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Syrup Desserts

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  • Coffee & Tea, Crepes, Desserts, Teahouses
  • 601 S Spring St, Los Angeles 90014 34.046003 -118.251417
  • (Btwn W 6th & 7th St)
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  • (213) 488-5136
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Famous Belgian Waffle $6.75

The Original And World-Famous Belgian "Brussels" Waffle. It Is Light And Crispy Making It Perfect To Be Topped With Fruits

Triple Berry Belgian fresh mixed berries, mixed berry compote, and blackberry jasmine ice cream  
Syrup Signature (Syrup Favorite) fresh strawberries and bananas, nutella, and french vanilla bean ice cream  
Classic Apple Pie ripe apples and blackberries, biscoff, and french vanilla bean ice cream, caramel, powdered sugar  
Dulce & Banana bananas and blackberries, caramel sauce, vanilla sauce, and dulce de leche ice cream  

Liege Sugar Waffle $5.75

Sweet, Dense And Packed With Caramelized Pearl Sugar

S'mores Please original sweet liege waffle, dutch chocolate ice cream, fresh raspberries, belgian chocolate, caramel, and lots of marshmallow goodness  
Sweet Summer Strawberry Waffle original sweet liege waffle, french vanilla bean ice cream, strawberry topping and fresh strawberries  
Mixed Berries Liege (Syrup Favorite) blueberry farm waffle, blackberry jasmine ice cream, sweet mascarpone topping, mixed berries, mixed berry compote  
I Like It Simple Nutella Waffle original sweet liege waffle, french vanilla bean ice cream, choice of fresh fruit (bananas or strawberries or both), nutella  
Banana Tiramisu cappuccino cake waffle, brown bread ice cream, fresh bananas and blackberries, topped with tiramisu cream  
Caramel Apple caramel apple pie waffle, dulce de leche ice cream, fresh apples, caramel, cinnamon, apple pie filling, vanilla sauce  
Chocolate Mudslide chocolate lover waffle, tin roof sundae ice cream, chocolate shavings, hot fudge, ghirardelli, chocolate syrup, almonds  
Chocolate Banana chocolate lover waffle, dutch chocolate ice cream, sliced bananas, nutella  

Gourmet Waffles - Home-Style Buttermilk Waffle $5.50

The Classic Country Buttermilk Breakfast Waffle That We Grew Up Loving. We Serve This Classic Two Different Ways Served Anytime

For Breakfast fresh strawberries and bananas, maple syrup, and whipped cream.  
Sweet And Savory nutella and bacon  

Gourmet Waffles - Liege Sugar Waffles $3

Served From: 11a-11p. The "Other" Belgian Waffles. They Are Sweeter, Denser, And Chewier Than The Original And Are Packed With Caramelized Pearl Sugar. We Serve Them Hot, Made To Order With Whipped Cream, And Sprinkled Wi

Original Sweet Liege   
Caramel Apple Pie   
Orange Cranberry Twist   
Raspberry Tart   
Raisin with walnuts  
Lemon Drop Blueberry   
Banana Chocolate Chips syrup favorite  
Orange Zest   
Blue Ribbon Oatmeal Raisin   
Classic Glazed   
Blueberry Farm   
Tropical Coconut   
Cinnamon Apple   
Chocolate Lover   
Banana Pecans   
Cappuccino Cake   

Italian Sodas

Italian $3 / French (Cremosa) $3.50. Italian Soda Served With Whipped Cream & Topped With A Cherry

Peaches And Cream Soda peach and vanilla syrup, cold milk, sparkling water  
Cherry Cream cherry and vanilla syrup, sparkling water  
Pomegranate pomegranate and apple syrup, sparkling water  
Pineapple Razz pineapple and raspberry syrup, sparkling water  
Island Breeze creme de banana, pineapple and coconut syrup in sparkling water  

Real Fruit Smoothies

Reg $4.25 / Lg $4.75

Strawberry Blonde bananas, strawberries, yogurt, apple juice (syrup favorite)  
Ice Cream And Green Tea bananas, honeydew, green tea, french vanilla bean ice cream  
Tropical Paradise bananas, mango, kiwi, strawberries, cranberry juice, coconut syrup  
Peaches And Cream Smoothie bananas, peaches, apple juice, french vanilla bean ice cream  
Berry Bonanza bananas, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, cranberry juice, yogurt  

French Creperie $6.75

Crepes Served With Whipped Cream And Powdered Sugar. Served From: 11a-11p. All Crepes Available In Regular. Also Ask About Hand-Held Crispy!

Healthy Southern California Parfait mixed berries, mandarin oranges, mandarin orange puree, non-fat yogurt, granola, honey  
I Like It Simple Nutella Crepe choice of fresh fruit (bananas or strawberries or both), french vanilla bean ice cream, nutella, toasted walnuts  
It's Such A Rocky Road chocolate crepe, raspberries, dutch chocolate ice cream, ghirardelli chocolate syrup, marshmallow sauce, almonds  
Sweet Summer Strawberry Crepe fresh strawberries, strawberry ice cream, peaches, strawberry topping, sweet ricotta cheese filling, caramel  
Chocolate Covered In Strawberries chocolate crepe, fresh strawberries, chocolate raspberry mousse ice cream, belgian chocolate, amaretto, ghirardelli chocolate syrup  
Swedish Bliss lingonberries and raspberries, french vanilla bean ice cream, sweet ricotta cheese filling, strawberry coulies  
Triple Berry Crepe (Syrup Favorite) mixed berries, blackberry jasmine tea ice cream, sweet mascarpone filling, squeeze of orange juice, mixed berry compote  
French Apple Obsession apples, dulce de leche ice cream, brie cheese, cinnamon, caramel, vanilla sauce  
Brazilia Goes Bananas ripe bananas, french vanilla bean ice cream, mozzarella cheese, nutella, cinnamon and sugar  
Crepe Tiramisu strawberries, espresso ice cream, espresso-dipped italian lady fingers, chocolate, tiramisu filling  

Grilled Cheese $6.75

Served From: 11a-11p. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Served With Potato Chips Or A Small Side Of Fruit. Add One At No Extra Cost: Ham, Chicken, Turkey Or Bacon.

Blackberry Muenster (Syrup Favorite) blackberries, muenster cheese, preserves, toasted walnuts, cuban bread  
Grilled Apple And Cheddar Cheese apples, cheddar cheese, caramel, walnut raisin bread  
Peanut Butter And Fluff apples, gouda cheese, peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, cuban bread  
Raspberry And Brie raspberries, brie cheese, agave, toasted almonds, croissant  
Asian Pear And Gouda ripe asian pears, gouda cheese, walnut raisin bread  
Sweet Summer strawberries, muenster cheese, orange spread, mint, cuban bread  
Swedish Made lingonberries, brie cheese, swiss cheese, cuban bread  
Strawberry And Cheese strawberries, sweet mascarpone filling, nutella on the side, strawberry jam, croissant  
Classic Grilled Cheese cheddar cheese, sour dough bread  

Black Tea

Boston Iced Tea cranberry infused earl grey black tea with raspberries (syrup favorite)  
Blueberry Georgia Peach earl grey black tea with peaches and blueberries  
Arnold P. Pineapple classic blend of tea and homemade with a pineapple twist  


Blackberry Mint Mojito mojito mint infused herbal tea with fresh blackberries  
Tropical Orange Mango chrysanthemum herbal tea & bits of mango with a citrus twist  
Tangerine Mint chrysanthemum herbal tea with bits of mandarin oranges  

Green Tea

Unsweetened Black Or Green Iced Tea $1.95

Strawberry Jasmine fragrant jasmine green tea with sweet strawberries  
Habanero Lime apple lime green tea mixed with cayenne pepper and ground chili  
Cherry Lemonade sweet and tart mix of cherry infused lemonade and green tea  
Honey Acai Lemonade acai green tea with berries and sweetened with honey  

Coffee Bar

Med / Lg. Served Hot Or Iced

Drip Coffee lamill or intelligentsia coffee    2.00  1.75
Cafe Au Lait drip coffee with steamed milk    2.00  2.50
Cafe Americano strong espresso based coffee    2.25  2.75
Cafe Vienna coffee, cream, chocolate (syrup favorite)    3.25  3.00
French Press full contact drip coffee    2.75  3.15
Red Eye drip coffee with a shot of espresso    3.25  3.00
Bring A Cup Or Refill drip coffee refill for our to-go customers up to 20oz   lg 1.00

Drinking Chocolate

Reg / Lg

Hot Drinking Chocolate     2.75  2.95
White Winter Hot Chocolate     2.95  3.50
Mint And Chocolate     2.95  3.50
Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate     2.95  3.50
Hazelnut Melted Chocolate syrup favorite    3.50  3.75
Melted Belgian Chocolate Bar     3.50  3.75
Amaretto Melted Chocolate     3.50  3.75
Melted White Chocolate Raspberry     3.50  3.75
Frozen Hot Chocolate     3.75  4.50

Espresso Bar

Sm / Med / Lg Additional Shots Of Espresso Are $0.75 Each

Espresso traditional shot of coffee crowned with crema   sm 2.25
Macchiato a shot of espresso marked with a cap of milk foam   sm 2.75
Cappuccino espresso with equal parts of milk and milk foam    3.00  3.75  3.35
Latte espresso with milk topped with a layer of milk foam    3.35  3.00  3.75
Vanilla Latte your latte sweetened with vanilla    3.35  3.85  3.50
Caramel Latte a touch of caramel with your latte    3.85  3.35  3.50
Amaretto Latte a touch of amaretto with your latte    3.35  3.85  3.50
Green Tea Latte a touch of green tea with your latte    3.50  3.35  3.85
Chai Tea Latte rich black tea brewed with a touch of sweet and spice    3.35  3.85  3.50
Hazelnut Latte (Available In Nutella) your latte sweetened with hazelnut    3.85  3.50  3.35
Mocha your latte sweetened with chocolate    3.35  3.95  3.55
White Chocolate Mocha (Available In Raspberry) your latte sweetened with white chocolate    3.55  3.35  3.95
Cafe Sua Da latte sweetened with condensed milk    3.35  3.55  3.95

Ice Cream Soda Fountain

Virgil's Frosty Root Beer Float (Syrup Favorite) virgil's gourmet root beer combined with two scoops of premium ice cream of your choice    4.50
Chocolate Cherry Float wild cherry pepsi poured over two scoops of chocolate raspberry ice cream    4.25
San Pellegrino Dream Float san pellegrino aranciata poured over orange sherbet and french vanilla bean ice cream    4.50
Strawberry Float your choice of fruit soda poured over strawberry ice cream topped with fruits    4.25
Apple Cider Ginger Float reed's ginger ale combined with apple cider and french vanilla bean ice cream (available in raspberry)    4.25

Ice Cream Sundaes

Crumbled Chocolate Cookie Sundae cookies and cream ice cream, crumbled oreo cookies, topped with hot fudge and marshmallow sauce    4.50
Strawberry Shortcake Sundae strawberry and french vanilla bean ice cream, shortcake, strawberry topping, fresh strawberries    4.75
Brownie Fudge Sundae french vanilla bean ice cream, brownies, topped with hot fudge and crushed nuts    4.75
The Banana Split two scoops premium ice cream,topped with hot fudge, crushed nuts, caramel, on a banana    4.75
Fruit And Champagne Sorbet Sundae (Syrup Favorite) blackberry jasmine and pear and champagne ice cream (varies), fruit coulis, seasonal fruit    4.75

Ice Blended Drinks

Reg $3.75 / Lg $4.25

White Chocolate Mocha Ice Blended   
Mocha Ice Blended   
Caramel Ice Blended   
Green Tea Ice Blended   
Vanilla Ice Blended   

Premium Ice Cream

Two Scoops $2.95 (Up To Two Flavors) / Three Scoops $3.75 (Up To Three Flavors) Old Fashioned Milk Shake: Any Premium Ice Cream Blended Into An Old Fashioned Milk Shake for $4.75

Blackberry Jasmine syrup favorite  
Brown Bread   
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry   
Chocolate Raspberry Mousse   
Cookies 'N Cream   
Dulce De Leche   
Dutche Chocolate   
French Vanilla Bean   
Green Tea   
Mint And Chip   
Mocha Fudge   
Orange Sherbet   
Pear & Champagne   
Rocky Road   

Sandwiches A La Mode

Classic Ice Cream Sandwich your choice of our premium ice cream between two crispy cookies    2.50
Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich your choice of our premium ice cream between any of our liego sugar waffles    4.25


Syrup Desserts
601 S Spring St
Btwn W 6th & 7th St
(213) 488-5136
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