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The Bazaar

  • $$$
  • Alcohol, Cocktails, Desserts, Spanish, Tapas
  • 465 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles 90048 34.069961 -118.376625
  • (At San Vicente Blvd)
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  • (310) 246-5555
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Latas Y Conservas

Mediterranean * mussels en escabeche    9.00
Oysters * jamón cream, lime, chili piquin    14.00
Little Neck Clams * market pearl onions, cava dressing    10.00
Sea Urchin * pipirrana, andalusian vegetables    14.00
King Crab raspberries, raspberry vinegar    20.00

Jamones Y Embutidos

Jamón Serrano Fermín dry cured ham   (2oz) 23.00
Jamón Ibérico Fermín dry cured, free-range ibérico ham   (2oz) 34.00
Jamón Ibérico De Bellota Fermín acorn-fed, free-range ibérico ham   (2oz) 42.00
Fermín Platter assortment of all three   (2oz) 39.00
Embutidos Platter chorizo, lomo, salchichon    25.00


Manchego Pasamontes / Sheep firm, piquant and buttery, do manchego  
Valdeón / Cow And Goat creamy, sharp blue, do valdeón  
La Serena / Sheep creamy, slightly bitter, do extremadura  
Murcia Al Vino / Goat semi-soft, sweet and smooth, wine cured rind, do murcia  
Garrotxa / Goat semi-soft, flavors of milk and nuttiness, do catalunya  
Idiazábal / Sheep firm, sharp and wood-smoked, do idiazábal  


Gazpacho chilled tomato, green bell pepper, cucumber   cup 7.00
Wild Mushroom idiazábal cheese, golden egg yolk   bowl 11.00


Catalan Spinach apple, pine nuts, raisins    10.00
Stuffed Piquillo Peppers capriola farm goat cheese    12.00
Escalivada catalan style roasted red pepper, onion, eggplant    8.00
Mushrooms And More Mushrooms mushroom escabeche    10.00
Endive capriola farm goat cheese, oranges, almond, orange dressing    8.00
Papas Canarias salty wrinkled potatoes, mojo verdé    9.00
Wild Mushroom Rice idiazábal cheese    12.00
Pisto * vegetable stew, tomato, slow poached egg 63    13.00
Pa'Amb tomaquet catalan style toasted bread, manchego, tomato    10.00

Pescado Y Mariscos

"The Ultimate Spanish Tapa!" Ensaladilla Rusa potatoes, carrots, mayo, tuna belly    10.00
Sautéed Shrimp * garlic, guindilla pepper    16.00
Loup De Mer celery root puree, grapefruit, seabeans    18.00
Pescado En Adobo spanish fried fish, alioli, parsley    14.00
Rossejat * paella-style pasta, shrimp    19.00
Seared Scallops * romesco sauce    16.00
Seared Squid In Ink * eggplant, crispy rice    12.00
Dungeness Crab sofrito, paella broth    18.00


Butifarra Senator Moynihan * catalan style pork sausage, local beans, mushrooms    14.00
Seared Wagyu Flank Steak * piquillo pepper sphere    16.00
Seared Mary's Farm Chicken * honey dates, mustard caviar, mustard greens    12.00
Boneless Mary's Farm Buffalo Chicken Wings bleu cheese, celery    12.00
Seared Quail roasted winter squash, chicken escabeche, vanilla oil    15.00
Croquetas De Pollo chicken-béchamel fritters    12.00
Jamón Ibérico And A Fried Farm Egg truffle butter    13.00
Braised Wagyu Beef Cheeks mojo rojo    15.00
Braised Rabbit "Al Ajillo" garlic, potato, parsley    16.00

Some Little Starters

American Sturgeon Caviar Cone *   pp 9.00
Bagel And Lox Cone *   pp 9.00
Californian Cone    pp 7.00
Sweet Potato Chips yoghurt, tamarind, star anise    10.00
Olives modern and traditional    10.00
Tortilla De Patatas "New Way" * potato foam, egg 63, caramelized onions   pp 5.00
Ceviche Caliente uni, coconut, lime air    11.00
Beef Tartare kimchi crackers, fried capers, quail yolk    18.00


Jicama Wraps mint, basil, pickled ginger, cucumbers, coconut dressing, peanuts    9.00
Organized Caesar quail egg, parmesan    8.00
Apple And Fennel manchego cheese, walnuts, sherry vinegar    8.00
Local Baby Beets grapefruit, walnuts, olive oil yoghurt    10.00
Not Your Everyday Caprésé cherry tomatoes, liquid mozzarella    13.00
Spanish Tuna And Local Radish sherry dressing, alioli    10.00
Baby Japanese Peaches di stefano burrata, hazelnuts, arugula    18.00
Brussels Sprouts lemon purée, apricots, grapes, lemon air    10.00


Japanese Taco grilled eel, shiso, cucumber, wasabi, chicharron    12.00
Smoked Yellowtail And Crispy Rice * yoghurt, grapes, capers, radish    15.00
Just Shrimp Cocktail * "yeah, right!"    12.00
Market Fish Ceviche And Avocado Roll * jicama, micro cilantro, coconut    17.00


Sautéed Cauliflower "Couscous" cauliflower purée, harissa, lemon, crispy quinoa    10.00
Dashi Linguini parmesan, quail egg, basil    11.00
Eggplant Tempura local honey, buttermilk    8.00
Ottoman Carrot Fritters apricots, pistachio sauce    9.00
Lemon Artichokes black olive tapenade, dandelion    14.00
Jicama Wrapped Guacamole micro cilantro, corn chips    10.00

Some Little Sandwiches

"Philly Cheesesteak" * air bread, cheddar, wagyu beef   pp 11.00
"Hilly Cheesesteak" air bread, cheddar, mushrooms   pp 9.00
American Sturgeon Caviar * crème fraîche, steamed buns and lemon air   pp 11.00
Di Stefano Burrata And Avgotaraho * steamed buns   ea 2.00  10.00
Sea Urchin * avocado, steamed buns   ea 3.00  14.00
King Crab * pickled cucumbers, steamed buns   ea 3.00  18.00
Oxtail * watermelon radish, cilantro, steamed buns   ea 3.00  12.00

Patisserie Desserts $12

Hot Chocolate Mousse pear sorbet and salty hazelnut praline  
Nitro Coconut Floating Island passion fruit and vanilla  
Grapefruit And Olive Oil olive oil ice cream, mint and textures of grapefruit  
Traditional Spanish Flan vanilla and citrus  
Apples "Carlota" bread pudding with saffron sauce  
‘Pan Con Chocolate' chocolate flan with caramelized bread, olive oil and brioche ice cream  
‘Gin And Tonic' José's Favorite Cocktail (Ages 21+) gin and tonic sorbet, fizzy tonic espuma, lemon and aromatics  
Ice Cream And Sorbet Selection   

Chocolate Bonbon Selection $3 Each

Caramel & Organic Milk Chocolate   
Palet D'Or 70% Valrhona   
Tahitian Vanilla & Milk Chocolate   
Passion Fruit   
Rice Crispy   

Chocolate Mini-Tablettes $3 Each

Dark maldon salt, cocoa nibs  
White red peppercorn, green tea  
Milk Chocolate raspberry cardamom  

Pate De Fruit $1.50 Each

Passion Fruit Vanilla   

Candy & More $3 Each

Coconut Marshmallow   
Sour Cherry Marshmallow   
After Eight chocolate and fresh mint  
Dark Chocolate Pop Rocks   
Pear Caramel   
Dark Chocolate-Orange Lollipop   
Dark Chocolate-Cocoa Nib Lollipop   
White Chocolate-Raspberry Lollipop   
White Chocolate-Black Olive Lollipop   
Roasted Pecan Turrón   

Cookies $1 Each

Chocolate Chip   
Green Tea   
Pecan Pie Cookie   
Chocolate Fleur De Sel   
Vanilla Crescent   
Double Chocolate Pecan   

Tarts $12 Each

Lemon Meringue with berries tart  
Blonde Chocolate Tart with salted pecans & lemon  
Milk Chocolate with caramel and peanut tart  
Yuzu And Raspberry Tart   

Fresh Assorted Pastry $3 Each

Cheese Danish   
Pain Au Raisin   
Pain Au Chocolate   
Blueberry Muffin   
Apricot Danish   

Fresh Assorted Pastry $3 Each

SLS Cup Cakes vanilla, chocolate, lemon poppy seed & red velvet    6.00
SLS Selection Box bonbon   (8pcs) 22.00 (2pcs) 9.00
SLS Selection Box tablet   (36pcs) 80.00
Chefs' Candy Selection (Plated)    (25pcs) 50.00 (10pcs) 25.00

Tres By José Andrés Afternoon Tea - Lamill Tea $9

Gossip organic green moroccan mint tea. a delicious organic blend of chinese green tea and peppermint leaves.  
Jasmine Pearls organic green tea. these wonders are hand picked in the misty mountains of fujian, china. vibrant aroma and rich accents of chestnut distinguish this select green tea. this is one of our most unique and exotic teas.  
Commune-A-Tea organic black earl grey tea. a blend of organic assam, darjeeling, and vietnamese black tea with natural italian bergamot oil.  
Gas Pedal organic black english breakfast tea. find yourself needing a little pick me up? this tonic infused with ancient vietnamese tea leaves is perfect for any time you need to be a little more alert  
No Signal organic herbal tropical rooibos tea. our soothing blend of rooibos, lemongrass and orange peel will help you disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself.  
Stamina organic oolong jade osmanthus tea. full of natural compounds that give your body an added boost of energy.  
Up All Night organic citrus chamomile herbal tea. helps relax the mind and body so you can drift off peacefully.  
No Snacking organic decaf black tropical mango tea. this divine blend of mango and black teas adds up to delicious fruit flavors and zero calories.  

Tres By José Andrés Afternoon Tea - Lamill Coffee

Espresso bazaar signature espresso blend a truly handcrafted blend that is full of flavor and texture with profiles ranging from bitter-sweet chocolate to lightly roasted nuts    5.00
Latte cappucino, macchiato, breve    7.00
Freshly Brewed Coffee bazaar signature blend a beautifully dark, rich, and thick roasted coffee that is well balanced and delicate, leaving a smooth finish    5.00

Specialty Drinks

Sueños De Chocolate chocolat praline martini, toasted marshmallow foam    16.00
Spanish Coffee our take on the irish coffee. premium brandy, cold whipped cream and orange sugar rim    14.00


Lauretana Still lauretana proclaims this is the most microbiologically pure, natural drinking water known to the world. bottled in a unique 750 ml clear glass bottle designed by the famous ferrari coach-maker pininfarina   (750ml) 11.00
Hildon Still hildon natural mineral water comes from beneath the chalk hills of the beautiful hampshire countryside in the south of england. the water is wholesome, naturally filtered and crystal-clear. it is free from pollution with a stable composition, being naturally low in sodium   (750ml) 11.00
Waiwera surrounded mostly by sandstone, the water is completely isolated from any possible contamination. the therapeutic and curative properties of waiwera water are legendary. the local maori revered it as "te rata" ("the doctor") for its ability to level acidity in the blood and increase resistance to disease.   (750ml) 11.00
Badoit Sparkling badoit is characterized by tiny carbonation bubbles and a smooth light taste, despite a very strong degree of mineralization. the annual output is limited, making badoit one of the most sought-after brands among connoisseurs   (750ml) 11.00
Solé Sparkling, Italy this pure water source became known as sole, names for the sun itself. low in sodium and with big bubbles that seem delicate. it restores muscle and bone damage after a workout.   (750ml) 12.00
Gerolsteiner Sparkling drinking gerolsteiner is the closest thing to taking mineral supplements. it is in the naturally carbonated classification, with the signature low ph associated with most of the high-tds "nat carbs," and has been a famous health tonic since 1888   (750ml) 11.00
Vichy Catalàn Sparkling ancient water with an astonishing 3,052 milligrams per liter of total dissolved. there are no missing minerals or salts in vichy. you get plenty of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, bicarbonate, fluoride, and silica in this medicinal potion   (1000ml) 12.00


Gouden Carolus Tripel dark copper red. fruity roasted malt aromas with a subtle winey character follow through on a full-bodied palate with sweet malty flavors that combine well with floral hop notes    11.00
Samichlaus reddish-brown, malty aroma and a taste reminiscent of horlicks with a slug of alcohol added. samichlaus is a very powerful, yet creamy, soothing and gently warming beer    11.00
Lindemans Apple Lambic supremely refreshing. smooth, light body with the fresh flavor of real apples and complex light green-apple tartness    12.00
St. Louis Framboise Lambic a clear, dark red beer obtained with a pink head. tons of tart raspberry with a nice little funkiness, this is a tippling beer when drunk young or old    12.00

Wines By The Glass

Sparkling 2007 brut carneros, domaine carneros, napa valley    16.00
Sparkling Sweet 2010 nivole moscato d'asti, m. chiarlo, piemonte    11.00
Sparkling Sweet nv brachetto d'acqui, martelletti, piemonte    14.00
Sweet nv pedro ximénez 1927, alvear, montilla moriles   (375ml) 19.00
Sweet 2007 tokaji red label 5 puttonyos, royal tokaji, tokaj   (500ml) 25.00
Sweet nv black, quinta do noval, porto   (750ml) 19.00


American Sturgeon Caviar     9.00
Bagel And Lox     9.00
Californian     5.00

Caviar Selections

Classic White Sturgeon, California acipenser trasmontanus   (1oz) 90.00
Almas Ara, Spain acipenser naccari   (30gr) 125.00
Shassetra, Petrossian acipenser schrencki   (1oz) 180.00
Avgotaraho, Greece cured and pressed in bees wax grey mullet roe    15.00

Latas Y Conservas

Mediterranean Mussels * olive oil, vinegar, pimentón    9.00
Carlsbad Farm Oysters * lemon, black pepper    12.00
Littleneck Clams * market pearl onions, cava dressing    10.00
Sea Urchin * pipirrana, andalusian vegetables    14.00
King Crab raspberries, raspberry vinegar    20.00

Jamones Y Embutidos

Jamón Platter a selection of dry cured hams, serrano, ibérico and bellota   (2oz) 39.00
Embutidos Platter a selection of dry cured sausages; chorizo, lomo and salchichon    22.00


Manchego ‘Pasamontes' / Sheep firm, piquant and buttery, do manch  
Idiazábal / Sheep hard, sharp and wood-smoked, do idiazábal  
Garroxta / Goat semi-soft, flavors of milk and nuttiness, do catalunya  
Valdeón / Cow And Goat creamy, sharp blue, do valdeón  
Murcia Al Vino / Goat semi-soft, wine cured rind, do murcia  
La Serena / Sheep creamy, slightly bitter, do extremadura  

Bar Centro Tapas Selections

Olives Ferran Adrià modern and traditional    10.00
Japanese Taco bbq eel, shiso leaf, cucumber, wasabi, chicharron    12.00 ea 3.00
Escalivada And Valdeón catalan style roasted red pepper, onion, eggplant, pan de crystal    11.00
Winter Squash Soup house buttermilk, garrapinados of pumpkin seeds, chili piquin   cup 6.00
Croquetas De Pollo chicken and béchamel fritters    12.00
Organized Caesar quail egg, parmesan    8.00
Jicama-Wrapped Guacamolé micro cilantro, corn chips    10.00
Pa'Amb Tomaquet catalan style toasted bread, manchego, tomato    10.00
Eggplant Tempura local honey, yoghurt    8.00
Market Fish Ceviche And Avocado Roll jicama, micro cilantro, coconut dressing    17.00
Buñuelos cod fish fritters, honey aioli    10.00
Ottoman Carrot Fritters apricot, pistachio sauce    9.00
Croquetas De Jamon jamon-bechamel fritters    12.00
Papas Canarias salty wrinkled potatoes, mojo verdé    8.00
Cheese Crisps spanish cheeses    10.00
Sweet Potato Chips yogurt, tamarind, star anise    10.00

Some Little Sandwiches

Sea Urchin * avocado, steamed buns    14.00 ea 3.00
King Crab Steamed Buns * pickled cucumbers    18.00 ea 3.00
Oxtail Steamed Buns watermelon radish, cilantro    12.00 ea 3.00
American Sturgeon Caviar * crème fraîche, steamed bun and lemon air   pp 11.00

Specialty Drinks

"The Ultimate Gin & Tonic" choose from three gins (bombay sapphire, tanqueray, or plymouth) tonic water from fever tree    18.00
Sahara To SLS grey goose la poire vodka, aperol, sweet vermouth, lemon    14.00
Ln2 Caipirinha brazilian cachaca, fresh lime and sugar frozen by using liquid nitrogen. tableside service    20.00
Jasmine Margarita casamigos tequila, pomegranate, sal de gusano    17.00
The B-Sides dark rum, falernum, raspberry purée, vanilla, chili honey, lemon    17.00
Spanish Collins fino sherry, gin, lime, club soda    17.00
French 75.2 vodka, cava, fresh strawberries, lemon    17.00

SLS Classics

Smoke On The Water (The Pliska) black berries, atomized scotch, islay mist, flame. "top 3 smoky american cocktails by travel & leisure"    18.00
Passion Fruit Up orange rum, passion fruit and ginger-laurel, passion fruit foam    17.00
Driving Miss Daisy lairds applejack, maraschino, grand marnier, amaro    17.00
Japanese Affair bacardi rum, yuzu, passion fruit, ginger    17.00
Rosa De Oaxaca mezcal, hibiscus, raspberry, rose water    17.00

New Classics $17

"New Way" Dirty Martini a martini with olive spherification and olive brine air  
Cotton Candy Mojito mojito martini with cotton candy  
"Salt Air" Margarita classic margarita topped with salt air  

New Classics $17

Red Bull exclusive energy drink of the bazaar/sls hotel    6.00

Old Classics $17

Bellini peach, a very cute japanese peach, cava  
Gimlet london dry gin and fresh lime heart  
Moscow Mule vodka, ginger, lime  
Pisco Sour pisco, egg whites and bitters  


Miller Lite wisconsin    7.00
Corona Lager mexico    7.00
Peroni Lager italy    8.00
Anchor Steam Ale california    8.00
Ace Joker Cider california    8.00
Dubhe IPA utah    8.00
Lost Coast Downtown Brown Ale california    8.00
Red Seal Ale california    8.00
Moritz Barcelona Lager spain    9.00
Bitburger Pilsner germany    9.00
Lagunitas Lil Sumpin Sumpin Ale california    10.00
Hitachino Nest White Ale japan    11.00
Chimay Grande Reserve Dark Ale belgium    11.00


NV Brut Reserva, Totus Tuus cava, spa    16.00
NV Brut Réserve, Charles Heidsieck reims, fra    29.00
NV Imperial Rosé, Moët & Chandon epernay, fra    35.00


2012 Riesling, Grans-Fassian Estate mosel, ger    14.00
2012 Sauvignon Blanc, Hopkins Ranch, Cep r. river valley, cal    17.00
2011 Albariño, Columna rías baixas, spa    16.00
2008 Chardonnay, Mi Sueño carneros, cal    19.00


2012 Pinot Noir, Banshee sonoma, cal    17.00
2012 Maturana Blanca, Viña Ijalba rioja, spa    14.00
2011 Cab. Sauv, Los Vascos, Barons De Rothschild colchagua, chile    19.00


NV Fino Tío Pepe, González Byass sherry, spa    11.00
NV Amontillado Napoleón (500ml), Hidalgo sherry, spa    14.00
NV Oloroso Viejo (500ml), Toro Albalá montilla-moriles, spa    13.00


Tokubetsu Junmai Old Mountain (Housui Yamahai) super dry, with premium yeast mash sourness, giving way to pleasant and mild sweetness    14.00
Tokubetsu Junmai Dancing Crane (Yoizuru) dancing crane only uses rice stalks specifically bred for sake making. it delivers a solid, full-bodied flavor with distinct moromi aroma; mild dryness with a hint of spicy sweetness in the background    15.00


The Bazaar
465 S La Cienega Blvd
At San Vicente Blvd
(310) 246-5555
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