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Sake House by Hikari

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  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 401 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica CA90401 34.016815 -118.495086
  • (At 4th St)
  • (310) 576-7011
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A1. Ebiyaki deep fried japanese shrimp cake with bonito, sweet mayo   (5pcs) 6.00
A2. Takoyaki deep fried japanese octopus cake with bonito, sweet mayo   (5pcs) 6.00
A3. Crazy Avocado deep fried avocado wedge, topped with cream cheese crab and spicy tuna crispy mayo, eel sauce   (4pcs) 7.00
A4. Siso Sandwich spicy tuna & siso leaves deep fried with eel sauce and spicy mayo    7.00
A5. Energy Bar freshwater eel with tempura & avocado wrapped in seaweed then deep fried with eel sauce    8.00
A6. Greek Hotate & Asparagus sauteed scallops with asparagus in the house special garlic butter    9.00
A7. Green Monster spicy tuna rolled in tempura flake with avocado on top    8.00
A8. Shishito japanese style shishito peppers    7.00
A9. Heart Attack deep fried spicy tuna, jalapeno & cream cheese    5.00
A10. Soft Shell Crab with shell crab    6.00
A11. Hamachi Kama baked yellowtail collar    9.00
A12. Sizzling Asparagus & Mushroom shitake mushroom & asparagus with garlic oyster sauce    7.00
A13. Popcorn Shrimp panko bread shrimp tempura    7.00
A14. Agedashi Tofu lightly battered fried tofu served with light soy dashi broth    5.00
A15. Dynamite baked scallop, sauteed mushrooms & green onion    7.00
A16. Oyster Half Shell 4 pcs fresh oysters    7.00
A17. Salmon Kama baked salmon collar    6.00
A18. Baked Green Mussels baked green mussels    5.00
A19. Oyster Shooter fresh oyster in sake with masago, ponzu & quail egg    5.00
A20. Beef Gyoza japanese beef potstickers    5.00
A21. Shrimp Tempura lightly battered shrimp tempura   (3pcs) 5.00


S1. House Salad mix vegetable with ginger house dressing    5.00
S2. Avocado Salad sliced whole avocado on green salad with house salad dressing    9.00
S3. Salmon Skin Salad baked salmon skin, tomato, kaiware. radish & gobo on green salad with flash flake & ginger dressing    9.00
S4. Spicy Tuna Salad fresh ground tuna & spicy ponzu on green salad with house dressing    12.00
S5. Sashimi Salad 6pcs sashimi on green salad tomato & radish with ginger dressing    13.00
S6. Tofu Salad deep fried tofu on house dressing    7.00
S7. Seared Albacore Salad greens, albacore slices red onion, daikon string, kaiware, gobo (ponzu chili sauce)    12.00
S8. Mustard Salmon Salad seared salmon sashimi with onion, tomato, cilantro and pepper on house salad.    12.00

Sushi & Sashimi

Toro fatty tuna  
Marugo tuna    15.00  5.20
Sake salmon    5.10  14.00
Hamachi yellowtail    15.00  5.20
Bincho Maguro albacore    14.00  5.10
Ono white tuna    14.00  4.90
Maguro Tataki seared tuna    15.00  5.20
Saba mackerel    12.00  4.50
Tako octopus    12.00  4.50
Ama Ebi sweet shrimp   sashimi 14.00
Ebi shrimp    4.20  10.00
Hotate scallop    4.50  12.00
Kabashira mixed scallop   sushi 4.50
Ika squid    12.00  4.50
Ikura salmon roe    13.00  5.50
Tamago egg cake    3.50  7.00
U-Ni sea urchin    17.00  8.50
Masago smelt egg   sushi 4.50
Blue Crab    sushi 5.50
Kaki oyster    7.00  4.70
Ankomo monkfish liver    15.00  6.20
Unagi fresh water eel    15.00  5.50
Anago sea eel    12.00  4.50


M1. California Roll     6.00
M2. Blue Crab Roll     7.00
M3. Spicy Tuna Roll     6.00
M4. Tuna Roll     7.00
M5. Salmon Roll     7.00
M6. Yellowtail Roll     7.00
M7. Scallop Roll     6.00
M8. Eel & Avocado Roll     7.00
M9. Salmon Skin Roll     7.00
M10. Cucumber Roll     4.00
M11. Avocado Roll     4.00
M12. Vegetable Roll     5.00
M13. Salmon Avocado Roll     7.00

Fusion Special

F1. Crunchy Onion Albacore Sashimi deep fried crispy onion on albacore sashimi    14.00
F2. Crunchy Onion Seared Tuna Sashimi deep fried crispy onion on seared tuna sashimi    14.00
F3. Yellowtail Dice Chilly yellowtail sashimi with garlic and jalapeno, seasoned with sizzling olive oil    15.00
F4. Yellowtail Yuzu Sashimi onion, tomato, cilantro, pepper with yuzu ponzu sauce    15.00
F5. Mustard Salmon Sashimi seared salmon sashimi with onion, tomato, cilantro and pepper with house special mustard sauce    15.00
F6. Bora Bora scallop, spicy tuna, asparagus, avocado & crunchy flakes wrapped in tuna topped with eel sauce & soy mustard sauce    15.00
F7. Rainbow Carpaccio tuna, salmon, yellowtail, seared tuna, white tuna and ebi sashimi, with avocado slices (olive oil, lemon sauce)    15.00
F8. Orange Salmon salmon sashimi on top of orange slice with kaiware, red onion, and ikura in a ponzu dressing with chili oil    15.00
F9. Sakurafest deep fried bell pepper stuffed with albacore, crabmeat and spicy tuna (spicy mayo)    15.00
F10. Green Tea Tuna Tataki green tea special house sauce with seared tuna sashimi    15.00

Sushi Combination

All Combinations Served With Miso Soup And Salad.

C1. 8pcs Sushi With Spicy Tuna Or California tuna, salmon, albacore, white fish    21.00
C2. 10pcs Sushi With Spicy Tuna Or California Roll tuna, salmon, albacore, white tuna & seared tuna    23.00
C3. 6pcs Sashimi And 6pcs Sushi with choice of shrimp tempura roll or salmon tempura roll. tuna, salmon, white tuna tuna, salmon, yellowtail, ei, albacore, white tuna    25.00
C4. Chirashi assorted sashimi on sushi rice    19.00
C5. Unagi Donburi freshwater eel on sushi rice    17.00

Sashimi Dish

Assorted Chef's Choice Daily Fresh Sashimi.

D1. Chef's Choice Of Assorted Sashimi    (35pcs) 48.00
D2. Chef's Choice Of Assorted Sashimi    (25pcs) 38.00
D3. Chef's Choice Of Assorted Sashimi    (15pcs) 28.00

Fresh Roll

R1. Rainbow Roll assorted fish on california roll    13.00
R2. Philadelphia Roll asparagus, avocado and cream cheese, salmon on top    10.00
R3. Dr. John San Roll spicy albacore, jalapeno and onion, albacore on top (ponzu, crunch, onion)    13.00
R4. King Salmon Roll fresh salmon on spicy tuna roll    11.00
R5. Sexy Roll salmon, spicy tuna, kaiware, and avocado, wrapped in cucumber    11.00
R6. 911 Roll avocado on spicy tuna roll    12.00
R7. Sunshine Roll california roll topped with salmon and tuna    12.00
R8. Rain Tuna Roll spicy tuna, jalapeno, and onion, tuna on top    13.00
R9. Yellowtail Yuzu Roll spicy tuna roll topped with avocado and yellowtail (yuzu sauce)    13.00
R10. Fire Cracker Roll spicy, scallops and cucumber topped with spicy tuna (tempura flake & eel sauce)    13.00
R11. Mango Lover Roll spicy tuna and mango, wrapped in soy pepper and topped with salmon, ono, albacore, and avocado (house mango sauce)    12.00
R12. Tuna Carpaccio Roll tuna and avocado, topped with tuna, drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper    12.00
R13. Jalapeno Delight spicy tuna and jalapeno rolled in tenkasu (tempura crunch flakes)    10.00
R14. Tobico Roll choice of one roll out of 6 rolls below black ca, orange ca, green ca, spicy tuna black, spicy tuna orange, spicy tuna green roll    8.00

Baked Roll

R15. Red Rock Roll crispy rice with spicy tuna on top    13.00
R16. Baked Salmon Roll cream cheese, asparagus, and avocado, with baked salmon on top (dynamite sauce)    14.00
R17. Eel Special Roll freshwater eel on top of california roll with eel sauce    14.00
R18. Godzilla Roll crab, cream cheese and avocado with baked white fish on top    13.00
R19. 3rd Street Roll scallop, mushrooms, and rice cakes with dynamite sauce on top of california roll    15.00
R20. Dragon Roll shrimp tempura inside, fresh water eel on top    14.00
R21. Mountain Of California Roll california roll topped with baked spicy tuna    13.00
R22. B.L.C. baked langostino, mushrooms and rice cakes with dynamite sauce on top of california roll    15.00

Tempura Roll

Brown Rice Available $2.50, Soy Pepper $1.

R23. Shrimp Tempura Roll shrimp, tempura, crabmeat, cucumber, avocado & radish    9.00
R24. Spider Roll soft shell crab, crabmeat, gobo, cucumber, avocado & radish    10.00
R25. Tiger Roll shrimp tempura and cucumber with steamed shrimp and avocado on top    13.00
R26. Hot Night Roll shrimp tempura and cucumber, with spicy tuna on top.    12.00
R27. Monster Roll freshwater eel tempura and avocado with spicy tuna on top    13.00
R28. Salmon Tempura Roll salmon, tempura roll with avocado, cucumber, radish, crabmeat, eel sauce    9.00
R29. Crunch Roll deep fried crabmeat & avocado    9.00
R30. Spicy Tuna Crunchy deep fried spicy tuna with avocado    9.00
R31. Ninja Roll spicy tuna and jalapeno wrapped in deep fried seaweed (eel sauce)    12.00
R32. Pink Panther Roll spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, crab and salmon wrapped in soy pepper, and rolled in tempura flake.    12.00
R33. T.S.C. Roll scallop tempura on top of california roll    14.00
R34. Heart Attack Roll deep fried spicy tuna, jalapeno and cream cheese roll with avocado and cucumber    11.00
R35. Super Philly Roll shrimp tempura, cream cheese and asparagus wrapped in soy pepper. topped with salmon    13.00
R36. Snowman Roll shrimp tempura, cucumber, and cream cheese topped by white tuna (house cream sauce)    13.00
R37. Crazy Ebi Roll avocado, cucumber, and shrimp tempura, topped with spicy crab & ebi (eel sauce, spicy mayo, garashi)    14.00


Quick Starter.

Q1. Edamame lightly, salted, boiled soybeans    4.50
Q2. Shumai steamed shrimp dumplings   (5pcs) 5.00
Q3. Sunomono Salad japanese style cucumber salad    4.50
Q4. Spicy Wonton spicy tuna sandwich between crispy wonton with onion    5.00
Q5. Seaweed Salad fresh seaweed mixed with sesame oil, sesame seed & soy sauce    5.00
Q6. Crispy Tuna deep seared tuna, seared albacore, tomato, green onion, masago and sesame seeds tossed in a creamy sauce on top of crispy wontons.    5.00
Q7. Ika Geso deep fried squid legs   (6pcs) 7.00
Q8. Cold Tofu soft tofu with soy vinaigrette    5.00

Vegetarian Roll

V1. Green Rock Roll fresh avocado on pan fried crispy rice    9.00
V2. National Vegi Roll iceberg lettuce wrap with rice, avocado and gobo (ginger sauce)    9.00
V3. Sexy Vegetarian Roll cucumber wrap with radish, gobo avocado, asparagus (ginger sauce)    9.00
V4. Vegi Wari Roll inari (tofu skin) wrap with kaiware, gobo, cucumber (ponzu)    9.00
V5. Vegetable Tempura Roll     8.00
V6. Shitake Mushroom Tempura Roll     9.00


Served With Rice, House Salad And Miso Soup.

K1. Chicken Teriyaki     14.00
K2. Spicy Chicken Teriyaki     14.00
K3. Salmon Teriyaki     15.00
K4. Beef Teriyaki     15.00
K5. Pork Cutlet     13.00

Yaki Udon

K6. Chicken Yaki Noodle     11.00
K7. Beef Yaki Noodle     12.00
K8. Seafood Yaki Noodle     14.00


K9. 5pcs Shrimp Tempura     7.00
K10. Calamari Tempura     7.00
K11. Vegetable Tempura     7.00
K12. Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura     9.00


K13. Vegetable Udon udon noodles in light broth with assorted vegetables    9.00
K14. Tempura Udon udon noodles in light soy broth served with shrimp & vegetables tempura    12.00
K15. Seafood Udon udon noodles in light soy broth with assorted seafood    12.00


K16. Spicy Miso Soup miso soup base with fresh jalapeno, mushrooms and green onions    6.00
K17. Clam Miso Soup miso soup base with clams, mushrooms, squid, green mussels, scallops and green onions    7.00
K18. Seafood Miso Soup miso soup base with shrimp, mushrooms, squid, green mussels, scallops and green onions    9.00


Sake House by Hikari
401 Santa Monica Blvd
At 4th St
(310) 576-7011
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