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Satay your choice of beef or chicken on skewers with thai spices then grilled served with peanut dressing and cucumber salad.   (5pcs) 6.95
Thai Egg Roll deep fried egg roll stuffed with mixed vegetable served with sweet and sour sauce   (4pcs) 4.95
Spicy Fried Wonton ground chicken blended with spices and wrapped in crispy wonton sheet served with sweet and sour sauce   (6pcs) 4.95
Dynamite Wing * a thai version of buffalo wings. a house favorite   (6pcs) 6.95
Royal Shrimps jumbo shrimps wrapped with crispy wonton, served with sweet sauce   (5pcs) 5.95
Steamed Dumpling (Shu-Mai) steamed ground chicken wrapped in wonton sheet and served with delicious ginger sauce   (5pcs) 6.25
King's Roll delicate rice sheet wrapped with mixed vegetable, tofu, cucumber and sweet basil, served with homemade sauce. no oil and not deep fried   (3pcs) 5.95
Queen's Roll delicate sheet wrapped with shrimp, mixed vegetable, tofu, cucumber carrot, basil served with homemade sauce. no oil and not deep fried   (3pcs) 6.95
Tempura your choice of shrimp, squid or vegetables with sweet and sour sauce    8.95
King's Sample a combination of our 4 most popular appetizer: chicken satay, fried shrimp, egg roll and spicy wonton. a real treat! no substitute please    9.95
Tofu Delight deep fried tofu with sweet and sour sauce    6.25
Angel Wings boneless chicken with stuffed with ground chicken, silver noodle and mixed vegetable served with and sour sauce    7.95
Crab Angel crab meat and cream cheese wrapped with wonton skin and served with sweet and sour sauce   (6pcs) 6.25


Cup / Hot Pot. Cook With Chicken Broth Otherwise Requested.

Tom Yum * our famous spicy hot and sour grass soup  
Tom Yum Koong with shrimp    4.95  9.25
Tom Yum Gai with chicken    4.25  8.25
Tom Yum Pak with vegetables    4.25  8.25
Tom Kha * coconut soup with thai herbs  
Tom Kha Koong with shrimp    4.95  9.25
Tom Kha Gai with chicken    4.25  8.25
Tom Kha Pak with vegetables    4.25  8.25
Wonton Soup ground chicken and shrimp wrapped in wonton sheet and baby bok choy    4.95  8.25
Vegetable And Tofu Soup broccoli, cabbage, carrots, baby corns, mushroom, celery in clear broth    8.25  4.25
Glass Noodle Soup mixed vegetable soup with glass noodle, chicken and shrimp    4.95  8.25
Seafood Soup * fish, shrimp, calamari, mussel and scallops in spicy broth   (hot pot) 12.95


House Salad grilled chicken breast on a mixed green salad, served with thai peanut sauce    7.95
Salmon Salad * grilled salmon with mixed green salad, served with spicy lime dressing    9.95
Spicy Shrimp Or Squid Salad * grilled shrimp or squid with mint leaves, spicy herb on a fresh lettuce    9.25
Spicy Beef Salad * sliced grilled beef, cucumber and tomato tossed with spicy lime dressing on fresh bed of lettuce    8.25
Yum Woon Sen * silver noodles, chicken, shrimp with mixed green vegetable in spicy lime dressing    8.95
Roasted Duck Salad boneless roasted duck with spicy herbs on fresh lettuces with a spicy lime dressing    9.95
Vegetable Salad mixed green salad and vegetable with delicious peanut dressing    7.95
Tofu Salad steamed soft, tofu, mixed green salad with spicy lime dressing    7.95
Bangkok Salad mixed green salad with beef, pork, chicken, and shrimp served with spicy dressing    9.95
Larb * (choice of chicken or beef) ground chicken or beef seasoned with lime juice ground chili roasted rice powder mint and onion served on a fresh bed of lettuce    8.25
Papaya Salad shredded green papaya mixed with peanut, tomato, chili in spicy lime dressing and served with fresh cabbage    6.95

Asian Dishes

Each Dish Prepare With Your Choice Of: Vegetable Or Tofu $8.25, Chicken Or Beef Or Pork $8.25, Shrimp Or Calamari $9.25, Roasted Duck $9.95, Scallop And Mixed Seafood $12.95.

Garlic Lovers sauteed with garlic pepper sauce  
Chili And Mint Leaves * stirred fried with mint leaves, chili, garlic, onion and bell pepper  
Prik King * green beans with red curry paste. truly, a mouth watering dish  
Baby Corn And Mushroom sauteed with oyster sauce  
Sweet Basil Eggplant mint leaves, garlic, onion, bell pepper in chili sauce  
Green Bean sauteed with brown sauce  
Broccoli sauteed with brown sauce  
Sweet And Sour pineapple, bell pepper, carrot and onion  
Ginger And Mushroom with onion and oyster sauce  
Cashew Nut * onion, carrot, bell pepper with roasted chili  
Bokchoy steamed bokchoy topped with spicy mushroom sauce  
Mixed Veggie mixed vegetable plus bean sprout in oyster sauce  
Mongolian sauteed with mushroom, bell pepper and onion  
Kung Pao * stirred fired with bell pepper, onion, peanuts, dry red pepper in spicy sauce  
Spicy Bamboo sauteed with onion, basil and bell pepper  
Teriyaki served with teriyaki sauce and steamed mixed vegetable  


Chicken yellow curry with chicken, potatoes and carrots  
Chicken chicken or beef    7.95
Red with bamboo shoot, sweet basil and bell pepper  
Red shrimp    9.25
Red roasted duck    9.95
Red chicken or beef    8.25
Panang with green peas, carrots & bell pepper in red curry sauce  
Panang shrimp    9.25
Panang roasted duck    9.95
Panang chicken or beef    8.25
Pineapple a delicious mixture of curry, pineapple, bell pepper, prepare to perfection  
Pineapple shrimp    9.25
Pineapple roasted duck    9.95
Pineapple chicken or beef    8.25
Green with bamboo, bell pepper and sweet basil in green curry sauce  
Green shrimp    9.25
Green roasted duck    9.95
Green chicken or beef    8.25
Seafood Curry mixed seafood with potatoes and carrots in yellow curry  
Seafood Curry chicken or beef    12.95


Thai Fried Rice with peas and carrots, tomatoes and egg  
Thai Fried Rice in a choice of chicken of beef or pork or vegetable    8.25
Thai Fried Rice shrimp    9.25
Spicy Fried Rice * exotic fried rice with chili and mint leaves.  
Spicy Fried Rice in a choice of chicken of beef or pork or vegetable    8.25
Spicy Fried Rice shrimp    9.25
Pineapple Fried Rice exotic fried rice with crab, shrimp and cashew nut, pineapple raisin and onion    9.95
Combination Fried Rice fried rice with scramble egg, onion, tomatoes, shrimp, beef, chicken and pork    9.95
Crab Fried Rice fried rice with scramble egg, crab meat, onion, tomatoes, garnished with shredded cucumber    9.95


Pad Thai thin rice noodles mixed with egg, bean sprout and green onion in thai seasoning  
Pad Thai in a choice of chicken of beef or pork or vegetable    8.25
Pad Thai shrimp    9.25
Chicken Noodle big flat rice noodle, chicken bean sprout and egg    8.25
Pad See Ew in a choice of chicken of beef or pork or vegetable    8.25
Pad See Ew shrimp    9.25
Drunken Noodle in a choice of chicken of beef or pork or vegetable    8.25
Drunken Noodle shrimp    9.25
Pad Woon Sen glass noodle, tomatoes, carrot, cabbage, carrot, bean sprout  
Pad Woon Sen in a choice of chicken of beef or pork or vegetable    8.25
Pad Woon Sen shrimp    9.25
Chow Mein stirred fried egg noodle, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, bean sprout  
Chow Mein in a choice of chicken of beef or pork or vegetable    8.25
Chow Mein shrimp    9.25
Rad Na Noodle big flat rice noodle with broccoli in a gravy sauce  
Rad Na Noodle in a choice of chicken of beef or pork or vegetable    8.25
Rad Na Noodle shrimp    9.25
Fantasy Noodle in a choice of chicken of beef or pork or vegetable    8.25
Fantasy Noodle seafood    12.95

House Specialty

Thai B.B.Q Chicken charbroiled chicken with our famous thai bbq sauce   (2 qt leg only) 8.25
Thai BBQ Pork Rib charbroiled pork short-rib marinated in our secret thai bbq sauce    9.95
Crab And Shrimp In Curry Sauce crab & shrimp with onion and bell pepper in yellow curry sauce    12.95
Gulf Of Siam * seafood combo: shrimp, scallop, fish, calamri and mussel stir fried in a magnificent spicy sauce    12.95
Siamese Fish ginger sauce whole fish, chili sauce whole fish, sweet and sour sauce with fish    12.95
Supreme Duck (Honey Duck) half-boneless crispy roasted duck with special honey sauce and served with warm box choy and pineapple    12.95
Shrimp Delight shrimp wrapped with ground chicken, glass, noodle and vegetable, deep fried with egg noodle and served with sweet & sour sauce    6.25
B.B.Q Beef slice of beef, grilled with sauce, red onion, served with steamed white or brown rice    8.25
Soft Shell Crab * with chili sauce    12.95

Combination Special

Served With Shrimp Fried Rice, (Shrimp Fried Rice Can Be Substituted With Steamed White Rice Or Steamed Brown Rice) And Green Salad With Homemade Dressing.

Thai BBQ Chicken     8.95
Teriyaki Chicken     8.95
Rainbow Trout     12.95
BBQ Pork Sparerib     12.95
Teriyaki Salmon     12.95

All Day Special

A Choice Of Chicken Or Beef Or Pork Or Vegetable $6.50. Shrimp Or Calamari $7.50. Served With Fried Rice Or Steamed Rice*, Green Salad*, Egg Roll*.

1. Satay   
2. BBQ Chicken   
3. Garlic Lovers   
4. Kung Pao   
5. Eggplant   
6. Cashew Nuts *  
7. Chili And Mint Leaves *  
8. Mixed Veggie   
9. Chicken Curry **  
10. Red Curry **  
11. Mongolian   
12. Pad Thai   
13. Chow Mein   
14. Broccoli   

Dessert & Beverages

* Spicy, Medium, Mild. Extra Sauce: Sm $0.25 / Lg $0.50. Add Chicken (Whole Meat) $1.

Coconut Ice Cream    sm 2.50
Green Tea Ice Cream    sm 2.50
Thai Iced Coffee    sm 2.00 lg 3.50
Thai Iced Tea    sm 2.00 lg 3.50
Lipton Iced Tea    sm 2.00 lg 3.50
Coke diet coke, 7up, diet 7up   sm 1.25
Mineral Sparkling Water    sm 1.75
Thai Cream Soda    sm 2.00 lg 3.50


1253 Vine St
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