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Los Tres Cochinitos

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  • Mexican
  • 803 W Pacific Coast Hwy, Wilmington 90744 33.790961 -118.272173
  • (At McDonald Ave)
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  • (310) 549-0921
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Aperitivos / Appetizers

Green Chile Fries     6.75
Cheese & Chips Chips topped with Melted Monterey & Cheddar Cheese    5.50
Nachos Chips covered with Beans & Melted Cheese    7.00
Nachos Cochinitos Nachos topped with choice of Shrimp, Carnitas, Pollo, Carne Asada, Chorizo or Green Chile. Served with Guacamole & Sour Cream    9.99
Quesadilla, Corn     3.00
Quesadilla, Flour     4.50
Quesadilla Norteña Served with choice of Bacon, Chicken, or Carne Asada. Topped with Guacamole & Sour Cream    9.99
Guacamole & Chips     6.00
Extra Chips & Salsa     2.00
Botana de Carnitas Deep Fried Pork Appetizer    19.00
Botana de Mariscos Seafood Appetizer    28.00
Botana de 20 Camarones Grilled Shrimp (20)    34.00
Camarones Ahogados Raw Shrimp (20) in Lemon Juice    21.00
Camarones Aguachiles Raw Shrimp (20) in Lemon & Chile Sauce    21.00
Parillada de 20 Camarones Served with Onions, Bell Peppers, Potatoes & Tomatoes    38.00

Mariscos / Seafood

Served with Rice, Fries, Salad & Tortillas

Langosta Grilled Lobster Stuffed with Sauteed Shrimp    34.00
Ostiones     16.50
Camarones a la Plancha     13.99
Camarones Cochinos     13.99
Camarones Empanisados     13.99
Camarones al Mojo de Ajo     13.99
Camarones Costa Azul     13.99
Camarones a la Diabla     13.99
Camarones en Arroz     11.75
Camarones Rancheros     12.99
Brocheta de Camarones     14.50
Pescado Frito     13.00
Filete de Pescado     13.00


Tostada de Ceviche Pescado Fish Tostada    4.50
Tostada de Ceviche Camaron Shrimp Tostada    6.50
Tostada de Ceviche Camaron Crudo Raw Shrimp Tostada    6.50
Tostada Mixta Mixed Seafood Tostada    6.50

Caldos / Soups & Stews

Sopa de Tortillas Tortilla Soup    7.50
Cocido (Beef Soup) Served with Rice & Tortillas    9.75
Caldo de Pollo (Chicken Soup) Served with Rice & Tortillas    9.75
Birria Goat Stew    10.50
Posole Pork Spine & Feet    9.75
Albondigas (Meatball Soup) Served with Rice & Tortillas    9.75
Menudo (Beef Tripe Stew) Served with Tortillas   L 9.75 Xl 12.00
Menudo To-Go (1 quart)     9.75

Caldos de Mariscos / Seafood Stews

Caldo de 7 Mares 7 Sea Soup    17.99
Caldo de Camarones Shrimp Soup    11.00
Caldo de Jaiva Crab Leg Soup    9.75
Caldo de Pescado Fish Soup    13.99
Caldo de Camaron y Pescado Fish & Shrimp Soup    15.99

Combinaciones / Combinations

Served with Rice & Beans

Taco & Tamal     9.75
Enchilada & Taco     9.75
Sope & Taco     10.00
Chile Relleno & Tamal     10.00
Chile Relleno & Taco     10.00
Two Beef Tacos     9.75
Sope & Enchilada     10.00
Sope & Chile Relleno     10.00
Taquitos Rancheros Served with Guacamole & Sour Cream    10.00
Two Beef Enchiladas     9.75
Two Chicken Enchiladas     9.75
Two Cheese Enchiladas     9.75
Flautas Served with Guacamole & Sour Cream    10.25
Chile Relleno & Enchilada     10.25
Two SOpes     10.25
Two Shrimp Enchiladas     13.50
Three Potato Tacos     9.75


Served with Sauteed Tomatoes, Onions, & Hot Peppers On a Hot Skillet with Tortillas, Guacamole & Beans

Res Beef    14.50
Pollo Chicken    14.50
Mixtas Beef & Chicken    15.50
Mixtas Trio Shrimp Beef & Chicken    19.50
Camaron Shrimp    19.50
Nayaritas Shrimp, Octopus, Fish, Crab    22.00

Dasayunos / Mexican Breakfast

Served with Potatoes, Beans, Tortillas or Toast (*Except where Noted)

Fajita Omelette (Chicken or Beef) Two Egg Omelette, Bell Pepper, Onions & Guacamole    9.50
Guacamole Omelette Two Egg Omelette filled with Homemade Guacamole    9.00
Chorizo con Huevos Two Eggs Scrambled with Chorizo    8.50
Huevos Rancheros Two Eggs on a Tortilla with Ranch Sauce    8.50
Huevos a la Mexicana Two Scrambled Eggs with Diced Onions, Tomatoes & Chile    8.00
Cecina con Huevos Eggs with Crispy Pieces of Seasoned Meat    10.00
Huevos en Salsa Two Scrambled Eggs in Mild Sauce    7.50
Chilaquiles* Chip Style Tortillas covered with Enchilada Style Sauce & Cheese    7.50
Huevos con Nopales Eggs any style with Tender Cactus    9.50
Machaca con Huevo Shredded Beef with Eggs    10.00
Breakfast Burrito Eggs, Potatoes, Cheese. Choice of Sausage, Bacon, Asada or Ham    6.50
Chile Verde Omelette     8.50

Desayunos / American Breakfast

Served with Homestyle Potatoes & Tortillas or Toast (*Except where Noted)

Pancakes (3)*     4.25
Waffle (Homestyle)*     4.50
Short Stack (2)*     4.00
Pancakes (2) & Eggs (2) with Meat Ham, Bacon or Sausage    8.75
Cochino Breakfast* 2 Pancakes, 3 Eggs any style, Ham, Bacon or Sausage    11.50
Breakfast Sandwich* Egg Sandwich with choice of Bacon or Ham    6.75
Cheese Omelette Two Egg Omelette filled with Cheese    7.75
Ham Omelette Two Egg Omelette filled with Delicious Ham    8.25
Ham & Cheese Omelette Two Egg Omelette filled with Ham & Cheese    8.50
Ham & Eggs Two Eggs any Style with a Slice of Ham    8.25
Bacon or Sausage & Eggs Two Eggs any style with 4 Strips of Bacon or Sausage    8.00
Steak & Eggs Two Eggs any style with a piece of Mexican style Steak    8.75

Jugos Frescos / Freshly Squeezed Juice

Orange Juice     3.25
Carrot Juice     3.25
Mixed Juice Carrot & Orange    3.75

Side Orders / Extras

Flour Tortillas (2)     0.75
Corn Tortilla (3)     0.75
Toast Wheat or White    1.50
Potatoes     2.50
One Egg     1.50
Ham     3.00
Bacon     3.00
Sausage     3.00

Burritos / Choices of Burritos

All Burritos Served with Beans, Salsa & Pico de Gallo

Carne Asada     6.75
Pollo Chunky or Shredded Chicken    6.50
Steak Picado     6.50
Carnitas     6.50
Barbeque Beef     6.50
Machaca     6.50
Machaca con Huevos     6.50
Huevos a la Mexicana     6.00
Huevos con Chorizo     6.50
Green Chile Pork    6.50
Red Chile Beef    6.50
Chile Relleno     7.00
Beans & Cheese     5.00
Camaron Shrimp    9.50
Pescado Fish    8.50
Veggie Beans, Rice, Cheese, guac, onion & bell pepper    7.50

Especialidades House Specialties

Wet Burrito (With Your Choice of Meat) Topped with your choice of Green or Red Chile & Monterey Cheese    8.75
Burrito Norteño (Deep Fried Burrito, Beef or Chicken ) Topped with Ranch Sauce & Served with Guacamole & Sour Cream    9.25
Mariscos Burrito (A SEAFOOD MIX ) Double Tortilla, Special Sauce, Avocado & Rice. It weighs over 1.5 lbs!    14.50
Burrito Cochinito Choose your meat! Chicken or Beef. We wrap it with Double Tortillas, then add beans, Rice Cheese, Our delicious Guacamole & Sour Cream. It weighs over 1.5 lbs!    11.50

Cenas / Dinners

Served with Soup or Salad, Rice, Beans & Tortillas (*Except)

Chile Rellenos Stuffed Peppers with Cheese    10.75
Carnitas Deep Fried Pork    10.75
Chile Rojo Diced Steak in Red Chile Sauce    10.00
Chile Verde Diced Pork in Green Chile Sauce    10.00
Costillas en Salsa Spare Ribs in Sauce    10.50
Chicharron en Salsa     10.50
Mole Poblano Chicken in a Traditional Sauce    10.75
Higado Encebollado Liver with Onions    11.00
Carne de Puerco Diced Pork Meat    11.00
Steak Ranchero Steak with Ranch Sauce    11.00
Carne Asada Steak    12.50
Carne de Puerco con Nopales Pork & Cactus    12.00
Machaca Shredded beef cooked with onions and tomatoes    10.00
Milanesa (Res o Puerco) Breaded Beef or Pork    12.00
Chuletas de Puerco Pork Chops    12.00
Barbacoa (Res) Barbecued Beef Mexican Style    11.00
Birria Dinner Chivo    11.00
Bistecitos a la Poblana Steak Covered in Chipotle Sauce & Cheese    11.00
Cesinas de Res Crisp Thin Seasoned Steak    11.00
Steak Picado Steak Chunks in Sauce    11.00
Pollo Frito* Fried Chicken. Served with Salad, Beans & Fries    11.50
Enchiladas Especiales* 2 Enchiladas & Steak    12.75

AL Lado / Side Orders

Arroz o Frijoles Rice or Beans    2.50
Taquitos Con Guacamole    7.00
Crema Sour Cream    2.00
Chile Relleno Pepper Stuffed with Cheeese    4.50
Tostada Beef or Chicken    4.75
1 Jalapeño o Chile Toriados     0.75
Tamal Beef    4.00
Hard Shell Taco Beef, Chicken or Potato    2.75
Enchilada Beef, Chicken or Cheese    3.00
Soup of the Day     2.50
Hamburger     4.00
French Fries     2.75

Ensaladas / Salads

Green Salad     2.50
Ensalada Suprema Chicken, Carnitas or Asada    9.00
Tostada Guadalajara Meat, Beans, Lettuce, Cheese, Salsa, Guacamole & Sour Cream in a Crisp Flour Tortilla Shell    9.50

Sopes & Tacos / Corn Patties & Soft Tacos

Res Shredded Beef   Sopes 4.25 Tacos 2.50
Pollo Chicken   Sopes 4.25 Tacos 2.50
Carnitas Fried Pork   Sopes 4.25 Tacos 2.50
Carne Asada Steak   Sopes 4.25 Tacos 2.50
Chorizo Mexican Sausage   Sopes 4.25 Tacos 2.50
Vegetariano Veggie   Sopes 3.75 Tacos 2.50
Camaron Shrimp   Sopes 6.00 Tacos 4.50
Pescado Fish   Sopes 4.00 Tacos 3.75

Bebidas & Postre / Drinks & Desserts

Refills on Fountain Drinks, Iced Tea or Coffee Only

Agua Fresca No Refill    2.75
Coke     2.75
Diet Coke     2.75
Root Beer     2.75
Sprite     2.75
Hot Chocolate Regular or Mexican     2.75
Iced Tea or Arnold Palmer     2.75
Orange     2.75
Hot Tea     2.75
Coffee     2.75
Clamato     2.75
Cheesecake     2.75
Carrot Cake     4.25
Chocolate Cake     4.25
Flan     4.25
Rice Pudding     3.50

Cocteles / Cocktails

Camaron Shrimp   Small 8.50 Large 12.50
Pulpo Octopus   Small 8.00 Large 10.50
Ostiones Oyster   Small 13.00 Large 16.50
Campechano Mixed   Small 9.50 Large 14.00
Abulon Abalone   Small 9.50 Large 14.00


Breakfast Menu

Mexican Breakfast

served with potatoes and beans, tortillas or toast except chilaquiles

Fajita Omelette (chicken Or Beef) two egg omelette, bell pepper, onions and guacamole    7.50
Guacamole Omelette two egg omelette filled with homemade guacamole    7.50
Chorizo Con Huevos two eggs scrambled with chorizo    7.50
Huevos Rancheros two eggs on a tortilla with ranch sauce    7.50 Add Green Chile 1.00
Huevos A La Mexicana two scrambled eggs with diced onions, tomatoes and chile    6.50
Cecina Con Huevos eggs with crispy prices of seasoned meat    7.50
Huevos En Salsa two scrambled eggs in mild sauce    6.00
Chilaquiles chip style tortillas covered with enchilada style sauce and cheese    6.50 Add 2 Eggs Or Choice Of Meat (each) 2.50
Huevos Con Nopales eggs any style with tender cactus    8.50
Machaca Con Huevo shredded beef with eggs    9.00
Breakfast Burrito eggs, potatoes, cheese, choice of sausage, bacon, asada or ham    5.50

American Breakfast

Pancakes (3)     3.50 Short Stack (2) 3.00
Waffle homestyle    3.75
Pancakes (2) And Eggs (2) With Meat ham, bacon or sausage. served with homestyle potatoes and tortillas or toast    7.00
Cochino Breakfast two pancakes, three eggs any style, ham, bacon or sausage. served with homestyle potatoes and tortillas or toast    8.50
Breakfast Sandwich egg sandwich with choice of bacon or ham    5.50
Cheese Omelette two egg omelette filled with cheese. served with homestyle potatoes and tortillas or toast    6.75
Ham Omelette two egg omelette filled with delicious ham. served with homestyle potatoes and tortillas or toast    7.25
Ham And Cheese Omelette two egg omelette filled with ham and cheese. served with homestyle potatoes and tortillas or toast    7.50
Ham And Eggs two eggs any style with a slice of ham. served with homestyle potatoes and tortillas or toast    7.25
Bacon Or Sausage And Eggs two eggs any style with 4 strips of bacon or sausage. served with homestyle potatoes and tortillas or toast    7.00
Steak And Eggs two eggs any style with a piece of mexican style steak. served with homestyle potatoes and tortillas or toast    7.50

Side Orders / Extras

Flour Tortillas (2)     0.75
Corn Tortillas (3)     0.75
Toast (wheat Or White)     1.50
Potatoes     2.50
One Egg     1.25
Ham     2.50
Bacon     2.50
Sausage     2.50

Jugos Frescos / Freshly Squeezed Juice

Orange     3.00
Carrot     3.00
Mixed Juice carrot and orange    3.25


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Los Tres Cochinitos
803 W Pacific Coast Hwy
At McDonald Ave
(310) 549-0921
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