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Jitlada Restaurant

  • $$$
  • Thai
  • 5233 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles 90027 34.098129 -118.304118
  • (At N Harvard Blvd)
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  • (323) 663-3104
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1. Thai Spring Rolls vegetables rolled in rice paper and fried in a crisp    4.95
2. Chicken Satay     9.95
3. Fried Wontons deep fried with onions filled with curry and potatoes    9.95
4. Freshly Rolls fresh vegetables and tofu wrapped in steamed rice paper    13.95
Kua Kling Roll     17.95
5. Spicy 4 Cups stir fried ground chicken with spicy curry sauce    16.95
6. Sai Krok Isan grilled thai cured pork sausage with a side of ginger and manog    13.95
7. Pepper Salmon black pepper marinated salmon deep fried served with spicy sauce    15.95
8. Spicy Salmon Rolls fresh salmon rolled with spinach and fried to a crisp    13.95
9. Yellow Wings chicken wings stuffed with ground chicken and glass noodles    13.95
10. Shrimp Or Fish Cake     13.95
11. Seafood Hormak shrimp, fish a scallops topped with a southern curry noodles    16.95
12. Crispy Duck Roll crispy duck, cucumber, carrot and green leaf wrapped in rice noodles    14.95
13. Pepper Pork Belly marinated grilled pork belly served spicy sweet sauce    19.95
14. Spicy Six Bites deep fried scallions, served in six cups topped with spicy sweet sauce    15.95
15. Shrimp Tamarind deep fried shrimp topped with spicy tamarind sauce    15.95
16. Spicy Raw Shrimp marinated raw shrimp served with spicy lime sauce    16.95
17. Crispy Spinach deep fried spinach topped with shrimp, scallops, and house dressing    16.95
18. Sweet Crab Claw deep fried fresh crab clams served with sweet & sour sauce    17.95
19. Fresh Scallops In Shell grilled fresh scallops with spicy southern curry or spicy wine sauce    19.95
20. BBQ Squid grilled marinated squid served with spicy lime sauce    19.95


21. Tom Kha rice coconut milk with lemongrass with chicken, veggies, or tofu    11.95
21. Tom Kha shrimp add    3.00
21. Tom Kha seafood add    5.00
21. Tom Kha salmon    18.95
22. Tom Yum a sour and spicy soup with lemon grass and chicken, veggies or tofu    11.95
22. Tom Yum shrimp add    3.00
22. Tom Yum seafood add    5.00
22. Tom Yum red snapper    18.95
23. Rice Soup boiled rice with ground pork or chicken    11.95
23. Rice Soup shrimp add    3.00
23. Rice Soup seafood add    5.00
23. Rice Soup red snapper    18.95
24. Stuffed Squid light flavored soup with minced chicken stuffed squid    15.95
25. Tamarind Pork Ribs Soup tender pork short ribs in spicy tamarind soup and spinach    16.95
26. Ox Tail Soup tender oxtail served with onions, tomatoes, and fried shallots    15.95
27. Wonton And BBQ Red Pork Soup     15.95
28. Coco Lotus red snapper fish fillet with focus rootlet in a coconut soup    15.95
29. Garlic Pepper Soup combination seafood with ground chicken and napa cabbage    18.95
30. Spicy Egg Noodle Soup chicken or beef.    15.95
30. Spicy Egg Noodle Soup shrimp add    3.00
30. Spicy Egg Noodle Soup seafood add    5.00
30. Spicy Egg Noodle Soup tiger prawns    29.95
31. Coco Blue Crab fresh blue crab and shrimp in a rich coconut milk with thai herbs    17.95
32. Young Coconut Mushroom slim soup. young coconut meat and mushrooms in a spicy and sour soup    17.95
33. Spicy Seabass Soup seabass steak in a spicy lemongrass soup and mushrooms    39.95
34. Spicy Crab Meat Soup real crab meat in a spicy, egg, hot and sour soup    19.95
35. Tiger Prawns And Crab Claw Soup sour and spicy lemongrass soup with tiger prawns and sweet crab claw    39.95


29. Jitlada Salad our house salad with a peanut sauce dressing    8.95
30. Crispy Papaya Salad deep fried papers, served with tomatoes, green beans, ground peanuts, and our house spicy lime juice sauce    12.95
30. Crispy Papaya Salad fresh shrimp add    2.00
30. Crispy Papaya Salad crab add    4.00
31. Coco Mango Salad green mangoes with fresh shrimp, and dry shredded coconut topped with cashews    11.95
32. Spicy Shrimp Or Squid Salad lightly seared shrimp pan a bed of lettuce to a spicy lime dressing    9.95
32. Spicy Shrimp Or Squid Salad with scallops add    3.00
33. Cucumber Salad & BBQ (Tiger Prawns) thai cucumber salad served with bbq tiger prawns seasoned with thai white peppers    24.95
34. Spicy Sweet Pork     8.95
35. Papaya Salad & Thai BBQ Chicken     12.95
36. Coco Mango Salad green mango with shrimp, red onion, toasted coconut and cashews    13.95
37. Crispy Catfish Salad crispy shredded catfish on top of a mango salad, peanuts and cilantro    14.95
38. Crispy Or Fresh Papaya Salad sliced green papaya with ground peanuts tossed with our bacon lime dressing    14.95
39. Crispy Catfish Salad fried shredded catfish on top of a mango salad topped with cashews and cilantro    10.95
40. Spicy Seafood Salad     14.95
41. Red Snapper Salad deep fried snapper filets topped with cucumber and tomatoes in a spicy lime sauce    18.95

Main Course

Choice Of Chicken, Beef, Pork, Veggies, Or Tofu. Shrimp, Squid, Duck, Or Scallops Add $2

51. Spicy Mint ground bean sauteed with thai sweets basil leaves, green chili, and garlic    13.95
51. Spicy Mint seafood add    5.00
52. Cashew Nut Chicken     13.95
53. Jitiada BBQ Chicken     11.95
55. Southern Spicy Beef ground beef sauteed with chili, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and basil    14.95
56. Garlic & Pepper     14.95
57. Lemongrass Tiger Prawns grilled tiger prawns served with spicy lemongrass dressing    27.95
58. Pepper Blue Crab fried blue crab with black pepper and garlic    19.95
59. Mongolian Beef     14.95
60. Tofu Duck tofu and roasted duck, sauteed with vegetables    16.95
61. Bangkok Duck     15.95
62. Sizzling Beef     15.95
63. Catfish Wok Style sliced catfish bone-in sauteed with thai red curry pastry & breast    15.95
64. Krapow Duck stir fried duck with thai chili and basil    16.95
65. Spicy Basil Eggplant     15.95
66. Spicy Jitlada Wings deep fried chicken wings stir fried in spicy sweet chili sauce    16.95
67. Black Pepper Ribs marinated tender pork spare ribs baked with black pepper    16.95
68. Spicy Eggplant Lamb     18.95
69. Garlic Red Snapper sauteed with red snapper fillet with fresh garlic    19.95
70. Crispy Honey Duck     24.95


71. Steamed Mussels     14.95
72. Steamed Clams     14.95
73. Spicy Clams stir fried fresh clams with spicy sauce and bell peppers    14.95
74. Garlic Or Spicy Mango Softshell Crab deep fried and topped with our homemade sauces    16.95
75. Softshell Crab Curry Sauce deep fried and topped with our special house curry    16.95
76. Southern Curry Softshell Crab deep fried and topped with our house special southern curry    16.95
77. Spicy Scallops deep fried scallops topped with a chili, basil, garlic sauce    17.95
78. Mango Scallops deep fried scallops smothered in a spicy chili mango sauce    18.95
79. Savory Sizzling Squid chef special marinated squid with white onion and bell pepper    19.95
80. Spicy Seafood Ginger combination of premium seafood sauteed with chili and ginger    21.95
81. Pumpkin Red Snapper red snapper fillet and pumpkin in a dry southern curry sauce    22.95
82. Crab And Shrimp Asparagus crab meat, shrimp, and asparagus in southern curry    22.95
83. Red Snapper Chili deep fried red snapper fillet topped with spicy chili basil sauce    24.95
84. Flambe Prawns grilled giant prawns topped with our house curry sauce    29.95
85. Pepper Seabass Steak steamed seabass steak with black pepper and steamed vegetables    39.95
86. Southern Halibut grilled wild england halibut steak topped with southern curry sauce    39.95
87. Three Flavored Fish deep fried whole seabass with a spicy three flavored sauce  
88. Steamed Southern Seabass steamed whole seabass in a spicy southern curry sauce  
89. Fresh Dungeness Crab fresh whole dungeness crab stir fried with spicy garlic sauce, spicy curry sauce or southern curry sauce  
90. Pla Tod Nam Pla deep fried whole seabass flavored with fish sauce  


Choice Of Chicken, Beef, Pork, Veggies, Or Tofu. Shrimp, Squid, Duck, Or Scallops Add $3. Lamb Or Seafood Add $5

91. Panang roasted curry with coconut cream    12.95
92. Red Curry thai curry with bell peppers, bamboo, and coconut milk    12.95
93. Massaman Curry exotic thai curry with potatoes and onions    12.95
94. Yellow Curry coconut based curry with potatoes, carrots, & onions    12.95
95. Green Curry coconut based curry with bell peppers, thai eggplant bamboo, and thai basil    13.95
96. Southern Curry a spicy native curry from our chef's family recipe with bell peppers, turmeric, jicama, and you can't find this anywhere else    14.95

Specialty Curries

97. Kzechg Lemon Cha-Cha Khai our homemade southern curry with pineapples & shrimp    15.95
98. Eggplant Salmon Curry     16.95
99. Oxtail Curry tender cocktail in spicy southern curry with jicama and bell peppers    17.95
100. Lamb Curry tender lamb in a mild curry with potatoes, carrots, and snow peas    17.95
101. Coco Tai Plaa spicy rice kidney curry with minced shrimp, pumpkin and ground and snapper in coconut milk with a thai omelet on the side    18.95
102. Spicy Crab Claw Morning Glory southern curry with crab claws and chinese water crest    19.95
103. Red Snapper Dry Curry stew fried red snapper fillet with a spicy dry curry    19.95
104. Catfish Chu Chi grilled catfish fillet topped with house special curry sauce    19.95
105. Chu Chi Goong Nang tiger prawns topped with house special curry sauce    28.95
106. Southern Pineapple Prawns our homemade southern curry with tiger prawns and pineapples    28.95
Southern Pineapple Shrimp     17.95
107. Jungle Curry Goong Nang steamed tiger prawns in our spicy house jungle curry    28.95
108. Jungle Curry Crispy Pork crispy pork in a spicy jungle curry with thai eggplant, peppers bell pepper, and serrano chili    19.95

Chef Specialties

109. Thai Honey Ribs     12.95
110. Pork Short Ribs With Garlic     12.95
111. Krachai Lamb Rack     29.95
112. Thai Chili Softshell Crab deep fried softshell crab style fried with spicy mint leaves    16.95
113. Turmeric Catfish deep fried sliced catfish (bone-in) with turmeric and garlic    16.95
114. Taepo Duck Curry roasted duck in southern curry and morning glory    17.95
115. Karachi Crispy Port stir fried crispy pork in a spicy krachai curry    18.95
116. Sen Yai Lamb steamed rice noodles with tender lamb, bean sprouts, and ground peanuts in a spicy lime sauce    18.95
117. Hot Basil Clams stir fried fresh clams in a spicy chili sauce and sweet basil    18.95
118. Spicy Seaside grilled seabass steak and tiger-prawns topped with spicy lime sauce    64.95
119. Chicken Kho Lae     19.95
120. Crab Claw Karee     19.95
121. Green Tender Beef     21.95
122. Mango Salmon grilled salmon topped with house special spicy mango sauce    22.95
123. Spicy Beef Stew spicy tender beef stew with morning glary    22.95
124. Sator Eel eel fillets stir-fried with sator beans in a dry southern curry    28.95
125. Morning Glory Tiger Prawns tiger prawns in a spicy southern curry with morning glory    28.95
126. Hua Sai Spicy Prawns giant prawns stir-fried with glass noodles and bean sprouts in spicy tamarind sauce    28.95
127. Mango Grilled Prawns grilled tiger prawns topped with a spicy sweet mango chili sauce    28.95
129. Phuket Lobster Tails two lobster tails grilled with your choice of: southern curry sauce, spicy mango sauce, jungle curry sauce, garlic sauce, red curry sauce, choo chi sauce, green curry sauce, spicy basil sauce    39.99

Jitlada Vegetables

Charge For $2 Additional Chicken, Beef, Pork, Shrimp, Squid, Scallop Or Pork Belly

129. Exotic Mixed Vegetables     12.95
131. Pad Broccoli stir fried broccoli and carrots in a mild brown sauce    12.95
132. Jitlada Delight chinese broccoli fried in a mild sauce topped with cashew nuts    12.95
133. Spinach FlambĂ© stir fried spinach topped with cashew nuts    12.95
134. Morning Glory stir fried chinese water crest    12.95
135. Sweet And Sour Vegetables     12.95
136. Stir Fried Jicama     12.95
137. Stir-Fried Asparagus     12.95
138. Chinese Broccoli with salted fish    12.95
139. Cucumber Green Beans stir fried cucumbers and green bean with egg    13.95
140. Sauteed Green Papaya stir fried green papaya with eggs    13.95
141. Stir Fried Pumpkin stir fried pumpkin wit eggs and bell asparagus    14.95

Rice Dishes

142. Vegetable Fried Rice     13.95
143. Jitiada Fried Rice thai fried rice with a combination of chicken, beef, pork and shrimp    14.95
144. Spicy Crispy Pork Fried Rice     19.95
145. Crab Fried Rice thai fried rice with egg topped with real crab neat    17.95
146. Bangkok Fried Rice shrimp paste fried rice topped with an omelet surrounded by sweet pork and assorted vegetables    15.95
147. Pineapple Fried Rice thai fried rice with shrimp, chicken and pineapple    15.95
148. Duck Over Rice roasted duck marinated on a bed of spinach over white rice    15.95
149. Kao Mok Kai turmeric seasoned rice with marinated whole pieces of chicken    15.95
150. Spicy Brown Fried Rice brown rice stir fried with massa mum curry and your choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu    16.95
150. Spicy Brown Fried Rice add bbq red pork or shrimp    3.00
150. Spicy Brown Fried Rice mixed seafood option    19.95
151. Duck Fried Rice     15.95
152. Spicy Turmeric Curry Fried Rice choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu    17.95
152. Spicy Turmeric Curry Fried Rice add bbq red pork or shrimp    3.00
152. Spicy Turmeric Curry Fried Rice mixed seafood option    19.95
152. Spicy Turmeric Curry Fried Rice tiger prawns, eel fillet or salmon    27.95
153. Southern Curry Fried Rice choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu    18.95
153. Southern Curry Fried Rice seafood & lamb add    5.00
153. Southern Curry Fried Rice shrimp, scallop, crispy pork or bbq red pork    21.95
154. Spicy Scallop And Shrimp Fried Rice     18.95
155. Spicy Slim Fruit Fried Rice combination thai fruits fried rice with spicy thai herbs    18.95
156. Spicy Lemongrass Shrimp Fried Rice     19.95
157. Seafood Fried Rice     18.95
158. Spicy Lamb Fried Rice     18.95
159. Crab Claw Fried Rice     19.95
160. Spicy Salmon Fried Rice     24.95
161. Spicy Lamb Rack Fried Rice     29.95
162. Master Chef Fried Rice by chef tul    29.99

Side Orders

White Rice     1.00
Brown Rice     2.00
Sticky Rice     3.00
Spicy Rice     5.00
Ginger Rice     5.00
Pineapple Rice     6.00


Choice Of Chicken, Beef, Pork, Veggies Or Tofu. Shrimp, Squid, Duck Or Scallops Add $1

166. Tender Beef Noodles     19.95
167. Pad Thai Tamarind Sauce     13.95
167. Pad Thai Tamarind Sauce spicy skin seafood option    18.95
167. Pad Thai Tamarind Sauce spicy crab    19.95
168. Suki Yaki glass noodles cooked with rapa cabbage and chinese water crest in a spicy bean curd sauce    14.95
168. Suki Yaki mix seafood add    5.00
169. Pad Woonsen glass noodles sauteed with egg, and mixed vegetables    14.95
170. Softshell Crab Noodles     17.95
171. Spicy Lamb Noodle     19.95
172. Spicy Pork Short Ribs Noodle     19.95
173. Crab Claw Noodle stir fried thin egg noodle with french crab clams in a spicy lime sauce    19.95
174. Crab Meat Noodle steamed egg noodle with spicy lime sauce with real crab mice    19.95
175. Oxtail Noodles steamed egg noodle with spicy lime sauce and tender oxtail    19.95
176. Rice Noodle Salmon flat noodles with southern curry and grilled salmon fillet    26.95
177. Spicy Crispy Pork Noodles spicy stir fried glass noodles with crispy pork and vegetables    19.95
178. Spicy Tiger Prawn Noodle Soup tiger prawns with glass noodles in a spicy broth    28.95
179. Super Chef Spicy Noodles by chef tul    29.95

Chef Tui's Jitlada Seafood Specialties

A. Kaffir Lime Seabass deep fried seabass topped with a spicy lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves  
B. Sweet Baby Squid fresh whole baby squid boiled with lemongrass and sweet sauce    19.95
C. Scallops And Eggplant stir fried spicy chinese eggplant with scallop and sweet basil    19.95
D. Pumpkin Crab Meat fresh pumpkin and fresh crab meat stir fried with southern curry sauce    22.95
E. Coco Turmeric Roe red snapper, wild pollock roe and mushroom in a coconut turmeric soup    24.95
F. Kho Sa Mui Seafood Combination combination seafood stir fried in a special choo chi sauce    24.95
G. Green Tiger Prawns grilled fresh tiger prawns topped with special house green curry    27.95
H. Pepper Garlic Halibut roasted wild alaskan halibut with garlic, black pepper and vegetables    39.95
I. Spicy Rock Cod Soup     24.95
J. Spicy Basil Halibut     44.95
K. Southern King Crab Legs     49.95
L. Southern Seabass Steak     45.95
M. Seabass Steak Morning Glory grilled seabass steak served with stir fried lemon water grass    49.95
N. Garlic Seafood Basket grilled seabass steak, tiger prawns and sweet crab claw in a spicy garlic sauce    99.95
O. Seafood Platter lobster tail, seabass steak, green mussel and tiger prawn in a spicy curry sauce    119.95
Q. Spicy Fishing Net stir fried mussel, clam shell, squid, and onion in spicy curry sauce    24.95

Combo Take-Out Specials

Served All Day. Carry-Out Or Delivery Only. Includes White Rice, Salad, Spring Roll, And Choice Of Protein Choice Of : Chicken, Beef, Pork, Veggies Or Tofu $9.95 Shrimp, Squid, Duck Or Scallops Add $2,

153. Thai BBQ Chicken   
154. Southern Curry   
155. Cashew Nut Chicken   
156. Moo Shu Veggies   
157. Spicy Mint Leaves   
158. Spicy Southern Dry Curry   
159. Pad Thai Noodles   
160. Spicy Eggplant with thai basil  
161. Mongolian Beef   
162. Chicken Black Bean Sauce   
163. Yellow Curry   
164. Green Curry   
165. Mix Vegetables   
167. Teriyaki   
168. Black Mushroom   
169. Sweet & Sour   


170. Coconut Ice Cream with sweet sticky rice    5.00
171. Coconut Ice Cream topped with red bean, yellow bean, and palm seed    5.00
172. Gina Thai Custard with pumpkin    5.00
172. Gina Thai Custard with sweet sticky slice add    2.00
173. Mango Sticky Rice     6.00
174. Fried Banana with coconut ice cream    5.00
175. Jitlada Thai Banana Split #171 & fresh bananas combined to create jitlada bliss    9.95


Bottled Water     3.00
Hot Tea     3.00
Soda Fountain no refills    1.00
Botis Thai Iced Tea coffee    7.00
Thai Iced Tea     4.00
Thai Lemonade     4.00
Premium Jars Iced Coffee     5.00
Sparkling Water     5.00
Blended Fazz Iced Coffee     8.00

Spicy Specialty Smoothies

All Smoothies Can Be Ordered Non-Spicy

Jitlada Spicy Smoothie     7.00
Mango     6.00
Banana     6.00
Pineapple     6.00
Coconut     6.00
Tamarind     6.00
Sugar Palm     6.00
Jack Fruit     6.00
Ginger     5.00
Cantaloupe     6.00
Pomegranate     6.00


1. Taepo Chicken Curry morning glory and chicken in a spicy taepo curry sauce    14.55
2. Kai Bean Tom Khii-Min turmeric-seasoned soup with chicken (bone-in) and kaffie lime leave    14.95
3. Cow Man Kai chicken over hai nan rice served with a special garlic ginger sauce    14.55
4. Tea Leaf Curry sliced chicken breast in a spicy southern curry with tea leaves    17.00
5. Pang-Pond Kai Kamin deep fried chicken (bone-in) with turmeric and garlic    14.00
6. Spicy Sugar Brown Chicken stir fried white meat chicken and green beans in a southern curry sauce    14.00
7. Celebrity Chicken stir fried white meat chicken with chili paste and green beans    14.95
8. Guay Teaw Pa real chili, real spicy jungle noodle, soup  
8. Guay Teaw Pa chicken, beef, pork, tofu    14.95
8. Guay Teaw Pa lamb    19.95
8. Guay Teaw Pa tiger prawns    20.00
9. Turmeric Chicken Soup sliced chicken breast in a salted turmeric soup with bottle gourd    14.95
10. Chili Drum Sticks chicken drum sticks with spicy sweet chili sauce    15.90
11. Toong Yai Chicken steamed thin egg noodles mixed with chicken breast in a spicy three flavored sauce    16.95
12. Turmeric Drum Stick chicken drum sticks with turmeric and garlic served with papaya salad    22.95
13. Drum Stick Mango chicken drum sticks topped with house special spicy mango sauce    18.95
14. Lemongrass Fried Chicken deep fried chicken (bone-in) marinated with chili and lemongrass    19.95


15. Kua Kling Sikrong Moo stir fried pork spare ribs in a turmeric dry curry and green beans    15.95
16. Numfon Pineapple stir-fried pork, shrimp, and sweet pineapple in homemade chef specialty sauce    15.95
17. Phangnga Jungle Curry pork spare ribs with thai eggplant in a spicy jungle curry    15.95
18. Belly Sator Beans stir fried pork belly with sator beans and peppercorn    16.95
19. Toong Song Noodles steamed egg noodles with bbq red pork in a spicy lime sauce    17.95
20. Khanome Pork Ribs tender pork spare ribs with southern curry and thai eggplant    18.95
21. Pork Belly Palow steamed pork belly marinated in five spices with boiled egg in chef special soup    19.95


22. Kaeng Neua Krachai spicy karachi gingerroot curry tender beef and green beans    19.95
23. Crying Tiger marinated grilled or pork with spicy sauce on the side. food network's best thing 1 ever rice    12.95
25. Coco Curry Beef tender beef in a spicy southern curry and thai eggplant. may substitute to chicken, pork, or tofu    17.95
26. Spicy Chili Beef sauteed tender beef with thai chili, bell peppers, and onions    17.95
27. Javdy Oxtail tender oxtails with thai eggplant in a spicy jungle curry    17.95
28. Spicy Beef Noodles stir fried thin rice noodles with spicy beef and green beans    19.95

Shrimp And Tiger Prawns

32. Crispy Morning Glory Salad deep fried morning glary topped with fresh shrimp and a spicy sauce dressing    14.95
33. Miang Khum Shrimp     14.95
34. Kaeng Tai Lor Kor spicy southern curry with shrimp and sliced green papaya    15.95
35. Kung Nang Op Woonsen giant prawns baked in a clay pot with glass noodles and vegetables    28.95
36. Tamarind Tiger Prawns grilled tiger prawns with sweet tamarind sauce    28.95
37. Koong Then grilled tiger prawns topped with spicy chili lemon garlic sauce    28.95
38. Satoon Tiger Prawns grilled prawns served with a spicy seafood sauce    28.95
39. Sator Bean Kung Nang grilled giant prawns stir fried turmeric dry curry and sator beans    28.95
40. Kao Soi Chiang Mai egg noodles in thai red curry    29.95
40. Kao Soi Chiang Mai chicken, beef, pork, tofu    13.95
40. Kao Soi Chiang Mai shrimp    16.95
40. Kao Soi Chiang Mai lamb    16.95
40. Kao Soi Chiang Mai tiger prawns  
41. Nakhon Spicy Pad Thai stir-fried flat rice noodles with tamarind sauce and egg  
41. Nakhon Spicy Pad Thai lamb or soft shelled crab    17.95
41. Nakhon Spicy Pad Thai tiger prawns    28.95
42. Chumphorn Tiger Prawns southern curry with fresh tiger prawns and jicama    28.95
43. Mel Mint Leaf Prawns stir fried prawns with chili and garlic sauce topped with crispy basil leaves    28.95
44. Pumpkin Kung Nang stir fried giant prawns in a dry southern curry with pumpkin    28.95
45. Tom Yom Kung Nang sour and spicy soup with giant prawns, lemon grass, mushroom, and tomato    28.95
46. Papaya Tiger Prawn spicy crispy papaya topped with grilled marinate tiger prawn    29.95
47. Sirine Lobster Tail Noodles spicy thin egg noodle with lobster in a spicy homemade sauce    44.95


53. Tom Som Plaa young tamarind soup with fresh salmon and ginger    15.95
74. Kaeng Sea Bass hot and sour curry & napa cabbage with whole sea bass  
117. Salmon Pau Chan southern style grilled salmon with papaya salad and sticky rice    22.95
68. Phuket Tamarind grilled fresh salmon topped with a spicy, sweet tamarind sauce and steamed vegetables    21.95
71. Phuket Salmon fresh grilled salmon with your choice of: teriyaki sauce, curry sauce, ginger mushroom sauce, spicy mint leaf sauce, southern curry sauce, sweet chili sauce, or a sweet & sour sauce    19.99
76. Irene Salmon grilled salmon with garlic and black pepper served with seafood sauce and steamed vegetables    21.95
118. Kua Kling Salmon turmeric flavored dry curry with green beans and salmon    19.95
119. Garlic Salmon deep fried cut salmon topped with our house special garlic sauce and steamed vegetables    19.95
120. Satur Salmon spicy fried fresh salmon with southern dry curry and pumpkin    21.95
127. Pumpkin Salmon stir fried fresh salmon with southern dry curry and pumpkin    22.95
100. Panang Pla Salmon grilled salmon in a panang curry sauce served with brown rice    19.95
93. Sugar Salmon grilled salmon topped with sweet and sour sauce served with brown rice    22.95
104. Salmon Freshly deep fried salmon, fresh vegetables and glass noodles rolled in steamed rice paper served with house special sauce    12.95


58. Teriyaki Eel Roll teriyaki eel fillet, fresh vegetables, and glass noodles rolled in steamed rice pepper    23.95
59. Lemongrass Eel grilled sweet eel fillet topped with fresh mango and lemongrass in spicy lime sauce    23.95
60. Surat Eel bbq eels fillets with teriyaki sauce and steamed vegetables    23.95
61. Plaa-Lai Num Tao stir fried eel fillet in a dry southern curry with pumpkin    28.95
62. Drumken Eel spicy mint noodles with eel fillet and thai basil    21.95
63. Chao Chi Eel Curry eel fillet topped with spicy curry and steamed vegetables    23.95


69. Mango Red Snapper     15.95
70. Pia Pad Khong     16.95
71. Pia Pad Prik Thai     20.95
72. Jungle Or Southern Roe     21.95
73. Had Yai Seabass Steak     44.95
74. Chog Chi Halibut     34.95
75. Chog Chi Malihut   
75. Pla Nung Khii-Min   
76. Pla Nung Mango steamed whole seabass with spicy lemon sauce  
77. Ginger Seabass steamed whole seabass with ginger and mushrooms  
78. Plaa Thawt Mamuang fried whole seabass smothered in spicy sweet chili mango sauce  
79. Turmeric Seabass fried turmeric seasoned whole seabass topped with garlic and pepper  
80. Pla Nung Mamuang steamed whole seabass topped with spicy mango sauce  
81. Pla Tod Tamarind fried whole seabass topped with chef's special tamarind chili sauce  


82. Jitiada Omelet your choice of chicken , or beef    12.95
82. Jitiada Omelet shrimp, fish, crab meat add    3.00
83. Son In Law Eggs crispy boiled egg topped with spicy tamarind sauce    14.95
84. Quail Egg Curry your choice of green curry, southern curry or jungle curry    17.95
85. Stuffed Eggs stir fried ground chicken, shrimp, tomato, cucumber and green beans stuffed in thai omelet    19.95
86. Khua Kling Stuffed Eggs ground chicken, beef or pork in a spicy dry curry stuffed in thai omelet    19.95


87. Papaya Blue Crab green papaya with spicy raw blue crab salad    17.95
88. Spicy Basil Crab deep fried fresh blue crab with dry coconut and curry sauce topped with crispy basil    18.95
89. Southern Blue Crab fresh blue crab and shrimp in a spicy southern curry with lotus rootlet    23.95
90. Jitiada King Crab stir fried with mix vegetables and your choice of southern curry or spicy garlic sauce    49.95
91. King Crab Leg Curry stir fried king crab legs with vegetables in a spicy curry powder sauce    49.95
92. Celebrity Dungeness Crab stir fried whole dungeness with chili paste and green beans  


93. Kua Kling Lamb green beans stir fried with tender lamb in a spicy dry curry    17.95
94. Keang Tai Kae tender lamb with spicy southern curry, jicama and bell peppers    18.95
95. Ranong Lamb steamed egg noodles with tender lamb, bean sprouts and ground peanuts in a spicy lime sauce    18.95
96. Jungle Curry Lamb tender lamb with thai eggplant in a spicy jungle curry    19.95
97. Pattanee Lamb stir fried tender lamb with green beans, thai chili and sweet basil    19.95

Frog Legs

104. Tom Kha Kob spicy turmeric coconut soup with lemongrass and frog legs    14.95
105. Kaeng Kob Santol spicy southern curry with frog legs and santol fruit    14.95
106. Kob Thawt deep fried turmeric marinated frog legs with garlic    15.95
107. Basil Frog Legs stir fried frog legs with garlic, chili, and basil    16.95
108. Pumpkin Frog Legs frog legs in a dry southern curry with pumpkin    17.95
109. Keang Tai Kob frog legs in a spicy southern curry with thai eggplant    18.95

Soft Shell Crab

110. Softshell Crab Roll deep fried soft shelled crab, fresh vegetables, and glass noodles rolled in steamed rice pepper served with house special sauce    17.95
111. Poo Nim Pad Pong Karee deep fried soft shell crab sauteed with curry powder and vegetables    18.95
112. Pad Phet Luuk Taw Puu Nim deep fried soft crab topped with spicy stir fried sator beans    18.95
113. Pumpkin Softshell Crab deep fried soft shell crab in a dry southern curry with pumpkin    19.95
114. Lang Softshell Crab spicy egg noodles with deep fried soft shelled crab    19.95


Optional Choice of Tofu, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Shrimp, Squid, Scallop Or Pork Belly Add $3

115. Khao Yam rice salad songkhla province style tossed with assorted vegetables and homemade sauce    9.95
116. Lemon Water Crest stir fried chinese water crest with lemon sauce    12.95
117. Coco Pak Boong stir fried chinese water with coconut sauce    12.95
118. Slim Pak Boong steamed glass noodles, chinese water crest, cucumber, carrot, and tofu served with three dipping sauces on the side    15.95


119. Southern Mussels Curry live new zealand green mussels in a southern curry with pineapples    16.95
120. Bangkok Mussels spicy stir fried live new zealand mussels with fresh chili and sweet basil    16.95
121. Mueels On Flambe grilled live new zealand mussels topped with our special house curry sauce    17.95
122. Green And Green Native Curry fresh green new zealand mussels in a native green curry sauce    18.95
123. Lemongrass Mussels deep fried mussels topped with spicy lemongrass and mango sauce    19.95

Stuffed Fish Balls

124. Khaw Wan Khai Mang-Kon dragon egg. green curry salted egg - yolk stuffed fish balls    15.95
125. Kaeng Tai Khai Mang-Kon southern curry, jicama and salted egg-yolk stuffed fish balls    16.95
126. Jungle Curry Dragon Eggs spicy jungle curry with thai eggplant, peppercorns, and dragon eggs    16.95


132. Seasonal Seafood     32.95
133. Pumpkin Seafood     36.95
134. Sizzling Seafood     28.95
135. Lava Noodles     34.95
136. Nakhon Lobster     49.95

Beef, Pork Or Chicken

137. Khua Kling Phat Lung phat tha jung style spicy, turmeric flavored dry curry with pork, beef, chicken or tofu    12.95
138. Sen Mil Ranong steamed egg noodles in a spicy lime sauce with bean sprouts and ground peanuts    15.95
139. Kho P.P steamed flat rice noodles topped with our southern curry sauce    16.95
140. Nam Tao Pad Ped dry southern curry with pumpkin and your choice of chicken, beef, pork, or tofu    17.95
141. Bbq Red Pork Rice steamed rice topped with bbq red pork, vegetables, boiled egg and spicy sauce    17.95
142. Spicy Onion Beef stir fried spicy beef with white onion, green onion, and bell pepper    22.95
143. Krachai Curry Y krachai curry with chicken, beef, pork, or tofu and green beans served with sweet pork    22.95
144. Had Yai Fried Chicken deep fried marinated chicken breast topped with fried onion served with sticky rice    22.95

Jitlada Spicy Thai Dipped Dishes

Served With Vegetable To Dip

150. Nam Prik Pla ground red snapper with thai herbs and fresh chin dip    14.95
151. Spicy Nam-Ya Dip southern curry dip mixed with ground red snapper bah fillet    15.95
152. Spicy Tamarind Dip ground chicken with spicy fresh tamarind dip    17.95
153. Spicy Chicken Dip ground chicken ur spicy dry curry dip    17.95
154. Savory White Tofu Dip crunchy fried tofu in choo chi curry dip    17.95
155. Nam Prik Keang shrimp, ground chicken, and tomato in a spicy chili dip    19.99
156. Nam Prik Mamuang sliced mango mixed with shrimp and red onion in a spicy red chili dip    19.95

Crispy Pork

157. Southern Crispy Pork stir fried crispy pork with southern curry and green beans    17.95
158. Crispy Pork Basil Leaf stir fried crispy pork with chili and chili and crispy basil leaves    17.95
159. Kua Kling Crispy Pork dry curry stir fried with asparagus and crispy pork    18.95
160. Pumpkin Crispy Pork stir fried crispy pork with dry curry and pumpkin    19.95
161. Sator Bean Crispy Pork stir fried crispy spork with dry curry and sator beans    19.95


162. Turmeric Wings Fried Rice deep fried chicken wings serve with spicy turmeric fried rice    19.95
163. Pumpkin Wings deep fried chicken wings topped with dry southern curry and pumpkin    19.95
164. Spicy Mint Wings deep fried chicken wings stir fried with chili and basil leaves    19.95
165. Papaya Wings deep fried chicken wings served with papaya salad and sticky rice    24.95
166. Kua Kling Wings stir fried chicken wings with dry curry sauce    19.95
167. Jitlada Blazin Wings deep fried real spicy chicken wings serve with fresh vegetable    22.95

Adventurous Bizarre Foods

168. Tamarind Snapper Head a sour and spicy tamarind soup with red snapper head and fresh ginger    19.95
169. Black Sea Squid Soup young whole squid with lemongrass in a spicy black sea soup    19.95
170. Beef Tongue Soup a sour and spicy soup with tender beef tongue, potato and tomato    19.95
171. Pepper Chitlins spicy pork intestine with garlic and black pepper served with spicy sour sauce    19.95
172. Chicken Feet Curry tender chicken feet in southern curry or jungle curry    19.95
173. Krab Kho Leo marinated fried frog legs topped with spicy sweet curry sauce    21.95
174. Eggplant Chitlins stir fried pork intestines with chinese eggplant and spicy basil leaves 21    21.95
175. Chili Rock Cod     21.95
176. Beef Tongue Sater Bean     23.95
177. Pork Feet Soup     23.95
178. Country Chef Whole Bal     24.95
179. Beef Pizzles Soup tend beef pizzles with tender beef and thai herbs in spicy lime soup    23.95
180. Chicken Feet Salad boneless chicken feet in a spicy lime sauce with cucumber and tomato    19.95
181. Silk Worm deep fried silk warm with chili and green onion    19.95
182. Spicy Pork Ear marinated pork ear served with spicy sauce    24.95

Native Fruit Curry

Choice Of: Southern Curry, Jungle Curry, Or Green Curry. Choice Of Mango, Coconut Meat, Pineapple, Jackfruit, Longan, Rambutan, Lychee, Papaya, Paim Seed Youce Choice Of:

Chicken beef, pork, veggie or tofu    19.95
Crispy Pork shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams, wild alaskan pollock roe, frog legs or red snapper fillet    22.95
Giant Prawns eel fillet, salmon, lamb, or lamb rack    29.95
Lobster Tails halibut, seabass steak    44.95

Dynamite Spicy Challenge

Presented By Chef Tui. Your Choice Of:

Chicken beef, pork, shrimp, scallop, mussels, lamb, frog legs or tofu    29.95
Lamb Rack salmon, eel eel fillets, red snapper/catfosj fillet, halibut, seabass steak or soft shell crab    39.95
King Crab Legs dungeness crab, whole sea bass, giant prawns, lobster tail or mixed seafood    49.95


13. Kaeng Jeut Plaa Meuk Yat Sai light flavored soup with minced-chicken-stuffed squid    9.95

Thai Beer

Singha    sm 6.00
Singha Light    sm 6.00
Singha bomber   lg 12.00
Chang Beer    lg 12.00 sm 6.00


Pinot Noir   


Pinot Grigeo   


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