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Pot & Pan

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  • 2315 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 201, Santa Monica 90404 34.03118 -118.47681
  • (Btwn Cloverfield Blvd & 23rd St)
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Rice Dishes

1. Ginger Meat stir fried ginger, onion, and mushroom  
2. Pad Kra Prao stir fried with onion, bell pepper, and basil leaves in a garlic and chili sauce  
3. Prik King spicy green bean stir fried with the meat of your choice and bell pepper  
4. Pepper Garlic stir fried with onion, bell pepper, and green onion in a savory garlic sauce  
5. Sweet & Sour stir fried with cucumber, tomato, and pineapple  
6. House Gourmet stir fried with onion, carrot, green onion, and cashew nut in the famous chili sauce  
7. Mixed Vegetables sauteed assorted vegetables and baked tofu in soybean sauce  
8. Eggplant / Pumpkin / Tofu the best three ensembles any vegetarian can ask for. have to try!!  
9. Curry choice of red, green, yellow, mass sa mun or panang curry  

Noodle Dishes

1. Pad Thai pan fried noodle with chicken, egg, bean sprouts, tofu, and peanut  
2. Pad C-Ew pan fried flat rice noodle with broccoli and egg in soybean sauce  
3. Pad Kee Mao pan fried flat rice noodle with onion, bell pepper, and basil leaves in chili sauce  
4. Thai Chow Mein pan fried egg noodle with carrot, baby corn, napa, egg, and bean sprouts  
5. Kai Kua pan fried flat noodle with chicken, egg, and green onion  
6. Tom Yum Noodle hot and sour rice noodle soup with bean sprouts and peanut  
7. Curry Noodle a blend of yellow curry noodle soup with bean sprouts and egg  


1. Egg Rolls deep fried egg roll skin stuffed with fresh vegetables.    5.95
2. Dumplings choice of chicken or vegetables steamed in wonton dough.    7.25
3. Fried Tofu served with sweet and sour sauce    5.95
4. Fried Squid served with sweet and sour sauce    8.95
5. Saigon Spring Roll steamed vermicelli with tofu. black mushroom, and basil leaves in rice paper roll served with special sauce.    7.25
6. Chicken Sate 5 marinated chicken in curry powder and coconut milk. grilled on a skewer.    7.95
7. Fried Wontons stuffed with ground chicken.    5.95
8. Larb ground meat spiced with basil leaves lime juice, onion, and ground chili    7.25
9. Tempura deep fried battered shrimp and vegetables served with sweet & sour sauce.    9.95
10. Lemon Chicken deep fried while meat chicken with special sweet lemon sauce.    7.95


11. Tom Yum Kai spicy, hot and sour soup with chicken and mushroom  
12. Tom Yum Poh Tak variety of seafood and mushroom in spicy hot and sour broth  
13. Tom Kha Kai chicken and mushrooms in spicy hot and sour coconut milk broth  
14. Silver Noodle Soup vermicelli noodles with chicken and vegetables in a clear broth.  
15. Wonton Soup stuffed wonton with chicken and vegetables in a clear broth.  
16. Miso Soup Tofu green onion, and seaweed with miso paste.  
17. Thai Cabbage Soup cabbage, green onion, and mushroom with chicken in a clear broth  
18. Thai Tofu Soup tofu, celery, and green onion with chicken in a clear broth  


19. Spinach Salad fresh spinach, onion, tofu, and bean sprout with peanut dressing.    6.95
20. Tofu Salad fried tofu with special spicy lime sauce over fresh green.    6.95
21. Salmon Salad baked salmon fillet with mixed vegetables, lemon wedge, and garlic dressing.    8.95
22. Chinese Chicken Salad roasted chicken with mixed vegetables, crispy rice noodle, and house dressing.    7.95
23. Naked Shrimp grilled shrimp and chili paste, spiced with mint leaves in lime juice.    9.85
24. Yum Nuah grilled beef spiced with spicy lime juice    7.95
25. Yum Yai shrimp , chicken, boiled egg. and onion with sweet and sour dressing over fresh green.    7.95
26. Chicken Salad chicken and boiled egg over green salad with house dressing    7.95
27. Yum-Ta-Lay (Seafood) assorted seafood. onion. chili paste. lemon grass and basil leaves in lime juice    12.95
28. Yum Roasted Duck roasted duck with chili paste and basil leaves in lime juice.    9.95

Noodles $7.95

29. Pad Thai pan fried thai rice or vermicelli noodles with chicken. shrimp, bean sprouts, onion, and egg.  
30. Pad See·ew pan fried flat rice noodles with broccoli in black soy sauce.  
31. Pad Kee Mao pan fried spicy flat noodles with onion. bell pepper, and basil leaves.  
32. Rad Nah pan fried rice noodles with broccoli and thai gravy.  
33. Chow Mein stir fried thai egg noodles with chicken and vegetables  
34. Spicy Thai Spaghetti spicy thai pasta with chicken. shrimp. tomato.and onion.  
35. Kai Kua pan fried flat rice noodles with chicken, bean sprouts, and green onion.  
36. Minced Chicken flat rice noodles with onion, tomato, and mushroom in a special gravy sauce.  
37. Bah Mee Kai steamed egg noodles with chicken, bean sprout, green onion. and crushed peanut.  
38. Tom Yum Noodle rice or egg noodles with chicken in spicy hot and sour broth.  
39. Lemon Grass Noodle rice or egg noodles with chicken in sour lemon grass broth.  
40.Noodle Soup rice or egg noodles with chicken and bean sprouts in a clear broth.  
41. Curry Noodle rice noodles with chicken and boiled egg in red and yellow curry sauce.  


42. Fried Rice choice of meat with tomato. onions, peas. and carrot.    7.95
43. Spicy Fried Rice choice of meat with bell pepper, onion. and basil leaves.    7.95
44. Special Fried Rice with chicken, pork, beef, shrimp    9.95
45. Pineapple Fried Rice shrimp, chicken, pineapple, and cashew nuts with curry powder.    8.95
46. Kra Prao With Egg Over Rice pan fried meat with chopped chili and basil leaves over rice topped with a sunny side up egg.    8.95

Meats And Vegetables $7.95

47. Pad Kra Prao sauteed meat with chopped chili, bell pepper, onion, and basil leaves.  
48. Pad Prik sauteed meat with mushroom and onion in house chili sauce.  
49. Sweet And Sour sauteed vegetables with pineapple and sweet & sour sauce.  
50. Garlic Pepper sauteed meat with bell pepper and onion in garlic sauce.  
51. Ginger Meat sauteed meat with ginger, mushroom, and fungus in soy sauce.  
52. Ginger Duck with light soybean sauce, ginger, bell pepper, fungus , and mushrooms.    9.95
53. Prik King stir fried green bean and choice of meat with chili paste and bell pepper.  
54. House Gourmet stir fried chili paste with carrot, onion, dried chili, and cashew nut.  
55. Kung Pao Chicken broccoli stem, carrot, water chest nut, dried chili, and peanuts in special sauce  
56. Beef Oyster Sauce beef with bell pepper, onion , and carrot in oyster sauce.  
57. Snow Pea With Shrimp sauteed snow pea, onion, carrot, and shrimp with soybean sauce    9.95

Curries $7.95

58. Red Curry coconut milk blended chili with bamboo shoot pumpkin, bell pepper and basil  
59. Yellow Curry coconut milk blended with chili with potato and onion.  
60. Green Curry coconut milk blended with bamboo shoot, green bean, bell pepper, basil leaves, and eggplant.  
61. Panang dried red curry with bell pepper and basil leaves.  
62. Mus Sa Mun peanut curry sauce with potato, onion, and peanut.  
63. Pineapple Curry mixture of curry with shrimp, bell pepper, and pineapple  
64. Jungle Curry (No Coconut Milk) bamboo shoot, green bean , pumpkin, baby corn, and basil leaves with red curry paste.  

Vegetarian Dishes $7.25

65. Mixed Vegetable combination of vegetables with tofu, stir fried with soy sauce  
66. Baby Corn And Mushroom sauteed baby corn and mushroom in garlic sauce  
67. Snow Pea / Black Mushroom sauteed with soybean sauce .  
68. Spinach /Black Mushroom sauteed with soy bean sauce  
69. Broccoli And Tofu sauteed with soybean sauce.  
70. Eggplant, Pumpkin, And Tofu sauteed with soy bean sauce.  
71. Bean Sprout And Tofu sauteed with soybean sauce .  
72. Ginger Tofu sauteed with soybean sauce  
73. Sweet And Sour Tofu sauteed with sweet and sour sauce.  


Seafood Means Shrimp, Mussel, Scallop, Sole Fillet, And Squid

74. B.B.O. Chicken grilled marinated chicken, green salad served with sweet and sour sauce    9.25
75. Pad Poh Tak stir fried combo seafood with chili paste, mushroom, bell pepper, and basil leaves  
76. Kra Prao Ta Ray stir fried combo seafood sauteed chopped chili, bell pepper, and basil leaves    12.95
77. Seafood House Gourmet variety of seafood sauteed with mild chili paste, onion, dried chili, and cashew nut.    12.95
78. Spicy Fried Fish sole fish in sweet and sour chili sauce and crispy basil    10.95
79. Panang Salmon crispy salmon with steamed vegetables in panang curry sauce    10.55
80. Kung Pad Prick stir fried shrimp with fresh chili, sliced garlic, and cashew nuts    10.95

Side Orders

Steamed White Rice     1.00
Steamed Brown Rice     1.50
Peanut Sauce     1.00
Steamed Rice Noodle     1.00

Beverages $2

Thai Iced Tea, Coffee   
American Iced Tea   
Hot Coffee   
Bottled Water   
Coke, Sprite, And Diet Coke   
Pink Lemonade   
Hot Tea green or jasmine  


Pot & Pan
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