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  • Thai
  • 1733 Pacific Coast Hwy, Lomita CA90717 33.789779 -118.308716
  • (At Western Ave)
  • (310) 530-1443
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1. Egg Roll (5) crips vegatarian egg roll served with sweet and sour sauce   4.95
2. Dumpling (chicken) steamed dumpling served with garlice soy sauce   4.95
3. Fried Tofu deep fried bean curd with sweet and sour sauce   4.95
4. Fried Chicken Wonton fried wonton stuffed with ground chicken   4.95
5. Satay (chicken or Beef) marinated chicken breast meat or beef charbroiled served with dellcious peanut sauce   5.95
6. Crispy Calamari batter deep fried calamari served with sweet and sour sauce   5.95
7. Island Tempura veggies, lightly batter cooked to golden brown   5.95
8. Angel Wings (2) stuffed chicken wing with silver noodles, chicken and vegies   5.95
9. Cream Cheese Wonton fried wonton stuffed with creamy crabmeat   5.95
10. BBQ Chicken marinated chicken in thai style served with sweet and sour sauce   5.95
11. Thai BBQ Rib thai style marinated rib served with sweet and sour sauce   6.95
12. Shrimp Tempura fried shrimp vegetable served with sweet and sour sauce   6.95
13. Crying Tiger b.b.q. marinated beef steak served with our homemade sauce   6.95
14. Five Season freid shrimp, calamari, veggies, cream cheese wonton, and egg roll   7.25


15. Tom Kha Kai chicken and mushroom in coconut milk lemon grass, and lime juice   6.95
16. Tom Kha Shrimp shrimp and mushroom in coconut milk with lemon grass and lime juice   7.95
17. Wonton Soup stuffed with vegetable chicken and shrimps   6.95
18. Tom Yum Kai * lemon grass chicken soup with exotic spices and liem juice   6.25
19. Tom Yum Koong * shrimps and mushroooms in hot and sour soup   7.50
20. Po - Tak (hot and Sour Seafood Soup ) * lemon grass soup with shrimps, scallops, mussels, calamari, fish and musrhooms   9.95
21. Seafood Chowder coconut milk soup with shrimps, scallops, mussels, calamari, fish and mushrooms   9.95


22. House Salad chicken and boiled egg, mixed green salad with peanut sauce   5.95
23. Larb (chicken or Beef or Tofu ) * ground beef or chicken on tofu with rice powder, red onion, with chili lime dressing   6.25
24. Yum Woon Sen * glass noodles with shrimp, chicken in spicy lime dressing   6.95
25. Yum Nuam * grilled beef, onion, tomato, cucumber in spicy lime dressing   6.95
26. Duck Salad * roasted duck with mixed green salad served with our homemade dressing   6.95
27. Naked Shrimp Salad * grilled srhimps seasoned with spicy lime dressing   6.95

Lunch Specials $4.95

Served with Steamed Rice, Salad and Egg Roll, (fried Rice Add $1.00) Choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork or Tofu (shrimp Add $1.00) served 11:00 Am - 3:00 Pm

1. Pad Thai    
2. Pad Kee Mao    
3. Chow Mein    
4. Yellow Curry    
5. Green Curry    
6. Panang Curry    
7. bbq Ribs    
8. Prik King    
9. Teriyaki    
10. Kung Pao    
11. Sweet and Sour    
12. Cashew Nut    
13. Garlic Pepper    
14. Spicy Mint    
15. mixed Vegetable    
16. Broccoli    
17. Baby Corn    

A La Carte

Served with Rice. Fried Rice Add $2.00. choice of chiekn, beef, pork, or tofu (shrimp only $7.75)

28. Broccoli sauteed broccoli in oyster sauce   6.25
29. Cashew Nut stir fried cashew nut, carrots, onion in spicy chili paste   6.25
30. Baby Corn stir fried mushroom, carrot, onion with choice of meat in lightly sauce   6.25
31. Pad King Sod stir fied fresh ginger and mushrooms with choice of meat   6.25
32. Pad Gra Prow * stir fried fresh chili, onions, bell peppers and sweet basil   6.25
33. Sweet and Sour lightly stir fried with pineapple, tomatoes sauce and onions   6.25
34. Garlic Pepper a sauteed or fresh garlic, mushroom, and black peppers   6.25
35. Teriyaki your choice of chicken or beef in teriyaki sauce   6.25
36. Kung Pao * peanuts, bamboo shoots, carrots, onions and bell peppers in spicy sauces   6.25
37. Mongolian Beef stir fried beef with onion and mushroom in oyster sauce   6.25
38. Prik King * a sauteed of green beans in spicy chili paste   6.25
39. Eggplant * your choice of meat with basil in brown bean sauce   7.25
shrimp only   8.50
40. Lovely Asparagus with onions, carrots, mushrooms in house sauce   7.25
shirmp only   8.50
41. Pra Ram steamed vegetable topped with grilled chicken or beef with peanut sauce   7.95

Curry'n Coconut Milk

Served with Rice. for 42- 44. Choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork, or Tofu (shrimp Only $7.75)

42. Panang Curry * come with bell pepper and basil leaves in red curry sauce   6.25
43. Green Curry * with bell pepper and bamboo and basil leaves in red curry sauce   6.25
44. Karee Kai potato, onion, and carrot in yellow curry paste   6.25
45. Duck Curry * roasted duck with pineapple, tomato, bell pepper in red curry sauce   6.95
46. Pineapple Curry * shrimp coconut milk, pineapple, tomato, and red curry paste   7.95
47. Salmon Yellow Curry * grilled salmon fillet cooked with yellow curry sauce   9.95


Served with Rice. Fried Rice Add $2.00

48. Garlic Scallop scallop stir fired with herb galic, and black pepper   9.95
49. Heaven Curry * come with shrimp, scallop, bell pepper, bamboo shoot, in green curry sauce   10.95
50. Three Flavor Fish stir fried fish fillet, in special sweet sauce   9.95
51. Potted Shirmp and Crab with silver noodles, ginger, onion with our house sauce   10.95
52. Sea - Com * shrimps, scallops, squid, mussels and fish fillet in chili paste sauce   10.95
53. Salmon Supreme * grilled salmon fillet topped with coconut curry sauce   9.95
54. Ginger Fish stir fried fish fillet with onion, ginger, mushrooms in lightly sauce   9.95

Pan Fried Noodles

For 55 - 60. Choice of Chicken, Beef Pork or Tofu (shrimp Only $7.75)

55. Pad See Ew stir fried flat noodles with broccoli. carrot, egg and sweet soy sauce   6.25
56. Pad Kee Mao * stir fried flat noodles with chili, vegetable. egg. and basil leaves   6.25
57. Pad Kua Gai stir fried flat noodles with egg, chicken and bean sprouts   6.25
58. Lad Nar stir fried flat rice noodles topped with broccoli in light gravy sauce   6.25
59. Chow Mein stir fried yellow noodles with mixed vegetables   6.25
60. Pad Woon Sen stir fried glas noodles with egg mixed vegetables   6.25
61. Pad Thai thai style rice noodles with egg, bean sprouts, green onion topped with ground peanut   7.50
shrimp only   7.95
62. Lomita Noodles thai style rice noodles with shrimp, scallop, mussels, and squid   8.95
63. Moon Crab Noodles thai style rice noodles with meat crab   8.95
64. Spicy Crab Noodles * lightly fried yellow noodles with white meat crab and chili   8.95

Fried Rice

65. House Fried Rice choice of chicken, beef, or pork with egg and onion   6.25
66. Spicy Fried Rice * choice of chicken, beef or pork with basil leaves, onion, and chili   6.25
67. Shrimp Fried Rice with egg, onion. tomato and chopped green onions   7.50
68. Combination Fried Rice rice cooked with shrimp. chicken, beef, egg and onion   7.50
69. Pineapple Fried Rice with shrimp, chicken, egg, pineapple, onion, tomato, cashew nuts, and curry powder   7.50
70. Spicy Seafood Fried Rice * shrimps, scallops, mussels. squids, egg, and onion   8.95
71. Seafood Freid Rice shrimps, scallops. mussels, squids. egg, and onion   8.95
72. White Meat Crab Fried Rice with egg. onion , tomato and chopped green onions   8.95
73. Egg Fried Rice    4.95
brown rice   1.50

Vegetarian Dishes

74. Satay Tofu tofu charbroiled , served with delicious peanut sauce   5.95
75. Tom Yum Veggie Soup* mixed vegetables in hot and sour soup   5.95
76. Tofu Salad tofu with mixed green salad served with peanut dressing   5.95
77. Mixed Vegetables stir fried mixed vegetables with house sauce   6.25
78. Vegetable Curry mixed vegetable in red curry   6.25
79. Vegetable Fried Rice rice cooked with mixed vegetables   6.25
80. Veggie Noodle stir fried noodle with mixed vegetables and special sauce   6.25
81. Ana Curry Fried Rice rice cooked with tofu, onion, carrot, yellow curry sauce   6.95


BBQ Combo served all day, served with salad, shrimp fried rice, b.b.q. ribs, and b.b.q. beef   8.95
Teriyaki Special served all day, served with shrimp fried rice, egg roll,. wonton soup, salad, and choice of chicken teriyaki, beef teriyaki, or combo teriyaki (chicken and beef)   8.95
Vegetarian Special served all day, served with steamed rice, salad, fried tofu, and mixed vegetable curry   8.50

Beverages and Desserts

Thai Ice Tea no iced add $0.50 med 1.75lg 3.00
Thai Ice Coffee no iced add $0.50 med 1.75lg 3.00
Ice Tea with lemon   1.50
Soda ccn   1.00
Lemonade    1.75
Sticky Rice with mango   4.95
Hot and Spicy. Extra Sauce Add 50 Cents
1733 Pacific Coast Hwy
At Western Ave
(310) 530-1443
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