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Nick's Coffee Shop

  • $$
  • Diner
  • 8536 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles 90035 34.053208 -118.377095
  • (At S La Cienega Blvd)
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  • (310) 652-3567
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Kimmy Fresh Tortilla Chips with fresh salsa or guacamole    4.15
Nacho's (fresh tortilla chips with melted cheese, black olives, jalapenos and salsa)    4.35
Nick's Chilli Cheese Fries with grated cheese (onions on request)    4.55
"8" Mozzerella Cheese Sticks with marinara sauce    5.25
"4" Mozzerella Cheese Sticks with marinara sauce    3.25
Pop Corn Chicken     5.25
Fried Zucchini with ranch dressing    3.85


#1. Delightful Dinner Salad a wide variety of crisp lettuce, cool slices of cucumber, and cherry tomatoes (sliced on request)    3.75
#2. Refreshing Pineapple Rings or Peaches or Tomato Wedges Salad or mixed with a mound of creamy cottage cheese served on a bed of crisp lettuce    6.05
#3. Delicious Large Fresh Mound of Chicken Salad or all White Meat Albacore Tuna Salad served with a variety of crisp lettuce, hard boiled egg tomato slices and bell peppers rings    8.75
#4. Supreme Chef Salad a variety of crisp lettuce with julienne sliced deli turkey ham & roast beef, american & swiss cheese bell peppers rings hard boiled egg and sliced tomatoes    9.25
#5. 1/2 of a Supreme Chef Salad same as above on a smaller scale    7.75
#6. What's The Scoop Salad * a bed of crisp lettuce with a scoop of creamy cottage cheese, tender chicken salad, all white meat tuna salad, and freshly made continental egg salad, served with cool cucumber slices toamto slices an    9.25
#7. Kat's Fresh Garden Salad a variety of crisp lettuce, chopped tomatoes raw onion, sliced mushrooms, avocado, radishes, celery, cucumber, hard boiled egg. grated mixed cheese or feta cheese and bacon of your choice (pork or tur    8.75
#8. Refreshing Fresh Fruit Salad an array of fresh strawberries cantaloupe, orange honedew melon watermelon, bananas. papaya, and any other seasonal variety we have available, plus, your choice of creamy cottage cheese or yogurt or s    8.95
#9. 1/2 a Scrumptious Fresh Fruit Salad same as above on a smaller scale    7.25
#10. Oscar's Grilled Chciken Breast or Steak & Avocado Salad a bed of crisp lettuce, with tomato wedges, cucumber,s rod & green bell pepper rings, onions, fresh avocado slices and black olives    8.95
#11. Alvaro's Freshly Chopped Salad served with chopped red & green peppers, tomato onion, and cucumber blended together with mayonnaise or balasamic vinegar or olive oil (add $0.75 for cottage cheese or add add $0.50 for hard boiled eg    5.65
#12. Michael's Freshly Chopped Salad served with lettuce, chopped red & green bell peppers, tomato, onions, and cucumber, and black olives blended together with mayonnaise or balsamic vinegar or olive oil (add $0.75 cottage or add $5.50    5.95
#13. Rudy's Tostada Salad a fresh tortilla shell filled with refried beans, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, chopped onions and your choice of shredded chicken, beef brisket topped with mixed cheese and avocado slices    8.95
#14. Cobb Salad a bed of crisp lettuce with chilled tomatoes radish, sprouts avocado mixed beans black & green olives cucunber, beets mushrooms baby corn, hard boiled egg, bell peppers, and feta cheese.    9.15
#14. Cobb Salad add chicken breast or all white meat tuna    9.95
#14. Cobb Salad add NY steak    10.65
#14 A. Julie's Salad A variety of crisp lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, black beans, turkey bacon and top sirloin with balsamic vinegar and oil    11.25

Lite Eaters

#15. Just Right Combo 1/2 of any cold sandwich on your choice of bread with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise (raw onion on request) with either a cun of homemade soup or a small crisp dinner salad, (add $0.75 for a cup of home style chili or a cup of macaroni & cheese)    8.05
#16. 1/2 Meat Combo 1/2 of either tuna sald or chicken salad, or roast beef or thukey (Add $0.75 for fresh roasted turkey) or corned beef or ham or pastranmi, or turkey pastrami grilled on your choice of bread & cheese with grilled onions, served with a cup of our homemade soup of chili or cup of macaroni & cheese, or a mall crisp dinner salad choices of cheese american or swiss or cheddar or jack or mozzarella or veggie    8.05
#17. Home Style Beef Chili & Beans Combo zesty cup of beef chili & beans (chopped onions on request ) with a crisp green salad and 1 slice of garlic toast ( Add $0.60 for grated mixed cheese ) & ( Add $0.45 for 1 slice of cheese)    7.75
#18. Soup & Salad Combo a cup of homemade soup and a crisp dinner salad and 1 slice of garlic toast    7.45
#18. Matzo Brie matzo crackers and 2 eggs scrambled together or omelet style (onions on request) served with sour cream and applesauce and slice of waternelon    6.25
#21. Quecadllian Especiali your choice of 2 corn or flour tortillas made with cheddar or jack or veggie cheese, plus scallions sour cream salsa and your choice of beef briaket or chicken, or bacon (pork or turkdy or veggie) jalapetios on request) served with refried beans, spinach rice and avocado slices    8.75
#21. Cheese Queandilila your choice of 2 corn or flour tortillas, made with cheddar or jack or veggie cheese plus scallions, sour cream, and salsa served with refried beans, spanish rice and avocado slices.    7.25

Soup Chili Pasta

#22. Soup of The Day     2.55  3.95
#23. Chili (Meat and Bacon)     3.25  4.65
#24. Macaroni & Cheese     3.00  4.75

Choice Burgers

Burgers come with all the trimmings: fresh lettuce, tumato, raw onion, mayonnaise, sweet relish, and crisp kosher dill pickle slice (1000 islamd dressing or grilled onions or homemade salsa on request please ask your server.

#25. Nicks Original (Fresh usda choice) our famous juciy beef patty cooked to your perfection served on agrilled sesame seed or whole wheat bun plus all the trimmings    6.20
#25. Nick's Original with cheese (american or swiss cheddar or mozzarella or jack of veggie cheese)    6.45
#26. Nick's 2/3 Pounder (fresh ground tyson chicken) delicious tender jicy 1/2 pound chicken patty cooked to ferfectrion served on a grilled sesame seed or whole wheat bun plus all the trimmings    7.45
#26. Nick's 2/3 Pounder with cheese (american or swiss, or cheddar or jack or mozzarella or veggie cheese)    7.70
#27. Chicken Burger (fresh ground tyson chicken) a delicious tender juicy 1/2 pound chicken patty cokked to perfection. served on grilled seasame seed or whole wheat bun plus all the trimmings    6.45
#27. Chicken Burger with cheese (american or swiss or cheddar or jack or mozzarella or veggie cheese)    6.70
#28. Turkey Burger a yummy juicy tender 1/2 pound turkey patty grilled to perfection served on grilled sesame seed or whole wheat bun lus all the trimmings    6.45
#28. Turkey Burger with cheese ( american or swiss or cheddar or jack oir mozzarella or veggie cheese)    6.70
#29. Veggie Burger (combination of vegetable & soy) healthy no guilt burger 1/2 pound meatless patty cooked by the best served on agrilled sesame seed or whole wheat ban plus all the trimmungs    6.45
#29. Veggie Burger withe cheese (american, or swiss or cheddar or jack or mozzarella or veggie cheese)    6.70
#30 The Bacon Cheese Burger a choice of any burger patty (beef chiekn, turkdy or veggie, ) with cheese of your choice (american or veggie cheese) and bacon of your choice ) ( pork or turkey or veggie) served on a grilled sesame    7.45
#31. The Chill Cheese Burger again your choice of any burger patty (beef, chicken, turkey or veggie) with dhopped onions & cheese of your choice ( american, or swiss or cheddar, or jack or mozzarella or veggie cheese) this is a s    7.45
#31a. Micheal's Aussie Burger A choice of any burger patty (beef, chicken, turkey, or veggie), 1 pineapple ring, 4 pieces of bacon, tomato, leaf lettuce and 1 egg over easy. Put it all together and let the yolk run!    8.95
#32. The Avocado Bacon Cheese Burger once agina your choice of any burger patty (beef, chicken, turkey or veggie ) with cheese of your choice ( american or swiss of cheddar of jack or mozzarella or veggie cheese) and bacon of your choice    7.95
#33. The Mushroom & Grilled Onion & Bell Pepper Cheese Burger a burger patty of all the same wide variety of choices ( beef chicken, turkey or veggie) and your choice of cheese ( american of swiss of cheddar or jack of mozzarella or veggie cheese) with fresh gri    7.45
#34. The Ortega Chill Cheese Burger your choice of any prime burger ( beef chicken, turkey or vegie) with roasted ortega chili and jack cheese served on a grilled sesame seed or whole wheat bun plun all the trimmings ( Add $1.35 for bac    7.15
#35. Pizza Burger choose you burger patty ( beef chicken, turkey or veggie) topped with zesty pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, grilled pepperoni, grilled mushrooms and seasonings served on a grille dseasame seed or whol    8.15
#36. Teriyaki Burger a delicious burger patty of your choice (beef chicken, turkey, or veggie) topped with tangy teriyaki sauce chopped green onions, and a grilled pineapple ring served a on a grilled sesame seed or whole    6.95

Heidie Ho's

All Hot Digs Are Grilled or Boiled and served On a Plain Hot Dog Bun. All Hot Dogs Are served with One Choice: French Fries or Coleslaw, or Potato Salad or Macaroni Salad or Fresh Watermelon or Sliced Tomatoes, or The Vegetable of The Day. Add

#37. 1/4 Lb. All Beef or Chicken or Turkey or Veggie Dog a juicy frankfurter served on a plain bun and one choice from above    4.85
#38. 1/4 Lb. All Beef Chili Cheese Dog a zesty meal served on a plain bum, smothered in home style chili & beans topped with mixed jack & cheddar cheese served with one choice from above    6.95
#39. 1/4 Lb. All Beef Sauerkraut Dog All beef hot dog topped with tangy sauerkraut served with one choice from above,    5.95

Sandwiches - Cold Sandwiches

All Sandwiches Below Are served On Your Choice of Bread White or Wheat or Rye or Sourdougle or Thick Egg Bread or a Pita Pocket/ Sandwiches Come with Fresh Lettuce (Shredded or Loaf) Tomato, and Mayo Unless Other Wise Specified. Raw Onion, Sw

#40. Tuna Salad Sandwich the best all white meat albacore    8.25
#41. Chicken Sald Sandwich made with fresh tender chicken    8.15
#42. Continental Egg Salad Sandwich made fresh to order ( the secret is outs)    6.85
#43. Deli Turkey Sandwich     8.15
#44. Roasted Turkey Sandwich     8.65
#45. Smoked Tavern Ham Sandwich     8.15
#46. Black Forest Ham Sandwich old world bavarian style, atender delicate flavor    8.65
#47. Deli Roast Beef Sandwics     8.15
#48. Corned Beef Sandwich seasoned to perfection    8.15
#49. H N Salami Sandwich kosher all beef    8.15
#50. Blt Sandwich bacon of yor choice ( pork or turkey or veggie crisp lettuce and sliced tomato    6.95
#51. Avocado Blt Sandwich amazing added falvor plus choice of bacon    8.15
#52. Peanut Butter a Jelly Sandwich creamy peanut butter and jelly of your choice    5.15

Sandwiches - Hot Sandwiches

#53. Grilled Cheese Sandwich always a turnmy plesar we have american or swisss or cheddar or jack or mozzarella or a variety of veggie cheese to choose from    5.45
#54. Grilled Deli Turkey & Cheese Sandwich add $0.50 for fresh roasted turkey    8.15
#55. Grilled Tavern Ham & Cheese Sandwich Add $0.50 for black forest ham    8.15
#56. Grilled Roast Beef & Cheese Sandwich     8.15
#57. Hot Roast Beef Brisket Dip Sandwich served on a french roll with aujus    8.75
#58. Hot Pastrami Sandwich On a French Roll turkey pastrani also available    8.25
$59. Alan's Grilled Roast Beef or Ham and Roasted Ortege Chili & Jack Cheese Sandwich he loves this combination on sourdough bread    8.25
#60. New York Steak Sandwich served on a french roll and cooked the way you like it    9.15
#61. Top Sirloin Steak Sandwich served on a french roll and cooked to your lke in    9.15
#62. Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich On a Bun     7.75
#63. Teriyaki Chicken Breast Sandwich On a Bun     7.95
#64. Bar B Q Chicken Breast Sandwich On a Bun     7.95
#65. Bar B Q Beef Sandwich On a Bun     8.15
#66. Bar B Q Ham Sandwich On a Bun     8.15

Sandwich Melts

#67. Patty Melt     7.65
#68. Tuna Salad Melt     8.15
#69. Chicken Salad Melt     8.15
#70. Beef Mlet     8.15
#71. Corned Beef Mlet     8.15
#72. Pastrami Mlet     8.55
#73. Turkey Pastrami Melt     8.55
#74. H N Salami Melt     8.15
#75. Chicken Breast Melt     8.15
#76. Turkey Melt (add $0.50 for fresh roast)    8.15
#77. Phily Cheese Steak Sandwich     8.75

Breakfast Sandwiches

#78. Bacon & Egg Sandwich 4 slices of bacon and 2 eggs on oyur choice of bread    7.40
#79. Sausage & Egg Sandwich 4 sausage links and 2 eggs on your choice of bread    7.40
#80. Fried Egg Sandwiches 2 eggs cooked the way you like them onyour choice of bread    4.50
#81. Grilled Veggie Bacon or Veggie Sausage and Veggie Cheese your choice of veggie bacon or veggie sausage and your choice of veggie cheese in sandwich ( add $0.50. for 1 egg)    8.10
#82. Grilled Bacon & Cheese Sandwich your choice of bacon and cheese, and bread    7.30
#83. Grilled Sausage & Cheese Sandwich 3 sausage links and cheese, and bread    7.30
#84. Ham & Egg Sandwich smoked ham slices and 2 barrito wrapped in a flour tortilla add $0.45 for cheese    8.10
#86. Refried Beans & Cheese Rarrito fresh beasn & cheese beans & seasoning with grated mixed cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla    5.15

Nick's Specialty Sandwiches

#89. Chili Size Sandwich ou rjuicy hamburger beef patty served open face on a bun smothered in our delicious chili & beans and topped off with grated cheese ( onions available on request)    8.65
#90. Sloppy joe Sandwich a combination of hamburger (beef) chopped onions, red & greens bell peppers and seasoned sauce, served open face on abun with grated cheese    8.65
#91. Fried Filet of Sole Fish Sandwich On a French Roll served with tarter sauce and lemon    8.75
#92. Nova Lox & Cream Cheese Sandwich On a Begal 2 slices of fresh slices of fresh nova lox lettuce, tomato onions cream cheese and lemon wedge, and your choice from abofe    8.95
#93. Corned Beef Reuben Sandwich sliced grilled tender corned beef with melted swiss cheese and tangy sauerkraut usually served on deli rye sourdough    8.65
#94. Club Sandwich ou tiipe decker made on yor choice of bread or toast with sliced turkey swiss cheese, bacon (of choice) lettuice and mayonnaise, plus your choice from above. (made it a ray's favorite by adding avocad    8.65
#95. Grilled Chicken Breast Reuben our delicious boneless, skineless, chicken breast and tangy and tangy sauerkraut melted together with swiss cheese    8.75
#96. Nicks Chicken Club Sandwich our boneless skinless, tender chicken, breast grilled with turkey bacon and veggie swiss cheese in a triple decker with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise plus your choice from above    8.65
#97. Nick's Pico Blvd Sub On a French Roll the ultimate roast beef, turkey ham, cheddar & jack cheese avocado, lettuce, and tomato ( red onion on request ) with mayonnaise or italian dressing    8.75
#98. Steak Fajita Pita sauteed red and green bell peppers and onions with tender top sirloin steak slices sour cream and guacamole.    8.75
#99. Grilled Chicken Breast Pita sauteed red and green bell peppers and onions with our tender boneless, skinless sliced chicken breast sour cream and guacamole    8.45
#100. Grilled Knackwurst & Reuben Sandwich tangy saucerkraut and grilled kosber knackwurst melted together with swiss cheese    8.25

Lo-Cal Meals

#101. Lo Cal Tuna Plate an individual order or water packed all white meat albacone tuna on a bed of crisp lettuce, tomato slices, sliced cool cucumber, chilled french cut green beans hard boiled eggs and a wedge of lemon    7.75
#102. Sliced Cold Deli Turkey or Roast Beef or Ham or Tureky or Pastrami or Mound of Tuna Salad or M (Add $0.50 for fresh roasted turkey) served with amound of creamy low fat cottagte cheese, slice of tomato, peach, or pineapple, prune and hard boiled egg, served on a crisp leaf of romaine lettuce    7.75
#103. Knackwurst & Sauerkraut Plate one boiled all beef knackwurst served on a bed or bed or sauerkraut or beans with sliced cool cucumbers and a dinner salad    8.25
#104. 1/4 Grilled Choice Ground Beef Patty or Veggie Patty or Chicken Patty or Turkey Patty served with a mound of creamy low fat cottage cheese, tomato peach or pineapple prune, and hard boiled egg, served on a crispyleaf of romaine lettuce ( grilled onions on request)    7.15
#105. Grilled Tender Chicken Breast boneless, skinless tender chicken served with amound of creamy low fat cottage cheese, tomato, peach or pirnepple prune, and hard boiled egg served on a crisp leaf of romaine lettuce    7.45
#106. Grilled 8 Oz Top Sirloin Steak served with a mound of creamy low fat cottage cheese slice of tomato peach or pineapple prune, and hard boiled egg served on a crisp leaf of romaine lettuce    9.95
#107. Grilled 8 Oz New York Steak served with a mound of creamy low fat cottage cheese slice of toamto peach or pineapple, prune, and hard boiled egg, served ona crisp leaf of romaine lettuce    9.95
#108. Lox Plate 4 delicious slices of fresh nova lox with a mound of creamy low fat cottage cheese, slice of tomato a slice of raw red onions, hard boiled egg wedge of lemon toasted deli begel and cream cheese    10.95
#109. Pan Fried or Poached Filet of Sole lightly flour coated white, light & fluffy dover sole, served with a mound of creamy low fat cottage cheese slice of tomato, peach or pineapple prime, hard boiled egg served on a crisp leaf of romaine    8.75

Luncheons & Meals

#110. 1/2 Hamburger Steak     7.95
#111. 8 Oz New York Steak     9.95
#112. 8 Oz Top Sirloin Steak     10.25
#113. 14 Oz T Bone Steak     11.25
#114. Grilled Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast     8.15
#115. 1/2 Fried Chicken (breast & Thigh & Leg & Wing)     8.25
#116. Fried Popcorn Chicken or Chicken Tenders     8.15
#117. Macaroni & Cheese     7.15
#118. 2 Boiled Beef Kanckwurst & Sauerkraut or Beans     9.15
#119. 2 Grilled Center Cut Pork Chops (also served with applesauce)    9.15
#120. Ham Steak (bone In)     9.15
#121. Country Fried Breaded Chicken or Beef Steak & Country Gravy     9.15
#122. Poached or Fried Filet of Sole served with tarter sauce and lemon    9.15
#123. Breaded Fish Filets served with tarter sauce and lemon    9.15
#124. 2 Beef or Chicken Tacos served with refried beans, spanish rice, sour crea, and guacamole ( no choice from above)    8.15
#125. Tostada Burrito a large flour tortilla filled with chicken or beef, spanish rice, mixed cheese, refried beans, lettuce, tomato and onion. served with fresh homemade salsa, guacamole and sour cream (no choices from above)    8.65
#126. Steak or Chicken Breast Teriyaki Bowl broccoli, carrots mushrooms and pineapple atop steamed white rice with your choice of chicken or steak (bread choice only)    8.85
#127 Hot Beef Brisket Plate served with gravy, potato choice and vegetables    8.95
#128. Hot Sliced Roast Turkey Plate served with gravy potato choice and vegetables    8.95
# S1. Spaghetti with 2 Italian Sausages or Meat Sauce Served with garlic toast.    8.95
# S2. Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce ( No Meat ) Served with garlic toast    7.95
# S3. Spaghetti ( No Sauce ) With garlic toast    6.95
# S4. Spaghetti ( No Sauce and No Garlic Toast )     5.95
# C1. Calf's Liver (2) Served with grilled onions, and mushrooms, and choice of potato, and vegetable and biscuit.    9.95


Fresh Brewed Coffee     1.25
Decaf Coffee     1.25
Cafe Mocha (hot Choc & Coffee ) (with whipped cream 1 refill)    1.50
N Y Egg Cream (chocolate syrup & milk & soda water)    1.45
Hot Chocolate (with shipped cream 1 refill    1.65
Hot Tea regular or decaf or herbal)    1.35
Arnold Palmer mixed ice tea & lemenade free refilla    1.25
Iced Tea or Iced Coffee Fresh Brewed     1.35
Buttermilk     1.55
Milk regular or low fat or non fat    1.95
Chocolate Milk     2.00
Juice (wide variety)    2.25
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice     2.80
Fountain Sodas (free Refills) coke or diet coke, or root beer, sprite, or lemonade    1.25
Canned Soda (wide Variety)     1.25
Bottled Water     1.35
Ice Cream Steaks with whipped cream & cherry (chocolate or vanilla or strawberry or chocolate chip)    3.75
Iced Cream Malts with Whipped Cream & a Cherry (Add $0.75 or fresh bananas or strawberries or blueberries)    3.75
Root Beer Float ( or Any Other)     3.10
Linda's Chocolate Pizza (chocolate syruyp & soda water)    1.35


"1" Scoop of Ice Cream     1.25
Vannesa's Volcano Sundae Choice of chocolate or vanilla or strawberry ice cream, chocolate or strawberry syrup or hot fudge, whipped cream, chocolate chips, nuts & a cherry.    4.45
Hot Fudge or Carmel Sundae     4.55
Banana Split Choice of "3" scoops of ice cream, with bananas, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry.    5.95
Assorted Pies ( Per Slice )     2.85


#129. Bacon ( 4 Slices) & Eggs     6.65
#130. 1/2 Order Bacon (2 Slices ) & 2 Eggs     6.15
#131. Real Canadian Bacon ( 6 Slices ) & Eggs     7.05
#132. Sausage ( 4 Links or 3 Patties) & Egges     6.65
#133. 1/2 Order Sausage ( 2 Linsk ) & Eggs     6.15
#134. Italian Sausage & Eggs ( 2 large links spicy or mild)    7.15
#135. Hot Chicken Sausage ( 2 Links) & Eggs     7.15
#136. Spicy Turkey Itlian Sausage (2 Lage Links) & Eggs     6.95
#137. Spicy Hot Jalapeno Turkey Sausage ( 2 Large Links) & Eggs     6.95
#138. Maple Turkey Sausage ( 2 Links) & Eggs     7.15
#139. Pollsh Sausage ( 2 Large Linsk ) & Eggs     6.95
#140. Whole Ham Steak ( Bone In ) & Eggs     9.15
#141. 1/2 Ham Steak ( Bone In ) & Eggs     7.85
#142. Hamburger Patty & Eggs choice of beef or turkey or chicken patty    7.15
#143. T Bone Steak ( 14.oz) & Eggs     12.25
#144. New York Steak ( 8 Oz) & Eggs     10.95
#145. Top Sirloin Steak (8oz) & Eggs     11.25
#146. Breakfast Steak (6 Oz New York) & Eggs     9.75
#147. Grilled Boneless & Skinless Chicken Breast & Eggs     7.45
#148. 1/2 Fried Chciken & Egges     8.25
#149. Grilled Pork Chops (2 Center Cut) & Eggs Applesauce     9.15
#150. Spam & Eggs     6.95
#151. Chorizo & Eggs     7.15
#152. Salami & Eggs ( h n beef 6 slices scrambled together on request)    7.25

Specialties Like No Other

#153. Barn Yard Special & Eggs consiists of 1/2 ham steak & 1/2 new york steak & italian sausae (milk or hot) and your choice of sausage ( pork links or patty or chicken patty milk or spicy) olus 2 strips of bacon now you choose fr    11.25
#154. Machaca a delicious combinatioin of tender roast beef brisket & fresh diced tomatoes & choppe donions & eggs scrambled together served with beans & rice ( unless otherwise specified) plus avocado slices and s    8.15
#155. Corned Beef Hash & Eggs tender corend beef grilled to perfection mixed with potatoes & seasonings with 2 poached eggs ( or other wise) plus your choices from above yummy    8.15
#156. Huevos Rancheros tasty corn or flour tortillas ( 2 extra tortillas on request) topped with 2 eggs smothered in a tangy hom made spinach sauce ( bell pepeprs & tomatoes & onions & spices) served with beans & rice ( unl    8.15
#157. Delicious Fresh Nova Lox & Eggs & Onions scrambled together served with choice above plus cream cheese perfect    8.95
#158. Freds Creamed Chipped Beef ( S D S) & Eggs seasoned shredded carmed beef in a rich thick creamy white gravy sauce served open face on your choice of toast with your eggs and above hoice an old military favorite    8.25
#159. Chicken Mole & Eggs juicy tender pieces of chicken cooked inb a spicy sweet mole sauce atop tortillas ( 2 extra tortillas on request) (corn or flour) and eggs served with avocado slices and sour cream plus 1 choice from    8.25
#160. Country Chicken Fried Steak with Gravy & Eggs tenderized breaded beef cubed steak or breaded ground chicken steak with lots of creamy rich country gravy & eggs plus your choices from above a southern flair    8.25
#161. Eggs Benedict "2" poached eggs and "real" canadian bacon, served open face on an english muffin with rich hollandaise sauce, 2 slices of tomato, "plus" "1" "choice" from above.    9.15
#162. Delicious Nova Lox Benedict fresh nova lox with 2 poached eggs served open face on an english muffin with creamy hollandaise sauce oand 2 slices tomato plus 1 choice from above    10.25
#163. Eggs Florentine 2 poached eggs and fresh spinach served open face on an englich muffin with creamyhollandaise sauce, and 2 slices of tomato plus 1 choice from above    8.15
#164. Breakfast Burrito Plate beef chorizo (bacon or sausage may be substituted) & scrambled eggs covered with fresh home made salsa is wrapped in a flour tortilla served with beans ricc, avocado slices and sour cream ariga    7.15
#165. Breakfast Sandwich or Breakfast Wrap 1 egg 1 slice of cheese, and bacon or sausage on your choice of a flour tortilla or buttereed bun ( english muffin or bagel $0.35. extra ) plus 1 choice from above wake up    5.15
#166. One Egg Plate 1 egg fixed any style you'd lik eplus your choices from above    4.15
#167. Two Eggs Plate 2 eggs cooked to your liking plu syour choices from above    4.30
#168. Monte Cristo tender ham, turkey & cheese seated together with our delicious egg bread french toast served with powdered sugar & syrup ( add $0.50 for 1 egg) plus 1 choice from above)    8.95
#169. Kaline Special a delightful blend of spinach cilantro, jalapenos mushrooms and our famous pancho's potatoes with avocado on the side plus 1 choice from above    7.15
Add 1 Extra Egg to Your Breakfast Meal for     0.45
Substitute 2 Eggs with Egg Beaters or Egg Whites for     0.50
Substitute Turkey or Chicken or Veggie Sausage for     0.50
Substitute Turkey or Veggie Bacon for     0.50

Three Extra Fluffy Egg Omelets

#170. Plain Omelet fluffy 3 extra large egg omelet glass choices    5.85
#171. Denver Omelet a winning combination of diced ham & chopped bell peppers. & diced onion, & a grillid pinepple ring plus choices from above    7.15
#172. Chilli Cheese Omelet zesty chili with meat & beans atop a fruffy cheese ( of your choice) omelet chopped raw onion on request plus choices    7.85
#173. Spanish Omelet a plain fluffy omelet with our homemace zesty spanish sauce on top (bell peppers onon, & tomatoes) plus choices    6.75
#174. Cactus & Cheese & Salami Omelet cactus ( nopales) has a flavor all it's and high in vitamisn mixed with hebrew national salami and cheese of your choice ( we suggest jack of swiss) ples choices    7.35
#175. Nova Lox & Onion & Cream Cheese Omelet fresh nova lox & diced grilled onion & rich cream cheese fresh nova lox & diced grilled onions & rich cream cheese 9 regula ror lite ) tucked incide plus choices    9.25

Vegetable Varieties $0.45

1. Avocado     1.00
2. Bell Peppers ( Red or Green)   
3. Broccoli   
4. Cactus (nopales)   
5. Chopped Green Onion   
6. Jalapeno Pepeprs   
7. Fresh Mushrooms   
8. Olives (black or Green)   
9. Onion (brown or Red)   
10. Roasted Ortega Green Chilis   
11. Fresh Spinach   
12. Tomato   
13. Zucchini   
14. Capers   

Meat Varieties $1.45

1. Bacon pork turkey veggie, canadian  
2. Beef Brisket   
3. Corned Beef   
4. Ham   
5. Sliced Turkey   
6. Hamburger   
7. Pastrami ( Regular or Turkey)   
8. H N Salami   
9. Sausage (pork chicken & turkey available in spicy or mild veggie maple turkey italian jalapeno polish italian available in spicy or mild, hot chicken)  
10. Beef Chorizo   
11. Sparn   
12. Pepperoni   
13. Kanckwurst   
14. Beef & Chili Beans (add $1.00)  
15. Grilled Chicken Breast (add $2.75)  
16. Fresh Nova Lox (add $2.75)  
17. New York Steak (add $3.75)  

Cheese Varieties $0.45

1. American   
2. Cheddar   
3. Jack   
4. Swiss   
5. Mozzarella   
6. Veggie Cheese (wide varity)  
7. Cottage Cheese   
8. Cream Cheese   
9. Sour Cream   
10. Feta   
11. Grated mixed   

Side Orders

Pancho's Cottage Potatoes     3.25
1/2 Order of Pancho's Potatoes     2.45
Hash Brown Potatoes     1.95
1/2 Order of Hash Brown Potatoes     1.25
Corn Beef Hash     5.25
French Fries     2.25
Onion Rings Regular or beer battered    3.25
Grits In a Cup     1.75
Grits In a Bowl     2.25
Sliced Tomatoes " 4 "     1.85
" 2 " Slices of Tomatoes     1.35
Scoop Of low Fat Cottage Cheese     1.95
Scoop of Macaroni Salad     1.95
Scoop of Patato Salad     1.95
Scoop of all White Meat Albacore Tuna Salad     4.25
Scoop of Freshly made Chicken Salad     4.25
Scoop of made Ot Order Continental Egg Salad     4.25
Grilled Chicken Breast     4.95
Grilled 6oz NY Steak     6.25
Grilled 8oz NY Steak     6.95
Grilled 14 Oz T Bone Steak     9.25
Grilled Top Sirloin Steak     6.65
Chicken Fried Steak ( No Gravy )     5.25
"2" Calf's Liver     7.65
Chicken Mole (only)     6.95
1/2 Ham Steak ( Bone In)     5.25
Whole Ham Steak     6.45
Bacon 4 Slices pork or turkey or veggie)    3.45
1/2 Order of Bacon 2 Slices (pork or turkey or veggie)    1.95
"6" Slices Canadian Bacon     5.25
Sausage 4 Links (pork or turkey or veggie)    3.45
1/2 Order of Sausage 2 Links (pork or turkey or veggie)    1.95
"1" Sausage Patty     1.25
"2" Polish Sausage     3.75
"1" Polish Sausage     2.10
"2" Italian Sausage     3.75
"1" Italian Sausage     2.10
1/3 Lb. Beef Hamburger Patty or Turkey Patty, or Chicken Patty     3.50
2/3 Lb. Beef Hamburger Patty     4.25
1 Extra Large Fried Egg     1.00
2 Extra Large Fried Eggs     1.75
Toast 2 Slices (white or wheat or rye or sourdough)    1.00
Bagel (plain or onion) or kaiser or horn roll    1.50
Raisin Toast or English Muffin     1.25
Cream Cheese     0.45
Biscuits & Gravy     3.45
Biscuit     1.15
Tortillas (corn or Flour)     1.00
"1" Corn Muffin     0.75
Garlic Toast - 2 Pieces     1.75
Garlic Toast - 1 Pieces     1.00
"1" Buttermilk Pancake     1.45
"1" Cup of Country Gravy     1.35
"1" Cup of Gravy (not Country)     0.75
Side of Spanish Sauce     1.25
"1" Small Tortilla Folded In 1/2 with Cheese     1.25
Apple Sauce     1.95
Veggie Side     1.95
Spinach With garlic    2.75
Side of Beans     1.95
Rice Side     1.95
Cranberry Sauce     1.95
"1" Cup Yogurt     1.25
"1" Taco     3.49
"1" Enchilada     3.49
"1" Hot Dog (no Bun)     3.00
"1" Knockwurst     3.00
Lox - 2 Strips     7.95
Lox - 1 Strips     5.95
Sauerkraut     1.95
Side of Deli Meat     2.75
Side of Shredded Chicken or Shredded Beef     3.25
Side of Ground Beef     3.25
Cheese Slice     0.45
Mixed Grated or Feta Cheese     0.60
Pineapple - 2 Slices     1.35
Pineapple - 1 Slices     0.75
Side of Peaches     1.95

Fruit Juices

Daily Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice     2.80
Apple Juice     2.25
Pineapple Juice     2.25
Grape Juice     2.25
V B Juice ( with Lemon Wedge     2.25
Tomato Juice (with lemon wedge)    2.25
Grapefruit Juice     2.25
Cramberry Juice     2.25

Hot Cereal

#176. Fresh Cream of Wheat   
#177. Fresh Oatmeal   

Cold Cereal

#178. Your Choice     2.50


#179. Oat Bran Pancakes     4.75  2.85
#180. Plain Butter Mik Pancakes     4.50  2.75
#181. Fresh Banana Buttermilk Pancakes     5.45  3.45
#182. Bluberry Butter Milk Pancakes     5.95  3.95
#183. Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Pancakes     4.95  2.95
#184. Walnut Buttermilk Pancakes     4.95  2.95
#185. M & M Butter Milk Pancakes     4.95  2.95
#186. Honey Wheat Pancakes     4.95  2.50
#188. Corn Bread Pancakes     4.75  2.75

Pancake Combinations

#189. "3" Butter Milk Pancakes with 2 Eggs    5.50
'#190. "3" Butter Milk Pancakes with 2 Eggs and 2 Strips of Bacon    6.95
#191. "3". Butter Milk Paucakes with 2 Eggs and 2 Sausage Links    6.95
#192. "3" Butter Milk Pancakes with 2 egs and 1/2 of our delicious ham steak    7.85
#193. "2" Butter Milk Pancakes hash brown potatoes 2 egs and 2 strips of bacon or sausage    7.65
#194. "3" Butter Mil Pancakes with 2 eggs and 6 oz new york steak or grilled chicken breast    8.95

Fresh Fruit

Cup of Fresh Strawberries     2.25
Cup of Fresh Honey Dew     1.95
Cup of Banana & Strawberries     1.95
Cup of Mixed Melon     1.95
Hot Cinnamon Apples     1.95
Cup of Bananas     1.15
1/2 Pink Grapefruit     1.45
Watermelon Slices (4)     1.25
Extra Small Side of Blueberries     1.45


Donuts     0.65


#195. Freshly Made Regular Round Waffle     4.75
#196. Freshly Made Round Belgin Waffle (thick, golden crisp light & airy mmmmm)    5.25
#197. Regular Waffie with fresh strawberries or bananas with whipped cheese topping    5.95
#198. Belgian Waffle with fresh straw berries or bananas with whipped cream topping    6.50

Waffle Combinatioins

#199. Waffle and 2 Egs     5.95
#200. Waffle and 2 Eggs and 2 Strips of Bacon     6.95
#201. Waffle and 2 Eggs and 2 Sausage     6.95
#202. Waffle and 2 Eggs and 1/2 Ham Steak     7.20
#203. Waffle and Hash Brown Potatoes and 1 egg and e strisp of bacon or 2 sausage    7.25
#204 Waffle a La Mode regular fresh waffle topped with vanilla ice cream chocolcate syrup whipped cream nuts and a cherry    6.75
#205. Fruit Walffle a La Mode regular fresh waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, fresh bananas whipped cream topping nuts and a chery    7.95

French Toast

#206. Traditional French Toast 4 thick golden fluffy triangles grilled on our delicious egg bread    4.65
#207. 1/2 Order or Traditional French Toast     2.75
#208. Apple Walnut French Toast 4 slices of our special deli made apple walnut bread grilled to perfection served with hot cinnamon apples on the side (whipped cream on request)    5.95
#209. 1/2 Order of Apple Walnut French Toast     3.35


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