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Puerto Nuevo Restaurant

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    RatingAvg. Dinner Entrée
    $$$$$Greater than $25
    $$$$$18.01 - $25
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    $$$7.01 - $12
    $Less than $7
  • Mexican, Vegetarian-Friendly, American (Traditional)
  • 4445 W Slauson Ave, Los Angeles CA90043 33.988741 -118.352701
  • (Btwn Overhill Dr & Angeles Vista Blvd)
  • (323) 299-6055
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Served Any Time. All Breakfast Orders Served With Choice Of One: Grits, Rice, Home Fries, Fruits Or Hash Browns With Toast, Biscuit, English, Muffin Or Two Buttermilk Pancakes

Eggs Whites Available   add 1.75
Cheese swiss, cheddar, monterrey jack or american  add .50
Link Sausage & Eggs    7.74
Bacon Pork & Eggs    7.74
Ham Steak & Eggs    8.49
Pork Chop & Eggs    8.74
Patties Sausages Pork & Eggs    8.99
Turkey Bacon & Eggs    8.99
Turkey Sausages & Eggs    8.99
Chicken Sausages & Eggs    8.74
Chicken Wings & Eggs    8.99
Grilled Chicken Breast & Eggs    10.49
N.Y. Steak & Eggs    11.99
Cat Fish & Eggs    11.99
Grilled Red Snapper & Eggs    11.99
Salmon Croquettes & Eggs    10.99
Beef Patty & Eggs    7.74


Fresh Strawberry   add 1.99
Banana   add .99
Whipped Cream   add .75
Pancakes   (3) 3.99
Pancake Combo 3 pancakes, 2 eggs   
with bacon pork   7.49
with link sausages   7.49
with chicken wings   9.24
with chicken sausages   8.99
with turkey sausages   8.99
with turkey bacon   8.99


Waffle    4.49
Fresh Strawberry   add 1.99
Banana   add .99
Whipped Cream   add .75
Waffle Combo waffles, 2 eggs   
with bacon pork   7.99
with link sausages   7.99
with chicken wings   9.74
with chicken sausages   9.49
with turkey sausages   9.49
with turkey bacon   9.49


Oatmeal with brown sugar   3.99
add banana   .99
add strawberry   1.99
add raisins   .75

Breakfast Sandwiches

Served On White, Wheat, Rye Or Sourdough Bread With Mayonnaise, Lettuce & Tomato, Accompanied With Choice Of Fresh Fruit, French Fries Or Home Fries

Ham & Eggs Sandwich    6.24
Bacon & Eggs Sandwich    6.24
Fried Eggs Sandwich    4.99
Turkey Bacon & Eggs Sandwich    6.99
Turkey Sausages & Eggs Sandwich    6.99
Chicken Sausages & Eggs Sandwich    6.99

Breakfast Burrito

Includes Home Fries, Eggs & Cheese With Your Choice Of Meats

Bacon Or Sausage pork   5.99
Turkey Bacon    6.49
Turkey Sausages    6.49
Steak asada   6.49
Chicken pollo   6.49
Chorizo mexican sausages   6.49
Machaca shredded beef   6.49


Eggs Whites Available   add .99
Cheese swiss, cheddar, monterrey jack or american, all omelettes are served with choice of one: grits, rice, home fries, fruit or hash browns with toast biscuit, english muffin or two buttermilk pancakes. add   .99
Ham & Cheese Omelette    8.99
Ham & Mushroom Omelette    9.49
Spanish Omelette topped with green pepper, onions & tomato sauce   8.74
Vegetarian Omelette with mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes, cheese & onions   8.99
Denver Omelette with ham, onions & green peppers   8.99
Bacon Or Sausages Omelette with cheese   8.74
Chicken Breast Omelette with cheese & onions   9.99
Shrimp Omelette with green peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms & cheese   12.99
Turkey Bacon Or Turkey Sausages Omelette with cheese   9.99
Omelette A La Mexicana with mexicana sausages chorizo, tomatoes, onions, hot peppers, & mexican cheese   8.99
Build Your Own Omelette plain omelette served with one choice of toast   5.99
then add your ingredients: fresh spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, avocado, cheddar cheese, swiss cheese & jack cheese  ea .99

Breakfast Side Orders

Ham Steak    2.99
Link Sausages   (4) 2.75
Bacon Pork   (4 strips) 2.74
Sausages   (3 patties) 3.49
Turkey Bacon   (4 strips) 3.74
Turkey Sausages   (3 patties) 3.74
Chicken Sausages   (3 patties) 3.74
Chicken Wings   (3) 4.49
Home Fries hash brown, grits, rice or tomatoes slices   2.74
2 Eggs    2.09
toast: wheat, white or biscuit   1.59
raisin: rye, english muffin or sourdough   1.99


Served With Rice Pinto Or Black Beans And Tortillas

Bolillo   add .75
Chorizo Con Huevo three scrambled eggs with mexican sausages   8.24
Huevos Con Jamon three scrambled eggs and ham   8.24
Huevos A La Mexicana scrambled eggs with hot pepper, onions & tomatoes   7.24
Machaca Con Huevo scrambled eggs with shredded beef, onions & hot peppers   8.74
Machaca Nortena scrambled eggs with shredded beef, onions, hot peppers & tomato sauce   8.99
Nopales Con Huevo scrambled eggs with cactus   7.99
Dos Huevos Fritos two eggs any style   5.99
Chilaquiles Con Huevo tortilla chips topped with sauce, mexican cheese & 2 eggs any style   8.24
Chilaquiles Con Carne Asada tortilla chips topped with sauce, mexican cheese & carne asada   9.99


Served On White, Wheat, Rye Or Sourdough Bread, Accompanied With Choice Of Fresh Fruit, French Fries, Home Fries Or Green Salad

Club Sandwich with turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, american cheese & mayonnaise   7.74
Turkey Sandwich with turkey, tomato, lettuce, american cheese & mayonnaise   6.24
Tuna Salad Sandwich tuna, lettuce, tomato, & mayonnaise   6.24
B.L.T Sandwich bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise   5.99
Chicken Breast Sandwich grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise   7.74
Patty Melt beef patty on grilled sourdough, with american cheese   6.24
Tuna Melt tuna on grilled sourdough with american cheese   6.24
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches    4.49


Served With Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onions & Thousand Island Dressing With French Fries Or Fresh Fruit. Add Cheese $0.50, Add Avocado $0.99, Add Bacon $1.24, Add Double Potty $1.99

Hamburger beef patty  (1/2lb) 5.49
Turkey Burger turkey patty  (1/4lb) 5.99
Chicken Burger grilled or fried   5.99


Mexican Sandwich On Bread With Lettuce, Tomatoes, Avocado, Mayonnaise & Beans

Ahogada   add .99
Mexican Cheese   add 1.49
Beef steak, shredded beef   
Chicken grilled chicken breast, breaded chicken breast   
Pork fried pork, mexican sausages & eggs, ham, ham & eggs   


Taco Suave O Dorado hard or soft shell taco with your choice of meats   2.09
beef: steak, shredded steak, ground beef. chicken: grilled shredded. pork: fried pork, spicy pork, mexican sausages. turkey: ground turkey   


Camaron shrimp breaded or grilled   3.49
Pescado fish breaded or grilled   2.99


Served With Sour Cream & Home Made Guacamole

Cheese    5.99
Chicken beef or pork   7.99
Chorizo mexican sausages   7.99
Shrimp    9.74
Fish    8.99


With Beans, Cheese, Salsa, Guacamole, Sour Cream & Jalapenos With Your Choice Of Meats, Beef, Chicken Or Pork

Nachos Grandes    7.49
Nachitos    4.74
Nacho Fries    8.99


With Rice, Black Or Pinto Beans, Onions, Cilantro

Pico De Gallo add   .75
Cheese Or Sour Cream    .99
Homemade Guacamole    1.49
with choice of meats: beef: steak, shredded beef, ground beef, chunky beef. chicken: grilled, shredded. pork: fried pork, spicy pork, mexican sausages, chunky pork. turkey: cured turkey   

Burritos - Seafood

Dry / Wet

Camaron shrimp  7.49 8.49
Pescado fish  6.99 7.99


White Rice, Pinto Beans, Lettuce, Avocado & Cheese Black Beans Request

Banando wet   5.99
Seco dry   4.99

Grande Fajitas Burrito

Served With Rice, Black Beans, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, Home Made Guacamole & Sour Cream, Topped With Green Or Red Sauce, With Your Choice Of Meats

Chicken beef or pork   10.99
Shrimp Or Fish    12.99


Choice Of Dressing: Ranch, Blue Cheese, Italian & 1000 Island

Tuna Salad two scoops of tuna on a bed of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers & red onions   6.99
Chef Salad ham, turkey, boiled eggs & american cheese on a bed of romaine lettuce, bell pepper, tomatoes, red onions & cucumber   8.99
Grilled Chicken Breast Salad fresh romaine lettuce, bell pepper, tomatoes, red onions & cucumber   8.99
Dinner Salad crispy romaine lettuce, cucumber, red onion & tomatoes   4.49

A La Carte

Enchilada   (1) 2.24
Taquitos   (3) 5.99
Flautas   (2) 5.99
Sope    3.49
Tamal    1.99
Tamal Con Salsa    2.74
Chile Relleno    3.49
Sauteed Vegetables    3.49
French Fries    1.99
Tortillas    .99
Homemade Guacamole  sm 2.24lg 4.49
Cebollitas Asadas    2.49
Nopal Asado    2.49
Tostada    3.09
Rice    2.74
Beans    2.74
Avocado    3.24
Guacamole Salsa    1.99
Sour Cream    1.99
Queso Mexicano    2.99
Tortillas Chips    .85
Tostadas    .90

Antojitos Mexicanos

All Orders Include Rice & Beans

Enchiladas (3) topped with green, red or mole sauce   
cheese   8.49
chicken, beef or pork   8.99
shrimp   9.99
fish   9.49
Taquitos (3) potato   8.49
chicken or beef   8.99
Flautas (2) chicken, beef or pork   8.99
Sopes (2) chicken, beef or pork   8.99
chorizo con papa   8.99
Quesadilla Con Carne with choice or meats, chicken, beef or pork   9.99
2 Tacos De Camaron two soft or hard shell shrimp tacos   9.99
2 Tacos De Pescado two soft or hard shell fish tacos   8.99

Pick Two $8.99

Your Choice Of Any Two Menu Items Below. Served With Rice & Refried Or Black Beans

Taco Dorado hard shell taco with choice of meats, chicken, beef or pork   
Taco Suave soft shell taco with choice of meats, chicken, beef, or pork   
Taquito with your choice of chicken, beef or potato   
Flauta with your choice of chicken, beef or pork   
Enchilada with your choice of cheese, chicken, beef or pork   
Tamal with your choice of chicken, pork or cheese with pepper sticks   
Chile Relleno a poblano pepper stuffed with cheese   



Served With Fruit & Toast

Eggs Whites Available add   .99
Vegetarian Omelette with mushrooms, green pepper, tomatoes, onions & cheese   8.99
Broccoli & Cheese Omelette    7.99
Spinach & Cheese Omelette    7.99


Served With Sour Cream & Guacamole

Cheese    5.99
Spinach    6.99
Mushrooms    6.99


Served With White Or Spanish Rice & Black Or Refried Beans

Cheese    8.49
Spinach & Cheese    8.99
Mushroom & Cheese    8.99


Veggie Burrito wheat flour tortilla with green peppers, onions, spinach, guacamole, black beans, white rice & cheese   6.99
Veggie Fajitas with green pepper, tomatoes, onions, spinach & mushroom, served with white or spanish rice, refried or black beans, tortillas & guacamole   12.99


Platillos Tipicos

Served With Soup Or Salad, Tortillas, Rice & Beans Or Sauteed Vegetables



Carne Asada ranchera   11.99
New York Steak    11.99
N.Y. Steak A La Mexicana steak topped with grilled onions, tomatoes, jalapenos & hot sauce   12.99
Steak Picado chopped steak stir fried with bell peppers, onions & tomato sauce   12.99
Lomo Saltado chopped steak stir fried with grilled onions, bell pepper, tomatoes & potatoes   12.99
Chile Colorado beef stir fried in red sauce   10.99
Higado Encebollado calf liver & onions   10.99



Pechuga A La Plancha grilled chicken breast   10.99
Pechuga A La Mexicana grilled chicken, breast topped with jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, & hot sauce   11.99
Pollo Picado chopped chicken stir fried with bell peppers, onions & tomato sauce   11.99
Milanesa Pollo breaded chicken breast   11.99
Pollo Saltado chopped chicken topped with tomatoes, onions, bell peppers & potatoes   11.99
Mole Con Pollo    10.99



Carnitas fried pork   10.99
Chuletas pork chops  (2) 11.99
Chile Verde pork stir fried in green sauce   10.99
Costillas Doradas O En Salsa spare ribs fried or in sauce   10.24
Carne Al Pastor spicy pork   10.99



Soups. Add Rice $0.99

Caldo De Pollo chicken soup   8.99
Caldo De Res beef vegetables soup   9.99
Caldo De Albondigas meat ball soup   8.49
Sope De Verdura vegetable soup   7.49
Sopa De Tortilla tortilla soup   7.49
Menudo beef tripe soup   8.49
Pozole De Puerco O Pollo chicken or pork pozole   8.99
Birria En Caldo chunky goat soup   9.99
Caldo Puerto Nuevo beef, chicken & shrimp soup   11.99


Served With Rice, Refried Or Black Beans, Guacamole & Tortillas

Pollo chicken   13.99
Res beef   14.99
Pastor spicy pork   13.99
Camaron shrimp   17.99
Pescado fish   16.99
Mixtas combination of 3 meats   18.99
Combinadas combination of 2 meats   17.49


Served With Rice, Refried Or Black Beans, Guacamole & Tortillas. Add Shrimp $0.99 Each

Casito A La Mexicana carne asada, chicken breast, spicy pork, mexican cheese, pineapple, cactus, green onions & sauce   18.49
Casito Mixto red snapper, carne asada, chicken eggs, mexican cheese, pineapple, cactus, sauce & green onions   18.99
Casito De Camaron shrimps, mexican cheese, pineapple, green onions, & sauce   19.99
Casito De Puerco fried pork, spicy pork, mexican sausages, mexican cheese, pineapple, green onions, cactus & sauce   17.49


Served With Rice, Refried Or Black Beans, Guacamole & Tortillas

Parrillada Cielo, Mar Y Tierra chicken breast, cat fish filet, carne asada, green onions, pineapple, fried bananas, grilled jalapenos & mexican cheese   36.99
Parrillada De La Casa fried pork, spicy pork, carne asada, chicken legs, mexican cheese, green onions, pineapple, fried banana & fried jalapenos   45.99
Parrillada De Mariscos Puerto Nuevo whole red snapper, halibut, clam, crab, shrimp & octopus in garlic sauce, pineapple, fried bananas, green onions & grilled jalapenos   47.99

Mariscos - Cocktails

Seafood. Med / Lg.

Cocktail De Camaron shrimp cocktail  9.99 13.99
Cocktel De Camaron Y Pulpo shrimp & octopus cocktel  11.99 14.99
Campechana shrimp, octopus & crab cocktail  11.99 14.99

Mariscos - Tostadas


Mixta shrimp, octopus & crab   9.49
Combinada octopus & shrimp   8.49
Camaron shrimp   6.49
Ceviche De Pescado fish ceviche   5.49
Ceviche De Camaron shrimp ceviche   5.99
Ceviche De Jaiba crab ceviche   5.99


Served With Soup Or Salad, Tortillas, Rice & Beans Or Sauteed Vegetables

Camarones Empanizados breaded shrimp   14.49
Camarones Rancheros shrimp stir fried with tomatoes, onions, bell peppers & sauce   14.49
Camarones A La Diabla shrimp stir fried with onions, hot peppers & hot sauce   14.49
Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo shrimp stir fried in garlic sauce   14.49
Camarones En Crema Chipotle shrimp stir fried with chipotle cream sauce   14.49
Filete De Pescado Empanizado O A La Plancha grilled or breaded red snapper fillet   14.49
Pescado Ranchero red snapper fillet stir fried with tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, & sauce   15.49
Mojarra Frita fried perch   11.99
Mojarra Al Mojo De Ajo whole perch cooked in garlic sauce   12.99
Pescado Guachinango whole red snapper   17.99
Guachinango Al Mojo De Ajo whole red snapper cooked in garlic sauce   18.99
Pescado Puerto Nuevo whole red snapper, topped with grilled onions, jalapenos, tomatoes & sauce   18.99


Soups. Add Rice $0.99

Caldo De Pescado fish soup   10.99
Caldo De Camaron shrimp soup   12.99
Caldo Mixto fish, shrimp & crab soup   16.99
Caldo Siete Mares 7 types of seafood soup   17.99
Caldo Vuelve A La Vida spicy soup   18.99
Caldo De Camaron Y Pulpo shrimp & octopus soup   13.99
Caldo De Camaron Y Pescado shrimp & fish soup   13.99



Fresh Squeezed Juices

Med $4.24 / Lg $4.99 / X-Lg $7.49

Zanahoria carrot 3.49  4.24 6.49
Naranja orange 3.49  4.24 6.49
Gengibre ginger   
Betabel beet   
Nopal cactus   
Limon lemon   
Pilla pineapple   
Perejll parsley   
Toronja grape fruit   
Sandia watermelon   
Melon cantaloupe   
Espinaca spinach   
Cole Rizado kale   
Pepino cucumber   
Manzana green apple   
Fresa strawberry   

Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Med $3.99 / Lg $4.99 / X-Lg $6.99. Choose Orange Or Apple Juice



Fruit Shakes. Med $2.99 / Lg $3.74 / X-Lg $5.49


Aguas De Frutas

Lg $3.24 / X-Lg $4.49

Freso strawberry   
Pina pineapple   
Melon cantaloupe   
Limon lemon   
Sandia watermelon   

Aguas Frescas

Med $2.24 / Lg $2.74 / X-Lg $3.99


Smoothing Hot

Coffee regular or decaf free refills   1.99
Cafe De La Olla homemade coffee free refills   2.24
Chocolate Casero mexican hot chocolate   3.24
Champurrado    2.99
Hot Tea lemon, ginger, peppermint, english breakfast & green tea each tea bag   1.99

Smoothing Cold

One Free Refill For Sitting Customer Only Except On Specials & Take Out

Sodas coco- cola, diet coke, hi-c fruit punch, strawberry, raspberry, sprite   2.24
Lemonade    2.49
Ice Tea    2.74
Arnold Palmer lemonade-ice tea   2.99
Sunset hi-c fruit punch, lemonade   2.99

No Refills

Sodas Mexicanas jarritos, coca-cola   2.24
Strawberry Lemonade    2.99
Sun Rise o.j & lemonade   3.49
Martinelli's Apple Juice    
Milk    2.49
Chocomilk    2.99



Imported modelo special, negra modelo, tecate, corona pacifico   4.24
Domestic bud light, budweiser, miller lite   3.74
Michelada    6.49
Clamato    3.49
Margarita strawberry, lime   5.99


18th Anniversary


Guacamole    4.99
Queso Fundido    6.99
Ensalada De Nopales    3.99
Gorditas    5.99
Taquitos    8.99



Chalupas De Ceviche Camaron O Pescado    6.99
Camarones Ahogados    18.99
Camaron Y Pulpo    19.99

Breakfast Special

2 Pancakes    5.99
2 Bacon pork   
2 Sausages pork   
2 Eggs    
3 Chicken Wings with grits, eggs & toast   7.99
Waffle & Wings   (3) 8.49
Bacon Or Sausages Pork Omelette with two pancakes or toast   6.99

Mexican Breakfast

Served With Rice Beans & Tortillas

Chilaquiles Caseros two scrambled eggs with tortillas chips topped with sauce & mexican cheese   6.24
Huevos Rancheros two fried eggs on a corn tortillas topped with sauce & cheese   6.24
Platanos Fritos fried plantain served with beans, sour cream & toast   6.99
Huevos Al Albanil three scrambled eggs topped with sauce   6.24

Lunch Specials

All Orders Include Rice & Beans

2 Enchiladas with choice of meat ground beef, cheese or shredded chicken   6.24
2 Tacos Suaves O Dorados two soft of hard shell tacos with choice of meat, ground beef or shredded chicken   6.24
2 Tamales with choice of meat, chicken, pork or pepper sticks with cheese,l topped with sauce and cheese   6.99
2 Taquitos with choice of meat, chicken or beef   6.24


Puerto Nuevo Restaurant
4445 W Slauson Ave
Btwn Overhill Dr & Angeles Vista Blvd
(323) 299-6055
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