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Izakaya Sasaya

  • $$
  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 11613 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles 90025 34.044465 -118.454462
  • (Btwn Federal Ave & Barry Ave)
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  • (310) 477-4404
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211. Green Salad (v). baby greens with creamy sesame dressing.    5.80
212. Seaweed Salad (v). baby greens topped with marinated seaweed served with creamy sesame dressing.    7.50
213. Tofu Salad (v). baby greens topped with soft tofu served with creamy dressing.    7.50
214. Salmon Skin Salad baby greens topped with crispy grilled salmon skin served with yuzu citrus wasabi dressing.    8.20
215. Seafood Salad baby greens topped with salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi and boiled shrimp served with yuzu citrus wasabi dressing.    14.00


001. Edamame (v). lightly salted boiled soy beans.    3.90
002. Kimchee * (v). korean style spicy pickled nappa cabbage    3.90
003. Cold Tofu cold tofu with chilled soy flavored fish broth    3.90
004. String Bean Gomaae (v). boiled string beans with sesame sauce.    3.90
005. Spinach Gomaae (v). boiled spinach with sesame sauce.    3.90
006. Hiyashi Wakame (v). lightly marinated seaweed    3.90
007. Spinach Ohitashi boiled spinach in fish broth    3.90
008. Negi Nuta (v). steamed green onions in sweet miso sauce.    3.90
009. Dried Seaweed & Cream Cheese korean style dried seaweed with cream cheese    3.90
010. Fried Garlic (v). deep fried garlic with plum sauce    3.90
011. Potato Salad lightly mashed potato, vegetables and egg with mayo    3.90
012. Coleslaw (v). no mayo. with cabbage, onion and carrot    3.90
013. Grilled Enoki (v). foil wrapped and grilled enoki mushrooms with garlic and ponzu sauce.    3.90
014. Mozuku (v). mozuku seaweed in a sweet vinegar    3.90
101. Takoyaki octopus encased in a crepe-like batter topped with tonkatsu sauce, mayo and bonito flakes   (5) 4.90
102. Sweet Potato Fries (v). lightly salted fried sweet potato    4.90
103. Takowasa raw octopus marinated in wasabi sauce.    4.90
104. Mountain Yam finely sliced raw mountain yam with fish broth    4.90
105. Sunomono (v). sliced japanese cucumber and seaweed in sweet vinegar dressing.    4.90
106. Eggplant Amamiso (v). fried japanese eggplant with sweet miso sauce.    4.90
107. Agedashi Eggplant fried japanese eggplant in fish broth    4.90
108. Pork Gyoza pan fried pork dumpling. deep fried option available.    4.90
109. Edamame Gyoza (v). pan fried vegetable dumpling. deep fried option available.    4.90
110. Chicken Wings * crispy fried chicken wings doused in our house spicy sauce.   (5) 4.90
111. Pork Sausage japanese style boiled berkshire pork sausage.   (2) 4.90
112. Burdock Chips (v). deep fried thinly sliced burdock & carrot chips    4.90
113. Tamago Yaki japanese home style omelette    4.90
114. Potato Croquette (v). bread crumbed deep fried mashed potato with tonkatsu sauce.    4.90

Vege Dishes

201. Assorted Pickles (v). assortment of japanese pickled vegetables    6.90
202. Ume Yam (v). sliced mountain yam with plum paste    5.50
203. Agedashi Tofu lightly fried tofu served with fish broth, topped with grated daikon radish, fish flakes and slivers of dried seaweed    6.20
204. Agedashi Mochi lightly fried mochi served with fish broth. topped with grated daikon radish, fish flakes and slivers of dried seaweed    6.20
205. Shishito * sauteed mild japanese peppers with bonito flakes (may by extremely spicy)    6.20
206. Vegetable Kakiage (v). thinly sliced mixed vegetable tempura    7.20
207. Shrimp & Vegetable Kakiage rock shrimp and thinly sliced mixed vegetable tempura    8.20
208. Tofu Steak (v). slowly pan fried tofu with light garlic and soy sauce    6.50
209. Gingko Nuts (v). slow roasted salted gingko nuts    5.80
210. Steamed Vegetables (v). takes at least 15 mins. steamed sweet potato, asparagus, cabbage, carrot, daikon radish and shiitake mushroom with side of ponzu sauce & mayo    6.50


301. Assorted Sashimi tuna, salmon and albacore   (3) 15.00
302. Tuna Sashimi    (6) 10.00
303. Salmon Sashimi    (6) 9.00
304. Albacore Sashimi    (6) 10.00
305. Spicy Tuna Carpaccio * thinly sliced scared cajun spiced tuna with garlic ponzu sauce and spicy mayo    13.00
306. Seared Salmon Carpaccio * thin slices of seared salmon in masaya style olive oil sauce and spicy mayo    13.00
307. Albacore Carpaccio * thinly sliced albacore with ponzu and sesame oil sauce and spicy mayo    13.00
308. Tuna Yam sliced raw mountain yam and tuna sashimi in fish broth    9.50
309. Mentai Yam * sliced raw mountain yam with spicy cod roe    5.80
310. Tuna Nuta steamed green onion and tuna sashimi in sweet miso sauce    7.00
311. Spicy Tuna Tartar * spicy tuna on fried wonton    6.50
312. Avocado Boat half cut avocado with an abundance of cubed tuna and salmon in sweet mustard sauce    8.50

Sushi Rolls

313. California Roll snow crab and avocado    7.50
314. Spicy Tunar Roll * spicy tuna and green onion    7.50
315. Vegetable Roll (v). burdock, cucumber, daikon sprouts and avocado    6.40
316. Tuna & Spicy Tuna Roll * tuna sashimi on top of spicy tuna roll served with mayo    10.00
317. Salmon & Spicy Tuna Roll * salmon sashimi on top of spicy tuna roll served with mayo    10.00
318. Shrimp Tempura Roll rock shrimp tempura on top of california roll. served with eel sauce.    10.00
319. Crunchy Roll crispy tempura batter crumbs on top of california roll served with eel sauce.    8.50
320. Egg Topping Roll thinly cut egg on top of california roll served with eel sauce.    8.50

Hot Kitchen & Grill

401. Chicken Karaage deep fried free range chicken marinated in soy sauce and ginger    6.50
402. Eggplant Soboro fried eggplant and ground chicken in sweet soy flavored broth    5.50
403. Pork & Kimchee * sliced pork sauteed with kimchee    8.00
404. Mentai Wonton fried wonton stuffed with spicy cod roe and cream cheese   (6) 6.50
405. Mochi Cheese rice cake with seasoned ground chicken topped with green onion, dried seaweed and cheese    6.80
406. Tonkatsu deep fried breaded pork cutlet with tonkatsu sauce    7.50
407. Chicken Nanban * fried chicken in sweet and sour sauce topped with sliced onions, julienne carrots and chilli    7.50
408. Salmon Teriyaki grilled salmon served with teriyaki sauce    7.50
409. Grilled Salmon lightly salted grilled salmon    7.50
410. Grilled Mackerel lightly salted grilled mackerel    6.80
411. Beef Tataki sliced scared beef with special ponzu flavored sauce topped with grated daikon radish and garlic    9.80
412. Chicken Teriyaki grilled free range chicken thigh with teriyaki sauce    8.20
413. Chicken Teriyaki white meat substitution    9.00
414. Chicken Yuzukosho * grilled free range chicken thigh with side of yuzu citrus pepper paste    8.20
415. Chicken Yuzukosho white meat substitution    9.00
416. Beef Teriyaki grilled beef ribeye with teriyaki sauce served on a cast iron plate    13.00
417. Beef Ponzu grilled beef ribeye with ponzu sauce served on cast iron plate    13.00
418. Meatloaf a delicious blend of beef and pork meatloaf topped with demi-glace sauce and cheese    7.50
419. Rock Shrimp Tempura shrimp dipped in tempura batter and deep fried    8.50


Minimum 3 Skewers Per Order. (Any Combination)

501. Momo (1 Skewer) free range chicken thigh    2.60
502. Negima (1 Skewer) free range chicken thigh and green onion    2.60
503. Tsukune (1 Skewer) chicken meat ball    2.60
504. Mune (1 Skewer) chicken white meat    2.80
505. Asparagus Pork (1 Skewer) asparagus wrapped with pork    2.80
506. Shiitake (1 Skewer) (v). shiitake mushroom    2.60
507. Beef (1 Skewer) beef ribeye    3.60
508. Assorted Skewers (7 Skewers)     19.00

Noodle & Soup

509. Wakame Udon hot soup udon noodle in fish broth with wakame seaweed and green onion    7.00
510. Sukiyaki Udon hot soup udon noodle in fish broth with sweet soy flavored beef and onion    8.00
511. Ume Oroshi Udon hot soup udon noodle in fish broth with pickled plum, daikon radish, dried seaweed and green onion    7.00
512. Mentai Butter Udon * non-soup udon noodle topped with butter and spicy cod roe    7.00
513. Yaki Udon non-soup stir fried udon noodle with pork, carrots, cabbage and onion topped with bonito flake and pickled ginger    8.00
514. Vegetable Soup (v). vegetable soup served with side of ponzu sauce.    3.80
415. Miso Soup     2.50

Rice Dishes

601. Tuna Don * tuna sashimi marinated in soy flavored sauce and spicy tuna over a bed of sushi rice with pan fried egg and dried seaweed    9.50
602. Soboro Don seasoned ground chicken over a bed of rice topped with string beans, pan fried egg and pickled ginger.    6.80
603. Crab Porridge     6.80
604. Chicken Porridge choice of snow crab or chicken rice porridge with fish broth topped with dried seaweed, green onion and bonito flake    6.80
605. Salmon Chazuke     4.80
606. Mentai Chazuke *    4.80
607. Ume Chazuke     4.80
608. Takana Chazuke bowl of rice in fish broth with choice of salmon, spicy cod roe, pickled plum or pickled mustard green    4.80
609. Rice Balls your choice of 2 rice balls from salmon, spicy cod roe, pickled plum and pickled mustard green   (2) 4.60
610. Dinner Set bowl of rice, miso soup and small green salad    4.50
611. Rice (v)    1.50


612. Green Tea Ice Cream     3.50
613. Green Tea Ice Cream with red bean paste    4.00
614. Vanilla Ice Cream     3.50
615. Vanilla Ice Cream with red bean paste    4.00
616. Home Made Cheese Cake     5.00
617. Warabimochi & Vanilla Ice Cream jelly like confection and vanilla ice cream topped with toasted soy bean flour and brown sugar syrup    6.20
618. Mochi Crepe choice of green tea or vanilla ice cream covered with thin mochi rice cake served with pound cake    6.20
619. Mochi Crepe with red bean paste    6.80

Bar Snacks

620. Pocky chocolate covered biscuit sticks    3.00
621. Kaki No Tane * spicy rice cracker    3.00
622. Saki Ika dried squid jerky    3.00
623. Eihire roasted dried stingray fin with spiced mayo soy sauce    7.50

Soft Drinks

Coke diet coke, sprite    2.20
Oolong green. hot or cold tea    2.50
Juices grapefruit, cranberry, orange    2.50
Calpico water & soda    2.50
Voss still & sparkling    4.00


Asahi Draft    (12oz) 5.50 (60oz) 20.00
Asahi Bottle    (21oz) 7.00
Echigo    (17oz) 9.00
Echigo Stout    (11oz) 9.00
Sapporo Light    (12oz) 4.50

Chu - Hai Shochu Cocktails

Calpico green apple, lemon, lime, oolong, plum    6.00
Grape peach, yuzu    7.00

Wine By The Glass $7

* Spicy Dish, (V) Vegetarian Dish (No Meat, Egg, Dairy Or Fish).

Cabernet Sauvignon   
Choya Plum   


Izakaya Sasaya
11613 Santa Monica Blvd
Btwn Federal Ave & Barry Ave
(310) 477-4404
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