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El Pescador

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  • Mexican
  • 6633 Eastern Ave, Bell Gardens 90201 33.971951 -118.164621
  • (Btwn Lubec & Loveland St)
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  • (323) 771-8561
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Seafood And Salads

Fish tostadas    6.95
Enchiladas salmon    8.95
Chicken Salad     7.50
Shrimp Soup     6.95
Fish Tacos     7.95
Salmon Fillet     8.95
Shrimp Salad     7.50
Fish Fillet     6.95
Shrimp Bread     6.95
Shrimp Tacos     8.95
Chef's Salad     7.50
Shrimp Cocktail     7.95
Fish Soup     6.95
Fish & Shrimp tostadas    7.95
Fish Fillet breaded    6.95
Salmon Salad     8.95

Mexican Food

Chile Relleno cheese stuffed chili    6.50
Chile Colorado beef    6.50
Carnitas pork    7.95
Tostada beef, chicken or carnitas    6.50
Taquitos beef or chicken    6.50
Chile Verde pork    6.50
Pollo Tampiquena chicken & enchilada    7.95
Nachos beef, chicken or carnitas    6.50
Red Burrito beef    6.50
Taco beef, chicken or carnitas    6.50
Enchiladas spinach    7.95
Tamal beef or chicken    6.50
Green Burrito pork    6.50
Enchiladas beef, chicken or cheese    6.50
Pollo Norteno chicken breast    7.95

Happy Lunch Hour Specials $3.75

Macho Margarita if you're felling tough, show your bravado by trying our made with 100% blue agave  
Apple Martini you work hard. you deserve it! made with absolut vodka, dekuyper apple pucker & a splash of sweet & sour  
Screwdriver are your pieces out of place how about a screwdriver nou you can put it together for only 100% natural orange juice & vodka  
Mojito as refreshing as the beaches in cuba composed of bacardi silver rum, sprite, fresh mint & a twist of lime  
Tropical Margaritas all of them are so delicious, we really can't tell which one is better. so your going to have to try one of each to satisfy your curiosity. specialty at this price  

Glass Of Wine $3.75

White Zinfandel   

Soft Drinks

Refrescos Mexicanos mexican bottled drinks. coca cola, jarnitso, sangrias, sidral  
Fuente De Sodas fountain drinks. sprite, coke, diet coke-ice tea, raspberry ice tea  
Jugos Naturales natural fresh juices. naranja, zanahona, aplo - tomate, orange, carrot, celery, tomato  
Aguas Frescas flavored drinks. limonada casera, horchata, jamaica, tamarindo, pina  

Mas Opciones

More Options

Cafe cafe con canela  
Chocolate Frio   
Chocolate Caliente   
Green Tea lipton tea  
Cranberry Juice   
Apple Juice   
Ice Coffee   






Guacamole made fresh daily  
Nachos beef, chicken or carnitas    6.75
Fiesta Platter guacamole, nachos, quesadilla & taquitos    9.99
Botana De Camarones Para 4 16 shrimp any style    28.00
Taquitos Con Guacamole shredded beef taquitos with fresh guacamole    5.75
Quesadillas beef, chicken or carnitas    5.75
Consomme Presidential * fish & shrimp soup with a touch of habanero pepper   (12oz) 3.75


Tostada Reina seafood combination    8.50
Tostada De Camaron shrimp    6.50
Tostada Mixta type abalone, shrimp and octopus    6.50
Tostada De Ceviche fish    5.50

Camarones $12.50


Aguachiles * raw shrimp marinated in jalapeno green sauce  
Ahogados raw shrimp submerged in lemon juice  



Una Docena    (one doz) 12.95
Media Docena    (half doz) 6.95



Vuelve A La Vida shrimp, octopus & abalone & oysters    11.95
De Camaron shrimp   lg 11.50 sm 7.50
Campechana octopus & shrimp   lg 11.50 sm 7.50
Al Pescador shrimp, type abalone & octopus   lg 11.50 sm 7.50
Campechana Vallarta shrimp and type abalone   lg 11.50 sm 7.50
Campechana Veracruz shrimp and oysters   lg 11.50 sm 7.50
De Ceviche diced fish cooked in lemon & cocktail sauce    8.95


Seafood Soups

7 Mares combination of seven different kind of seafood    14.50
Cuatro Mares * combination of four different kind of seafood    11.75
Costa Brava shrimp and fish    11.25
De Camaron shrimp soup    11.25
De Pescado fish soup    11.25

El Pescados Sugerencias


Pico De Gallo Jarocho octopus, shrimp, and type abalone, side by assorted fresh vegetables & avocado    11.50
Ensalada De Camaron a variety of fresh vegetables topped with medium size shrimp    11.50
Rosarito Combo one shrimp enchilada & one fish taco    10.95
Baja Combo two breaded fish tacos    10.95
Cancun Combo two grilled fish tacos    10.95
Camarones Cancun seasoned sauteed shrimp served with steamed vegetables, rice    12.50

Pescados $11.95


Huachinango Frito fried red snapper  
Huachinango Al Mojo De Ajo red snapper marinated in garlic sauce  
Huachinango A La Veracruzana fried red snapper topped with veracruz sauce. mushrooms and olives  

Langosta $24.75

Lobsters Combos

El Pescador Combo 1/2 lobster & six shrimp any style  
1/2 Langosta Y Filete De Pescado Al Gusto 1/2 lobster & fish fillet any style  
1/2 Langosta Y Carne Asada 1/2 lobster & steak  

Filete De Pescado

Fish Fillet

Filete Al Mojo De Ajo grilled tender fish fillet, in garlic sauce    11.50
Filete Empanizado breaded fillet    11.50
Filete Ala Plancha grilled tender fish fillet    11.50
Filete A La Veracruzana tender fish fillet pieces, cooked with veracruz sauce, mushrooms and olives    11.50
Filete Ranchero grilled fish fillet topped with a delicious ranch style sauce    11.50
Salmon served with steamed vegetables, white rice    12.95



Camarones Al Pescador two wrapped bacon, two breaded, & two in garlic sauce    12.25
Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo marinated in garlic sauce    11.75
Camarones A La Plancha grilled    11.75
Camarones Costa Azul wrapped in bacon    11.75
Camarones Rancheros cooked with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes & ranchero sauce    11.75
Camarones Empanizados breaded shrimp    11.75
Camarones A La Diabla * favorite of hot chile caters    11.75
Camarones A La Veracruzana cooked with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, ranchero sauce mushrooms & olives    11.75
Enchiladas De Camaron two shrimp enchiladas, rice, beans, salad & a touch of guacamole    11.75
Arroz Con Camarones large shrimp cooked in steam and served on a bed rice    11.75


All Breakfast Served With Rice & Beans

Huevos Con Jamon two eggs scrambled with ham    6.95
Huevos Rancheros two eggs over medium topped with ranchero green sauce    6.95
Huevos Campiranos two eggs over medium topped with a delicious home style sauce    5.95
Huevos A La Mexicana two eggs scrambled with chili peppers, onions & tomatoes    6.95
Machaca Con Huevo two eggs scrambled with shredded beef    6.95
Chorizo Con Huevo two eggs scrambled with mexican style sausage    6.95
Steak And Eggs top sirloin steak and two eggs any style    8.95
Nopales Con Huevo scrambled eggs mixed with mexican cactus    6.95
Spanish Omelette melted with jack cheese and green sauce    6.95
Mexican Omelette melted with jack cheese and red sauce    6.95
Ham & Cheese Omelette melted jack cheese, ham and green sauce    8.95
Mushroom Omelette melted jack cheese, mushrooms & green sauce    6.95
Omelette Vegetariano vegetarian omelette. the healthier choice / delicious variety of vegetables, jack cheese & green sauce    8.95
Huevos Divorciados two eggs any style topped with 2 different salsas, divided by a delicious portion of chilaquiles    6.95
Chilaquiles tortilla chips with scrambled eggs, marinated in a special salsa, topped with melted cheese & sour cream    6.95
Steak & Chilaquiles delicious top sirloin steak accompanied with chilaquiles    8.95
Chilaquiles Con Pollo delicious, portion of chilaquiles topped with chicken    8.95

Combinaciones $10.50

Combinations. Select Two Items And Make Your Own Combination.

Cheese Enchilada   
Chicken Enchilada   
Beef Enchilada   
Beef Taco   
Chicken Taco   
Carnitas Taco   
Asada Taco   
Asada Taco A La Diabla *  
Burrito Rojo beef  
Burrito Verde pork  
Chile Relleno   


Meat Specialties

Mar Y Tierra top sirloin steak & 4 shrimp any style    13.50
Carne Asada grilled top sirloin steak    10.95
Steak Picado diced top sirloin steak cooked in a special sauce    10.95
Carne Asada A La Tampiquena grilled top sirloin steak and a cheese enchilada    11.95
Plato De Carnitas pork carnitas plate    10.95
Chile Verde tender chunk pork in a succulent original recipe of the house, green chile sauce    10.95
Chile Colorado chef manuel's original recipe, chunk beef in a delicious red sauce    10.95

El Pescador Sugerencias


Molgajete * beef, chicken, shrimp, chorizo, cheese & with hot sauce   (1 person) 15.50 (2 person) 21.95
Fajitas Al Pescador shrimp, chicken & steak    13.95
Carne Asada A La Diabla* diced top sirloin cooked with onions & hot sauce. favorite for hot chuk ecters    11.50
Pollo Norteno delicious grilled chicken breast served with sauteed veggies    10.95


Enchilada Suiza De Pollo large chicken enchilada topped with sour cream    10.50
Beef Enchilada Plate large beef enchilada topped with special red chile sauce & sour cream    11.50
Enchilada Suiza De Queso large cheese enchilada topped with sour cream    10.50
Enchilada De Camaron A La Diabla * shrimp in hot sauce    11.95


Served With Salad & A Touch Of Sour Cream & Guacamole

Burrito Grande Combinado red chile (beef) & green chile pork    7.50
De Chile Colorado chunk beef in red sauce    7.50
De Chile Verde pork chunks in green sauce    7.50
De Machaca shredded beef or chicken    7.50
De Carnitas delicious pork carnitas    7.50
De Chile Relleno cheese stuffed pasilla pepper    7.50
De Carne Asada carne asada    7.50
De Carne Asada A La Diabla * carne asada in hot sauce    7.50
Vegetariano rice, beans, vegetables & cheese    4.95
De Frijol'y Queso bean and cheese    3.95
De Camaron shrimp    9.95


Cachis Flan   
Carrot Cake   
Cheese Cake   
Cheese Flan   
Chocolate Cake   


Beer. A Probado Nuestras Deliciosas Micheladas

Genuine Draft   
Miller Lite   
Dos Equis   
Corona Extra   
Modelo Especial   
Negra Modelo   


Chablis Blanc   


White Zinfandel   
Blush Chablis   




El Pescador
6633 Eastern Ave
Btwn Lubec & Loveland St
(323) 771-8561
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