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Ernie's Mexican Restaurant

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  • Mexican
  • 4410 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood 91602 34.150781 -118.365696
  • (Btwn Landale & Moorpark St)
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  • (818) 985-4654
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10am-2pm. Special Mexican Breakfast. Served With Corn Or Flour Tortillas.

#50. Steak And Eggs rib-eye steak with rice & beans or french fries    14.50
#51. Spinach Omelette a delicious omelet in a mild spanish sauce, with rice & beans    7.99
#52. Huevos Rancheros two fried eggs served on a corn tortilla, topped with mild spanish sauce, served with rice & beans    7.99
#53. Chorizo Con Huevo mild mexican sausage & scrambled eggs with rice & beans    7.99
#54. Huevos A La Gringo papas potatoes with chile ortega, eggs rice & beans    7.99
#55. Machaca Con Huevo shredded beef & eggs with rice & beans    9.95
#56. Carnitas Con Eggs pork carnitas with eggs, served with rice & beans    11.50
Chilaquiles Con Eggs fried tortillas combined with eggs, red salsa, onions, oregano & cotija cheese.    7.99

Lunch Specials $7.25

Served Daily Monday-Sunday: 11am-4pm.

#11. Tuna Or Chicken Salad green salad, tuna or grilled chicken, tomatoes & avocado  
#12. Platillos Mexicano your choice of one of the following items: cheese enchilada, beef or chicken hard shell taco, chile relleno, or enchilada ranchera. served with rice and beans.  
#70. Fajitas (Chicken Or Beef) strips of chicken or beef grilled with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and cilantro, with rice and beans.  
#75. Mini Skylab Burrito (Beef Or Chicken) a flour tortilla filled with beans or chicken, rice, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and topped with guacamole.  
#80. Giant Chicken Tostada giant topped with chicken, beans, lettuce, cheese, salsa, tomatoes and sour cream. not in shell.  
#81. Taco Salad green salad, grilled chicken or carne asada, avocado, tomatoes, olives, dressing & cheese. not in shell.  
#90. Flauta De Gallina (1) shredded chicken, tomato, onion and bell peppers, rolled into a fried flour tortilla; with guacamole sauce, rice and beans.  
#82. Vegetarian Fajitas grilled strips of bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and cilantro; with rice and beans.  
#83. Taco De Papa special seasoned potato taco, onions and cheese.  
#84. Chorizo Con Huevo mild mexican sausage & scrambled eggs; served with rice & beans  
#85. Taco De Pescado one breaded or grilled fish taco with lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo, rice & whole beans  
#86. Mexican Caesar Salad romaine lettuce, roasted pumpkin seeds, cilantro, crispy tortilla strips & cheese.  
#86. Mexican Caesar Salad add grilled chicken    2.00

Lunch Specials $8.25

#1. Hard Shell Chicken Or Beef Taco And Cheese Enchilada served with rice & beans  
#2. Cheese Enchiladas Rancheras (2) served with sour cream, rice & beans  
#2. Cheese Enchiladas Rancheras (2) add chicken, beef or pork    2.00
#3. Oven Red Burrito beef burrito in mild red salsa. rice & beans  
#4. Oven Green Burrito chicken or pork burrito in mild green salsa, sour cream, rice & beans  
#5. Burrito De Carne Asada a flour tortilla filled broiled steak, lettuce, tomato guacamole sauce, rice & beans  
#6. Shredded Beef Taquitos (2) with guacamole sauce, rice & beans  
#7. Two Hard Shell Tacos (Chicken Or Beef) with rice & beans  

Lunch Or Dinner Combination

Served With Rice And Beans.

#8. Combo Small Appetite choice of any one item    9.25
#9. Combo Medium Appetite choice of any two items    12.25
#10. Combo Large Appetite choice of any three items    15.25
Hard Shell Ground Beef Or Chicken Taco   
Beef Tamale   
Chicken Flauta (1)   
Beef Chimichanga   
Shredded Beef Taquitos (2)   
Enchilada cheese, chicken, beef or pork  
Chile Relleno, Tostada beans, chicken or beef  


#57. Nachos crisp tostaditas with cheese    4.50
#57. Nachos add beans    1.00
#58. Panchos corn chips, melted cheese, your choice of chile con carne (pork, shredded beef, or chicken) green onions, tomato guacamole    9.95
#59. Guacamole En Su Concha avocado dip with green onions, diced tomato, shredded cheese & topped with sour cream    7.75
#60. Quesadilla (Chile Ortega & Cheese) 2 flour tortillas filled with melted cheese & grilled, with guacamole, onion, tomato, olives & chile jalapeno    7.25
#60. Quesadilla with chicken, pork or beef    9.50
#66. Ernie's Botana (1) chicken flauta (1) beef flauta (2) taquitos (1) minis quesadilla (4) albondigas, guacamole    12.50
#67. 1/2 Order Guacamole     3.75
Chips And Salsa    (med 16oz) 8.00 (lg 32oz) 15.00

Ensaladas Y Sopas

Add $2 For Avocado

#61. Ensalada Compuesta fresh salad with tomatoes, cheese, olives & dressing    4.25
#62. Ensalada Verde fresh green salad (lettuce only) & dressing.    2.75
#63. Ensalada De Aguacate Y Camaron En Su Concha thick slices of avocado & a good portion of shrimp served with fresh tossed salad, including tomatoes, olives and your choice of dressing all in a crispy shell.    11.50
#64. Taco Salad En Su Concha green salad, carne asada, tomatoes, cheese & olives in a crispy shell, includes guacamole or sour cream    9.25
#65. Ensalada En Su Concha green salad, tuna or grilled chicken, avocado, tomatoes, cheese & olives in a crispy shell    9.25
#68. Albondigas Soup (Beef Or Chicken) with side serving of rice   (sm bowl) 4.00 (lg bowl) 6.95
#68B. Vegetable Soup    (sm bowl) 4.00  6.95
#69. Chicken Soup with side serving of rice   (sm bowl) 4.00 (lg bowl) 7.95
#69T. Tortilla Soup    (lg bowl) 9.95


Meat. Served With Rice And Beans.

#22. Carne Asada charbroiled rib-eye steak served with guacamole    17.50
#25. Carnitas De Puerco (Pork) chunks of marinated pork, in salsa borracha, guacamole & corn tortillas    15.25
#26. Banderillas (Mexican Shish-Kabob) rib-eye steak, bell peppers, onions, & tomato a skewer; served with guacamole    17.50


Seafood. Add $2 For Avocado

#27. Gringo's Special two crabmeat or shrimp enchiladas with rice, beans, avocado, tomato and olives.    15.50
#28. Deluxe Shrimp five breaded shrimp; served with rice and beans.    15.95
#29. Halibut Steak A La Plancha charbroiled halibut steak with rice & sauce or bell peppers, tomatoes & onions    16.50
#30. Halibut Steak Al Mojo De Ajo halibut steak seasoned with garlic, salt, green onions, cilantro & sautéed in butter; with rice & tortillas    16.50
#31. Camarones Rancheros sautéed spicy shrimp, bell peppers, onions & fresh cilantro; served with rice and beans    16.50
#31. Camarones Rancheros add each extra shrimp    2.00
#32. Coctel De Camaron shrimp served a mild sauce, sliced avocado, lemon & crackers    10.50
#32D. Double Coctel De Camaron a larger portion of shrimp served in a mild sauce, sliced avocado, lemon & crackers    15.50
#33. Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo five garlic sauteed jumbo shrimp; served with rice & beans.    16.50
#33. Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo add shrimp   (ea extra) 2.00

Especialidad De La Casa

#35. Skylab Burrito a giant size flour tortilla filled with beans and your choice of chile con carne, pork, beef or chicken rice, cheese, lettuce, tomato, green, onion, sour cream and guacamole, topped with ranchera or red sauce.    13.95
#35. Skylab Burrito add carne asada, shredded beef or carnitas.    2.00
#40. Fish Tacos (2) two breaded or fresh fish tacos, lettuce and pico de gallo; served with rice and beans.    13.25
#40B. Tacos De Camaron (2) two shrimp soft tacos, lettuce and pico de gallo; served with rice and beans.    15.95


Tender Strips Of Marinated Beef, Chicken, Or Shrimp Grilled With Bell Peppers, Onions And Tomatoes Served With Rice Beans And Guacamole.

#34. Parillada sauteed shrimp, chicken & rib-eye steak, red onions, oregano served with rice & beans    31.95
#36. Beef, Chicken Or Lemon     14.95
#37. Vegetarian     11.25
#38. Shrimp     16.95
#39. Mar Y Tierra shrimp and beef    17.95

Dinner Suggestion

Includes Rice And Beans. Tortillas Included Upon Request.

#41. Pechuga De Pollo A La Plancha grilled chicken breast filet    13.50
#42. Flautas (2) Chicken Or (2) Beef Chimichangas shredded chicken or beef, tomato, onion and bell peppers rolled into large flour tortillas and fried; topped with sour cream & guacamole    13.50
#43. Enchiladas Rancheras two enchiladas in salsa ranchera, with sour cream & guacamole    13.75
#43. Enchiladas Rancheras add beef, chicken or pork    1.00
#44. Tacos De Papas (2) specially seasoned potato tacos, with onion bits & cheese    11.25
#45. Soft Tacos (2) De Carne Asada Grilled Chicken Or Carnitas served with lettuce, pico de gallo and guacamole.    14.95
#46. Ernie's Tender Grilled Chicken Or Carne Asada Enchiladas served with rice and charro beans; topped with sour cream.    14.95
#47A. La Tampiquena rib-eye steak and a cheese enchilada; served with guacamole.    18.25
#47B. La Tampiquena Special strips of specially marinated flap meat steak with a cheese    13.50
#48. Steak Picado chunks of rib-eye steak with tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, simmered in a home-made sauce    17.50
#49. Chile Con Carne chunks of beef or pork, simmered in home-made red or green sauce.    14.25
#55D. Machaca Con Huevo shredded beef and eggs with tomato, onions and bell peppers.    11.25

A La Carte

A. One Enchilada beef or chicken    3.75
B. One Taco shredded beef or chicken, potatoes    3.25
C. One Cheese Enchilada     3.25
D. Two Taquitos     3.65
E. One Beef Tamale     3.75
F. One Bean Tostada     3.55
G. One Chile Relleno     4.50
H. One Chicken, Beef Or Pork Burrito with beans    5.75
I. One Carne Asada Or Fish Taco     3.75
J. One Beef Or Chicken Tostada     5.95
K. One Guacamole Tostada     5.95
L. One Burrito all beef, pork or chicken- no beans    6.25
M. Hamburger with french fries    5.80
N. One Flauta beef or chicken    3.25
O. One Carne Asada Burrito     6.95
P. Tostada De Ceviche     5.75

Side Orders

Three Corn Tortillas     1.00
Mexican Rice     2.95
Delicious Refried Beans with melted cheese    2.95
Three Flour Tortillas     1.25
Side Of Sour Cream Or Cheese     1.45
French Fries     2.75

Chips & Salsa

Med (16oz) $8 / Lg (32oz) $16.

Red Sauce (Hot)   
Green Sauce (Medium)   
Pico De Gallo   
Salsa Del Burro (Hot)   


1 Scoop Of Ice Cream     1.75
Flan mexican style egg custard    3.25
Flan with kahlua    6.75
Fried Ice Cream     4.75
Apple Chimichanga     4.75


Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Milk     2.50
Soft Drinks, Lemonade, Fruit Punch     2.50
Coffee, Regular Or Decaf     2.50
Horchata mexican rice drink    3.50

Popular Drinks

We Carry 120 Different Kinds Of Tequila

Cadillac Margarita   
Regular Or Flavored Margaritas peach, mango, strawberry, pineapple, melon or banana.  
Piña Colada regular, strawberry or banana  
Assorted Mexican Beers   
Mexican Kamikaze assorted flavors  
Mojitos regular, raspberry, peach  
Mexican Hangover come by and try it out for yourself!  

Kids Menu $5.50

Choice Of Rice, Beans Or French Fries Plus One Item Also Includes Ice Cream For Dessert!

Cheese Enchilada   
Bean And Cheese Burrito   
Beef Taquito   


Ernie's Mexican Restaurant
4410 Lankershim Blvd
Btwn Landale & Moorpark St
(818) 985-4654
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