Sliced Chicken with Sweet Basil Fresh aromatic basil, sliced chicken breast and Chinese snow peas and caramelized white onions.    15.50
Spicy Garlic Chicken on a Bed of Spinach     15.25
Honey Glazed Chicken with Orange Zest     15.75
Velvet Chicken Tender slices of chicken breast stir-fried with a colorful and aromatic combination of Chinese vegetables.    15.25
Sliced Chicken with Florets of Broccoli     15.25
Minced Chicken with Lettuce Cups     15.25
Chicken with Roasted Jalapeno Chilies Originally developed as a staff meal favorite, our chef roasts fresh chili peppers and infuses them into a robust brown sauce giving a nice punch to a standard.    15.25


Filet of Sole Szechuan Style     15.50
Filet of Sole on a Bed of Sizzling Rice Tossed in a flavorful rice wine tomato sauce served over a bed of sizzling rice.    15.50
Filet of Sole in a Blackbean Sauce     15.50
Chef Pung's Cantonese-style Steamed Fish Steamed mild and meaty white fish and finished with a blend of aromatic herbs.    14.95
Kung Pao Sole     15.50
Hunan Crispy Garlic Sole     14.25
Grilled Sole A delicate and mild filet of sole pan seared and served on a miso-dressed bed of organic mixed greens.    14.50


Shelby's Sweet and Spicy Beef Just like it's chicken counterpart, it is so tasty, we had to offer it with beef!    15.95
Sha Sha Beef Tender marinated flank steak with half-moon slices of zucchini squash finished with a fresh bunch of Thai basil.    15.95
Sliced Beef with Broccoli A classic Cantonese dish using sliced marinated Beef and florets of broccoli in a savory dark sauce with the essence of sherry.    15.25
Mongolian Beef Splendid in it's simplicity, sweet and aromatic green onions are stir-fried with tender slices of beef in searing heat. The beef remains tender and the onions caramelize to produce a wonderful result.    15.50
Crispy Orange Peel Beef Crispy slices of beef wok fried, then tossed in a complex semi-sweet glaze of rice wine, light and dark soy sauces and tangy orange zest.    15.50
New Moon's Dragon Beef Frightfully hot and colorful, red and green Thai chili peppers and seared beef splashed with dark soy sauce and sherry.    15.95
Sliced Beef and Chinese Snow Peas with Mushrooms Wok seared beef and fresh Chinese snow peas in a dark brown sauce with a trio of mushroom varieties.    15.75
Soy and Garlic Grilled Beef Thinly sliced steak, marinated in a sweet, piquant and garlicky soy dressing flash grilled and topped with grilled green onions.    15.95

Fresh from the Garden

Sauteed Spinach Fresh tender young spinach leaves are stir fried with crushed garlic.    10.95
Braised String Beans A house favorite, our garden fresh string beans are flash cooked to maintain their crisp yet tender texture.    11.95
Hot and Pungent Eggplant Tender Japanese eggplant stir-fried with a delicious combination of hot and pungent flavors.    10.75
Chef's Choice of Stir-Fried Vegetables     10.95
Gai Lon Chinese broccoli.    11.95
Braised Tofu with Curry     12.95
Mabu Tofu Features small cubes of tofu with slices of Chinese black mushrooms in a slightly spicy brown sauce, finished with chopped green onions.    12.25
Spicy Firm Tofu with a Seasonal Green Vegetable     12.75
Stir-Fried Tofu with Mushrooms Stir-fried firm tofu with a variety of mushrooms with snow peas and a robust brown sauce.    13.50

Noodles and Rice

Chow Mein Traditional Chinese noodle dish with thin pan-fried noodles and Chinese vegetables.   Chicken 12.50 Beef 13.25 Chinese BBQ Pork 12.50 Shrimp 14.75 Vegetable 12.25 Combination 16.75
Lo Mein Fresh Chinese noodles lightly boiled and gently tossed in a brown sauce with the essence of ginger and sesame oil. Topped with fresh vegetables.   Chicken 12.50 Beef 13.25 Chinese BBQ Pork 12.50 Shrimp 14.75 Vegetable 12.25 Combination 16.75
Chow Fun Rice noodles stir-fried with Chinese vegetables.   Chicken 12.50 Beef 13.25 Chinese BBQ Pork 12.50 Shrimp 14.75 Vegetable 12.25 Combination 16.75
Fried Rice Made fresh to order using garden fresh vegetables and fresh meats.   Chicken 10.25 Chinese BBQ Pork 10.25 Shrimp 11.95 Beef 10.95 Vegetables 9.95 Vegetables with Tofu 10.25 Combination 13.75

Chinese Classics

New Moon Vegetable Chop Suey     10.95
Egg Fu Young Chinese Classic     12.95
Sweet and Sour Chicken     14.25

Mu Shu

Mu Shu 4 delicate pancakes and our sweet and smoky hoi sin sauce.   Chicken 12.25 Chinese BBQ Pork 12.25 Shrimp 13.95 Beef 13.50 Vegetable 11.25


White Rice    Small 2.00 Large 5.00
Brown Rice    Small 2.00 Large 5.00


The New Moon
102 W 9th St
At S Main St
(213) 228-3940
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