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Mexican Restaurant & Cantina
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  • Mexican
  • 872 N Garfield Ave, Montebello CA90640 34.031809 -118.129108
  • (Btwn Via San Clemente & Via Campo)
  • (323) 724-6386
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Breakfast. Add $1.50 For Fried Potatoes. Add $1 For Sour Cream, $1.25 For Guacamole.

1. Huevos Rancheros two fried eggs topped with fresh chile sauce (salsa ranchera) and broiled melted jack cheese. served with rice, beans and tortillas   6.95
add fried tortillas   1.00
2. Huevos Con Chorizo two eggs scrambled with spicy and savory mexican sausage. served with rice. beans and tortillas   6.95
A. Chilaquiles Con Huevos two eggs any style served with a side of crispy tortilla strips with red chile sauce and melted jack cheese, served with beans and tortillas   6.95
B. Chilaquiles Con Carne Asada two eggs prepared any style with a side of chilaquiles and carne asada steak. served with beans and tortillas   10.95
C. Carne Asada Con Huevos two eggs any style with grilled skirt steak. served with rice beans and tortillas   10.25
Waffle one golden waffle topped with strawberries and whipped cream   5.25
Waffle Con Huevos golden waffles topped with strawberries and whipped cream. served with two eggs any style with bacon or sausage   7.50

Tortas De Huevo

Omelettes. Egg Dishes Served With Rice, Beans, And Tortillas. Add $1.50 With Fried Potatoes Add $1 For Sour Cream, $1.25 For Guacamole.

Shrimp, Cheese & Spinach shrimp, cheese and spinach omelette with beans and potatoes   10.95
3. Cheese queso   6.50
4. Jalapeno    6.50
5. Cheese And Jalapeno    6.75
6. Plain sencilla   6.25

Breakfast Specialties

30. Machaca De Res Con Huevo two eggs scrambled with shredded beef seared on a flat griddle with fresh diced onions and tomatoes. served with rice and beans and tortillas   8.50
31. Machaca De Pollo Con Huevo two eggs scrambled with lightly seasoned shredded skinless chicken seared on a flat griddle with a blend of fresh onions and tomatoes served with rice and beans and tortillas   8.50
Ordonez All Day Special two eggs any style served with crunchy bacon strips or sausage. fried potatoes and toast   6.75
Huevos A La Mexicana two eggs scrambled with fresh onions tomatoes and jalapenos served with rice and beans and tortillas   6.95
Menudo Served Daily a hearty soup / stew of simmered beef tripe calf's feet and maiz kernels. served with chopped fresh diced onions, cilantro and lime wedges on the side. your choice of tortillas.cup 2.75sm 6.50lg 7.50
con pata add   1.50
to go  qt 7.50



Queso Fundido Con Chorizo melted jack cheese casserole topped with mexican sausage served with your choice or tortillas   6.75
Nachos fresh fried corn tortillas chops sprinkled with beans and topped with broiled jack cheese for a blend mouth-watering flavors. finished with pickled jalapenos, sour cream and guacamole   7.95
with chicken   9.50
with beef or carnitas   10.50
Taquitos, Guacamole & Sour Cream beef or chicken rolled in a corn tortillas fried crispy presented on a bed of lettuce with diced tomatoes, with guacamole and sour cream. the original finger food   5.75
Special Ordonez Extra Large Quesadillas extra large flour tortilla with cheddar cheese and choice of shredded beef or tender chicken finished with lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole and sour cream   9.95
Flour Tortilla Quesadilla large flour tortilla with cheddar cheese toasted on a flat grill   4.25
with chicken   7.50
with asada   8.50
with grilled shrimp   10.50
Corn Tortilla Quesadilla corn tortilla with cheddar cheese melted on a flat griddle   2.95
with chicken   6.25
with asada   7.25
Guacamole & Chips    6.50
Chimichangas fried mini shredded beef and potato burritos. served with sour cream and guacamole  (5pcs) 7.25
Sampler Platter two breaded jumbo shrimp, two fish filets, two chicken infornos and two mini chimichangas served with dipping sauces   11.95
Chicken Infernos meaty-bone-in chicken portions seasoned with mild red chile rub. fried crispy on the outside tender on the inside. served with ranch dressing   6.50
Chips & Salad additional orders bowl 1.75basket 3.50



Birria fall off the tender mutton meat stewed in a mix of red chile marinade. served with side of rice and choice of tortillassm 7.50lg 8.95(to go qt) 8.95
Pozole (Chihuahua Style) tender pork and chicken combined with white corn kernels simmered in a chile juajillo sauce topped with finely shredded cabbage and slices radishes choice of tortillassm 7.50(to go qt) 8.95lg 8.95
Albondigas a light delicious soup with tender meatballs and garden vegeables. served with a side of rice and choice of tortillas.sm 7.50(to go qt) 8.95lg 8.95
Albondigas En Chile Chipotle homemade meatballs stewed in a spicy chile chipotle brothsm 7.50(to go qt) 8.95lg 8.95
Caldo De Pollo chicken soup prepared in the traditional mexican home cooking style. bone in meaty chicken in a clear broth flavored with vegetables served with a side of rice and choice of tortillas.sm 7.50lg 8.95(to go qt) 8.95
Menndo Served Daily a hearty soup / stew of simmered beef tripe calf's feet and maiz kernels. served with chopped fresh diced onions. cilantro and lime wedges on the side. your choice of tortillascup 2.75sm 6.50lg 7.50
con pata add   1.50
to go  qt 7.50
7-Mares shrimp, clams, white fish scallops, crab legs, shell fish, squid octopus and calamari served with warm tortillas  14.95(to go qt) 14.95
Cocido De Res bone in beef shank soup with hearty garden vegetables, served with side of rice and tortillas, could very well be the most nutritional and satisfying of our offerings. served weekdays. plate served as is no substitutionssm 7.50lg 8.95(to go qt) 8.95
Caldo De Camaron large shrimp in a tomato marisco stock simmered with sauteed carrots onions celery and diced onions and cilantro to add as you likesm 10.95(to go qt) 12.95lg 12.95

Lunch Specials

Served With Rice And Beans. Monday-Friday: 11am-2pm.

37. One Taco, Beef Or Chicken    8.25
38. One Cheese Enchilada    7.95
39. Beef Or Chicken Enchilada    8.25
40. One Chile Relleno served with tortillas   8.75
41. One Tamale served with cheese and special sauce   8.25
42. One Soft Taco served with char broiled steak.   8.25
43. One Burrito Mojado chile verde or chile colorado topped with sauce and cheese   10.50

Tostadas, Tortas, Sopes

Tortas mexican sandwich on a grilled french roll spread with mashed beans. choice of milanesa carnitas or carne asada. mayo, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and an avocado wedge finishes this traditional mexican sub   6.75
Tostadas a crispy tortilla layered with a bean spread, lettuce and tomatoes your choice of topping and finished with grated cheese with your choice of avocado, chicken or beef   7.25
Shrimp Tostada cooked shrimp topped with tomatoes onions and chopped cilantro on a crispy corn tortilla served on lettuce garnish with avocado   8.95
Tostadas add avocado slices   1.50
Sopes thick masa gordita pinched upward and filled with your choice of chorizo con papas, picadillo mexicano or chicharron.   4.25
add avocado slices   1.50


All Prepared With Beans, An Additional $1 For Cheese, Sour Cream Or Guacamole. Male Any Burrito Wet For $1.50. Red Or Green Sauce.

Bean & Cheese    3.75
Chile Colorado, Beef    4.95
Lengua beef tongue with red or green sauce   5.25
Carne Asada, Char Broiled Meat onions, cilantro & tomato   5.25
Machaca De Res eggs scrambled with shredded beef, onions & tomato   5.50
Chorizo Con Huezo eggs scrambled with mexican sausage   5.25
Shrimp garlic butter shrimp, beans rice cilantro onions and tomatoes   10.95
Chile Verde, Beef Or Pork    5.25
Chile Relleno    4.95
Carnitas, Pork    5.25
All Meat Burrito    6.25
Machaca De Pollo eggs scrambled with shredded chicken, onions & tomato   5.50

A La Carte

Taco Dorado (Crispy) beef or chicken     3.25
Two Crispy Flour Flautas beef or chicken     8.50
Cheese Enchilada      2.75
Tamale chicken and green chile or red pork tamales    1.95doz 17.50
Rice Or Beans      2.75
Tortillas      .85
Chile Toreados     (2) 1.50
Guacamole sm 3.25(to go 4oz) 3.25lg 6.50(8oz) 6.50(12oz) 9.75
Taco Suave (Soft) carne asada     2.95
Taco De Pescado fish taco ensenada style     3.25
Taco De Camaron      3.50
Beef Or Chicken Enchilada      2.95
Chile Relleno topped with salsa ranchera and cheese     4.25
Fried Potatoes      2.75
Ordonez House Salsa (4oz) 2.00(8oz) 3.25(12oz) 4.75(16oz) 6.25(32oz) 11.25

Platos Tradicionales

Served With Rice And Beans, Extra Toppings: Sauce, Cheese Or Sour Cream Add $1.50

7. Two Tacos Crispy Or Soft two crispy taco choice of shredded beef or chicken garnished with lettuce tomato and cheese   9.25
two soft tacos choice of carne asada, carnitas or chicken garnished with onions cilantro and tomato   9.25
8. Two Taquitos with guacamole   9.50
9. Avocado Tostada    8.95
10. Shrimp Tostada onions, cilantro and tomato   10.75
11. Chicken Tostada    9.25
12. Two Tamales two red chile pork tamales.   8.75
topped with sauce and cheese   9.75
add 2 eggs any style   11.25
13. Chicken Enchiladas    9.25
14. Cheese Enchiladas    8.95
15. Cheese Enchiladas Rancheras topped with a green ranchera sauce and sour cream   9.50
chicken or beef add   2.00
16. Beef Enchiladas    9.50
17. Two Cheese Chile Rellenos served with tortillas   10.50
topped with salsa ranchera and cheese   11.50
18. Chile Colorado Beef In Red Sauce beef with diced potatoes in red sauce. garnished with fresh lettuce and tomato with your choice of tortillas   10.50
19. Chile Verde beef: with diced potatoes in green ranchera sauce. garnished with fresh lettuce and tomato served with your choice of tortillas   10.50
pork: served in a green chile tomatillo sauce   10.95
20. Carne Asada, Charbroiled Steak    11.25
21. Steak Picado diced steak in a special sauce of bell pepper, tomato and onion   10.75
22. Lengua En Salsa Roja beef tongue in red sauce   10.50
23. Lengua En Salsa Verde beef tongue in green ranchera sauce   10.50
32. Taco & Enchilada    9.75
33. Taco & Tamale    9.75
34. Enchilada & Chile Relleno    9.75
35. Pork Tamale & Chile Relleno    9.75
36. Taco & Chile Relleno    9.75
Taco Salad fried flour tostada shell choice of shredded beef, chicken, carne asada or carnitas. includes beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese sour cream and guacamole   9.95
Carne Asada Tampiquena grilled steak and a cheese enchilada served with beans, rice, salad, guacamole and tortillas   12.95
Chicharrones Con Chile Verde fried pork skins in a green tomatillo salsa. served with rice. beans and tortillas   9.95
Pavo Pibil turkey marinated over night with traditional yucatan chile paste and slow baked. served with rice. beans, tortillas and pico de gallo   10.75
Cochinita Pibil pork loins rubbed with a traditional. yucatan chile paste slow baked until the meat is soft and off the bone. served with rice, beans, tortillas and pico de gallo   10.75
El Rancho Grande taco, enchilada and chile relleno. served with rico and beans   11.95
Carnitas Plate diced pork fried until tender with browned crust. served with rice, beans, tortilla, guacamole, and pico de gallo,   12.25
Pollo En Mole tender boneless chicken in a complex red chile sauce made with a blend of chiles, almond seeds, herbs and seasonings served with rice, beans and tortillas   10.25
Chuletas De Puerco (Pork Chops) prepared in a tomatillo sauce. served with rice, beans and tortillas   9.95



Tostada De Camaron / Shrimp Tostada a crispy corn tortilla serves as a platform for a generous topping of seafood shrimp tossed with fresh onions, cilantro and diced tomatoes, garnished with avocado wedges   8.95
add rice and beans   2.00
Crab Enchilada two enchiladas rolled and stuffed with sauteed imitation crabmeat prepared with jack cheese and a savory tomatillo sauce topped with sour cream, rice and beans   11.25
Camarones A La Diabla pan fried large shrimp flavored with herbs and seasoning and finished with a blend of hot red chile sauce served with rice beans and choice of tortillas   13.50
Camarones Rancheros large shrimp pan-fried with fresh onions, tomatoes and anaheim chile simmered in its own sauce. served with rice and beans   13.50
Costa Azul jumbo shrimp stuffed with imitation sauteed crab wrapped in bacon served with beans. potatoes and salad   15.95
Halibut Steak halibut steak pan-fried or al mojo de ajo (cooked in butter and garlic). topped with creamy chipotle sauce and served with beans. choice of potatoes or rice and tortillas   19.95
Two Fish Tacos Ensenada Style halibut fish strips dipped in a beer batter golden fried garnished with ordonzo secret sour cream sauce and finely shredded fresh cabbage. served with rice and beans   10.95
Camarones Empanizados seven large shrimp breaded and deep fried garnished with lettuce and tomato. served with potatoes, rice, salad and choice of tortillas   12.95
Filete De Pescado Empanizado pacific red snapper breaded and deep fried and garnished with lettuce and tomato. served with potatoes, rice, salad and choice of tortillas   11.75
Chanuc's Camarones Ahogados a generous portion of large shrimp marinated to order in lemon juice tossed with fresh jalapenos and onion slices.   12.95
Tortas De Camaron Con Nopales shrimp fritters served in a red sauce with delicious tender and savory cactus strips side of rice and beans and choice fo tortillas   10.50
Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo pan fried shrimp sauced in a toasty slow cooked garlic sauce. served with rice and beans and choice of tortillas   13.50
Tacos De Camaron / Shrimp Tacos double corn tortillas filled with golden deep fried shrimp tender bya coating of beer batter topped with ordonez secer cream sauce and finely shredded fresh cabbage   11.50
Ceviche Tostada marinated halibut in lemon juice and flavored with onions tomatoes and cilantro, piled high on a crispy flat corn tortilla garnished with avocado wedges   7.95
Coctel De Camarones a refreshing treat of cooked shrimp served cold with fresh diced onions. tomatoes, avocado and cilantro sm 10.50lg 12.50
Mojarra Entera Frita O Al Mojo De Ajo whole fish lightly seasoned and drenched in flour and fried golden brown or slow cooked in garlic, served with rice. potatoes and salad with choice of tortillas   11.95

Ordonez Specialties

Flour Flautas shredded beef or tender chicken tightly rolled in flour tortillas on a bed lettuce and diced tomatoes topped with sour cream and guacamole. served with rice and beans   10.95
Milanesa tender steak breaded to order in our kitchen. served with potatoes, beans, lettuce and tomato with choice of tortillas   10.75
Fajitas De Res O Pollo your choice of skirt steak or tender grilled chicken and topped with bell peppers onions and fresh tomatoes. served with rice and beans and choice of tortillas   10.95
Combination Fajita Platter a generous two person portion of large shrimp, skirt steak and tender chicken breast. grilled in olive oil and sauteed with onions bell peppers and fresh tomatoes. served with rice and beans and choice of tortillas   26.95
Costillas De Puerco En Salsa Verde pork ribs in a green tomatillo sauce served with beans, rice and tortillas   11.95
Mar Y Tierra our surf and turf. shrimp pan fried with garlic seasoned butter coupled with tender grilled skirt steak. served with potatoes, beans and tortillas   17.95

Burrito Plates

All Burritos Prepared With Beans And Served With Rice And Beans.

24. Carne Asada, Beef    9.95
25. Chile Verde, Beef O Pork    9.50
26. Chile Colorado, Beef    9.50
27. Chile Relleno    9.50
28. Lengua In Green Sauce    9.95
29. Lengua In Red Sauce    9.95


Add Seasonal Topping For $1. Add $1.50, For A Scoop Of Vanilla Ice Cream.

Flan homemade   4.25
Rice Pudding homemade   4.25
Jello (Homemade) served with whipped cream   3.25
Fruit & Yogurt Parfait fruit and yogurt parfait made from seasonal fruit   4.50
Capirotada (Homemade) traditional mexican bread pudding   4.25
Ginat Chocolate Cake layered with rich chocolate pudding   4.95
White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake    4.95
Churros    1.50
Texas Carrot Cake loaded with carrots, walnuts, raisins and crushed pineapple a cream cheese frosting   4.95
Xango cheesecake fried in a flakey pastry tortilla   4.50
Tres Leches Cake    4.50
NY Style Cheesecake    4.95


Refills Only On Sodas, Iced Tea And Coffee.

Coffee Or Hot Tea    2.25
Herbal Tea    2.50
Smoothies strawberry or strawberry & banana peach or mango   3.95
add plain yogurt   4.50
Fresh Carrot Juice    3.50
Champurrado    2.95
Milk  sm 2.25lg 2.95
Orange Juice  sm 2.75lg 3.50
Shakes vanilla, chocolate or strawberry   4.50
Licuados strawberry or banana   4.25
add one egg   1.00
Sodas coke, diet coke, sprite, fanta orange, minute maid lemonade. (free refills per paying customer) (16oz) 1.95(32oz) 2.50
iced tea unsweetened, green ice team raspberry iced tea   2.25
Shirley Temple    3.50
Tamarindo    2.75
Jamaica    2.75
Pina    2.75
Horchata rice water   2.75
Orange Whip    2.95
Aguas Frescas watermelon, cantaloupe   2.95
Bottled Water Or Sparkling    2.95
Vitamin Water    3.50

Specialty Cocktails

Cadillac Margarita 1800 tequila with grand marnier, coin treau and lime juice strained into a chilled salt-rimmed schooner   12.00
Top Shelf Margarita sauza conmemerativo and grand mariner mixed with rose's lime juice hand shaken and served on the rocks   10.00
Rosarita Margarita sauza hornitos tequila, triple sec and cranberry juice   9.00
Midori Margarita midori melon liqueur added to our special house margarita   9.00
Apple Martini apple pucker sweet & sour with vodka served ice cold   9.00
Lemon Drop Martini vodka, citron, triple sec and splash of lemon juice   9.00
Cosmopolitan Martini vodka, triple sec. splash of sweet and sour with cranberry   9.00
Ordonez Coffee captain morgan's spiced rum kahlua and a splash of carolan's irish cream, topped with whipped cream   8.00
Mexican Coffee kahlua and sauza conmemorativo mixed with coffee and topped wit whipped cream and a cherry   8.00

Wine Selection

White Zinfandel a wine for all occasions. medium-dry with fruity finish.   7.00
Cabernet Sauvignon smooth and delicious, plum and black cherry flavors.   7.00
Lambrusco    7.00
Chardonnay a wine with flowery bouquet. light, crisp body, excellent accompaniment for seafood, ham, pork and spicy foods   7.00
Merlot very soft and fruity, ripe plum and currant flavors, appealing, rich finish   7.00
Jacobs Creek Pink Moscato    8.00

Happy Hour

Only Monday-Friday: 2pm-7pm.

Wells    5.00
Beer Bottle Combo with well shot import   6.00
with well shot domestic   5.00

Sundays Only


Bloody Marys    5.00
Mimosas    3.00


Bottled Domestic $3.50

Bud Light    
Bud Light Platinum    
Michelob Ultra    
Coors Light    
Miller Lite    
Genuine Draft    

Bottled Imported $4

Tecate Light    
Modelo Especial    
Negra Modelo    
Dos XX Larger    
Dos XX Amber    
Heineken Light    

Beef On Draft

Bud Light  schooner 4.00pitcher 11.00
Modelo, Shock Top, Xxlg  schooner 5.00pitcher 13.00



Clamato, Lemon Juice, Salt And Choice Of Beer  domestic 7.00import 8.00


Lemon Juice, Salt And Choice Of Beer  domestic 6.00import 7.00


Lemon-Lime    7.00
Mango, Strawberry And Peach available by the pitcher 8.00reg 16.00flavored 20.00
Cucumber Margarita    10.00


Mango, Strawberry And Peach available by the pitcher 8.00reg 16.00flavored 20.00


Pina Colada    9.00
Kahlua    8.00
Cape Cod    7.00
Ice Teas    9.00
Sunrise    8.00
White Russian    8.00
Wine Frost    8.00
Sex On The Beach    9.00
All Drinks Are Available In A Non-Alcoholic Version.
872 N Garfield Ave
Btwn Via San Clemente & Via Campo
(323) 724-6386
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