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North End Caffe

  • $$
  • Coffee & Tea, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches
  • 3421 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach 90266 33.877645 -118.405965
  • (At 34th Pl)
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  • (310) 546-4782
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Large Breakfast

Served Only Until Noon. There Is A $2 Charge For Egg White Substitution And Poaching Eggs.

Eggs From Hell 3 eggs scrambled with 3 peppers, 2 salsas, jalapeno, pepper jack & cheddar, with potatoes & corn tortillas    9.75
Napoli 4 scrambled eggs with checca, with crostini    7.75
Huevos Verde Con Jamon 4 eggs scrambled with black forest ham, pesto, checca & onion, with crostini    10.75
Roman Toast ham, mushroom caponata & mozzarella grilled toast, with checca scrambled eggs    10.75
Genovese Toast pancetta, pesto & mozzarella grilled toast, with checca scrambled eggs    10.75
Sonoma Toast brie & raspberry jam grilled toast, with scrambled eggs    10.75
Bass Lake Eggs 3 eggs scrambled with mild green chilies & cheddar, with potatoes, corn tortillas & tomatillo salsa    10.75
Huevos Divorciados corn tortillas topped with cheddar, pepper jack, bacon, sausage, avocado, eggs over easy, red & green salsa, with potatoes    12.75
The Sicilian 4 eggs scrambled with capers, tomato, basil & mozzarella, with crostini    10.75
El Gringo 2 eggs over easy, bacon or sausage & potatoes, with sourdough toast    10.75
Egg Tacos 2 tacos with scrambled egg, pepper jack, cheddar, avocado, red mojo & red salsa, with potatoes    10.75
Piglet 2 bacon wrapped hot dogs topped with two fried eggs & caramelized onion, with potatoes    9.75
Dos Burritos two flour tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, cheddar, pepper jack, bacon & sausage topped with tomatillo salsa, with potatoes    12.75
Chilequiles crispy corn tortillas sautéed with scrambled eggs, cheddar, pepper jack & tomatillo salsa, with potatoes    10.75
Quesadilla Plato flour or corn tortillas filled with cheddar & pepper jack, with scrambled eggs, avocado & potatoes    10.75
Ino 2 eggs over easy on grilled ciabatta topped with brie, herb salad & olive oil, on dressed organic greens    10.75
Highlander 2 eggs over easy, ham, swiss, pesto & tomato open faced on grilled ciabatta, with potatoes    10.75
Juanito 3 eggs over easy, covered with ham & cheddar, topped with salsa, 2 sausage & 4 bacon, with potatoes & corn tortillas    13.75
Laird egg whites cooked in olive oil with avocado, red salsa, flour & corn tortillas    10.75
North End Potatoes fried potatoes topped with cheddar, pepper jack, cilantro & red salsa, with tortillas    7.50

Light Breakfast

Big Bowl Of Granola Or Yogurt with house blend granola with dry fruit    5.50
Toasted Baguette bagel, sourdough, english fry bread or tortilla. with cream cheese or butter & jam    3.00
Beignets new orleans style doughnuts with powdered sugar    4.00


House hard fried egg, cream cheese, olive tapenade, tomato, onion, cucumber    6.00
Mom's hard fried egg, mozzarella, pesto, tomato    6.00
Watson hard fried egg, ham, cheddar, tomato, onion    7.50
Macy hard fried egg, bacon, swiss, bbq sauce, red onion, tomato    6.50
Big's hard fried egg, bacon, cheddar, tomato    6.50
Manhattan hard fried egg, swiss, avocado, tomato, red mojo    6.50
Hermana hard fried egg, brie, bacon, avocado, mild green chilies served on a flour tortilla    7.50
Rosie hard fried egg, sausage, pepper jack, mild green chilies, red onion    6.50
Procida hard fried egg, pancetta, fresh mozzarella, pesto, checca    7.50
Tani hard fried egg, turkey, pepper jack, avocado, red mojo, herb salad on 2 corn tortillas    7.50
Barton egg white, swiss, ham, avocado, habanero salsa wrapped in flour tortilla    8.50
Guapo hard fried egg, ham, bacon, sausage, cheddar, tomato, red mojo    8.50
Isabella hard fried egg, brie, avocado, pesto, tomato    7.50
Zachary hard fried egg, brie, bacon, raspberry jam    7.50

Side Items

2 Eggs     3.00
Avocado     3.00
Guacamole     5.00
Bacon     3.75
Tomatoes     2.00

Coffee & Other Beverages

(16oz) / (20oz). Our Espresso Is "European Preferred" Roasted In Italy. Soy, 1/2 & 1/2, Heavy Cream $1, Almond Milk $1, Add Shot $0.75 Any Substitution Of Milk For The Above Is An Additional Charge Item. We Will Make

Drip With Free Refill     2.50  3.00
Cafe Au Lait drip coffee & steamed milk    3.75  3.00
Espresso dark roasted & slightly sweet - in the finest italian tradition    3.75  3.00
Americano espresso with hot water    3.25  3.75
Latte espresso & steamed milk    3.75  4.25
Cappuccino espresso & steamed milk topped with milk foam    3.75  4.25
Mocha, Vanilla Latte espresso & steamed milk with ghirardelli dark or white chocolate    4.25  4.75
Machiato espresso with a dollop of milk foam    3.50  4.00
Medici espresso, chocolate, orange zest, steamed milk    4.75  5.00
Capri espresso, white chocolate, lemon zest, steamed milk    5.00  4.75
Cafe Con Leche espresso, steamed half & half & sugar in the raw    4.50  5.00
Tiger Chai Latte indian spiced tea with vanilla, honey & steamed milk    4.25  4.75
Hot Tea     3.00  3.50
Hot Chocolate, Vanilla, Torani Syrup     2.75  3.25
Iced Tea & Fountain Soda with free refill   (16oz) 2.50 (24oz) 3.00
Italian Cream Soda torani syrup layered with ice, soda & cream   (16oz) 2.00 (24oz) 3.00
Orange Juice fresh squeezed   (16oz) 3.00 (24oz) 4.50
Ginger Limeade house made, all natural, served with ice   (16oz) 3.00 (24oz) 4.00
Ginger Limeade without ice   (16oz) 5.00 (24oz) 6.00
Pellegrino    (1lt) 5.00

Beer, Ale & Wine $7

Bloody Beer lager style beer blended with house bloody tomato mix & lemon    7.00
Mimosa sparkling wine & fresh squeezed orange juice    8.00
Bromosa sparkling wine with ginger lime juice    8.00


Kahlua Pig Monte Cristo Egg Rolls (KP's) Or Carnitas Tacos    (3) 10.00
Fettuccine Carbonara as seen on diners, drive-ins & dives. available fri-sun: noon-close & mon-thur: after 5pm.    17.00

Big Salads

Principessa chicken breast, mozzarella, checca, pesto & pistachio on spring greens, with olive oil & balsamic glaze    14.75
Baja turkey, cheddar, avocado, pesto, & cucumber on romaine & spring greens, with corn chips    13.75
Pilgrim turkey, goat cheese, caramelized onion, dried cranberry & pistachio on romaine & spring greens    13.75
Avalon grilled beef burger with swiss, avocado, green chili & pickle on a bed of romaine    13.75
Jalisco turkey with tomatillo salsa, avocado, cheddar, pepper jack & cucumber on romaine, with corn chips    13.75
Tia bbq basted turkey, bacon, swiss & cucumber on romaine & spring greens    13.75
Shinto teriyaki turkey, avocado, sesame seed, cucumber & onion (no tomato) on spring greens, with wasabi dressing    13.75
Mario prosciutto di parma, fresh mozzarella, checca & fried egg on spring greens    13.75
Laurancello goat cheese cake wrapped in prosciutto di parma, seared & deglazed with limoncello & white wine on checca & spring greens    14.75
Babbo pancetta, gorgonzola, fried egg, checca & pistachio on spring greens    14.75
Old School Cobb chicken breast, avocado, bacon, egg, blue cheese, tomato, on romaine    14.75
Chucktown chicken breast, swiss, cheddar, bacon, pickle, tomato, with ranch on romaine    14.75
Genova soprasetta, pecorino, olive tapenade, checca & garbanzo beans, on romaine    13.75

Big Salads - Meatless $12.75

Greeko goat cheese, caramelized onion, pesto, olive tapenade, cucumber & pickle on spring greens  
Capistrano dried cranberry, dried cherry, orange, gorgonzola & pistachio on spring greens  
Palermo shaved imported pecorino, fresh orange, dry montgomery cherry & pistachio on spring greens  

Cold Sandwiches

Served On Baguette (While Supply Last Otherwise Sourdough) With Side Of Organic Spring Greens.

La Mar turkey, goat cheese, caramelized onion, mustard, tomato    9.75
Shellback turkey, cheddar, avocado, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickle, cucumber    10.75
Rich Boy roast beef, brie, swiss, creole mojo, tomato    10.75
Nonno turkey, mozzarella, checca    10.75
Shinto teriyaki turkey, avocado, wasabi mojo, greens, cucumber, sesame seed    10.75
El Porto black forest ham, goat cheese, caramelized onion, pesto, greens, tomato    10.75
Valentino prosciutto di parma, fresh mozzarella & checca, on a lightly grilled panino roll    12.75
Fra Diavalo ham, sopressata, mortadella, fresh & aged mozzarellas, spicy pesto, creole mojo, lettuce, onion    12.75

Cold Sandwiches - Meatless $10.75

Sophie brie, pesto, olive tapenade, tomato, cucumber, greens  
Greeko goat cheese, pesto, olive tapenade, caramelized onion, pickle, cucumber, tomato, greens  

Hot Sandwiches

Cubano black forest ham, turkey, swiss, mozzarella, creole mojo, mustard, pickle, tomato, onion    9.75
The Real Cubano slow roasted pork, ham, swiss, creole mojo, mustard, pickle    11.75
Uptown Cubano pulled pork, prosciutto, swiss, creole mustard, creole mojo, pickle    11.75
Bolsa Chica chicken breast, pepper jack, avocado, creole mojo, onion    12.75
Abby turkey, mozzarella, pesto, creole mojo, tomato    10.75
Jeri turkey, mozzarella, pesto, checca    10.75
Principessa chicken breast, mozzarella, checca, pesto    12.75
Chucktown chicken breast, swiss, cheddar, bacon, pickle, lettuce, tomato, ranch    12.75
Tia bbq basted turkey, bacon, swiss, creole mojo, pickle, onion, tomato    11.75
Alicia turkey, bacon, cheddar, chipotle mojo, avocado, tomato    11.75
Big Jim turkey, mozzarella, tomato & creole mojo topped with 2 eggs over easy, apple wood bacon    11.75
Stella black forest ham, genoa salami, swiss, mozzarella, olive tapenade, creole mojo    11.75
Armando black forest ham, goat cheese, mozzarella, caramelized onion, creole mojo, tomato    10.75
Brie Orleans black forest ham, bacon, brie, swiss, creole mojo, tomato    11.75
Kirburt prosciutto di parma, brie, extra virgin olive oil    12.75
Vaughn roast beef, brie, caramelized onion, horseradish, tomato    10.75
Chippy roast beef, cheddar, malt vinegar, creole mojo, pickles, fries    12.75
Aguilucho carnitas, pepper jack, avocado, creole mojo, red salsa    12.75
Hot Mama turkey, bacon, cheddar, swiss, habanero salsa, creole mojo, tomato, onion    11.75
Domalisa 2 eggs over easy on grilled ciabatta topped with prosciutto di parma, brie & herb salad, open faced on dressed greens    11.75
Mighty Swagwich ham, egg, cheddar, creole mojo, tomato, onion, fries, malt vinegar    11.75

Hot Sandwiches - Meatless $9.75

Molto Caprese fresh mozzarella, aged mozzarella, pesto, olive tapenade, checca  
Vespa brie, goat cheese, swiss, caramelized onion, creole mojo, tomato  

North End Burgers $13.75

Fuego pepper jack, cheddar, bacon, avocado, chipotle moj0, red salsa as seen on diners, drive-ins & dives  
Louie brie, bacon, herb salad, creole mojo  
Hick swiss, cheddar, creole mojo, bacon, bbq, tomato, onion  
Pete's double swiss, bacon, mild green chilies, mustard, pickle, onion  
Casino topped with a grilled hot dog, american cheese, pickle, onion, mustard  
John Henry patty melt with american cheese, grilled onion, pickle, creole mojo on sourdough  
Flash fried egg, american cheese, creole mojo, pickle, onion  
Mannix blue cheese, crystal hot sauce, creole mojo, tomato, onion  
Donahue brie, blue cheese, bacon, caramelized onion, horseradish, tomato  

North End Dawgs

Served With Belgian Fries

Trio Of Dawgs 1 of each below as seen on diners, drive-ins & dives    11.75
Creole 2 bacon wrapped hot dogs with swiss, creole mojo, crystal hot sauce, tomato, onion, zatarain's salt    9.75
Opie 2 hot dogs with american cheese, mustard, pickle, onion    9.75
Tijuana 2 bacon wrapped hot dogs with chipotle mojo, avocado, mustard, hot sauce, onion, tomato, cilantro    9.75

Fries & Dipping Sauces

Small Fry with 1 dipping sauce    4.00
Medium Fry with 2 dipping sauces    6.00
Large Fry with 3 dipping sauces    8.00

Children's $10

All Plates Served With Small Ranch Salad Or Jr. Fry & Small Fountain Soda. This Is A Sample Menu. Ingredients Are Subject To Change Without Notice

Peety flour quesadilla with boar's head turkey & cheddar cheese  
Yogi grilled cheddar sandwich on sliced sour dough bread  
Grand View turkey or ham with cheddar on sliced sour dough bread  
Yat plain hot dog on a bun  


North End Caffe
3421 Highland Ave
At 34th Pl
(310) 546-4782
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