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China Grill

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  • Chinese
  • 3282 N Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach 90266 33.898848 -118.395901
  • (At 33rd St)
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  • (310) 546-7284
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Lunch Bowls

Cashew Chicken Bowl     7.29
Broccoli Beef Bowl     7.29
Steam Or Stir-Fry Veggie Bowl     7.29
Orange Chicken Bowl *    7.29
Kung Pao Chicken Bowl *    7.29
Curry Chicken Bowl     7.29
Mongolian Beef Bowl *    7.29
Shrimp Vegetable Bowl     8.29

Lunch Specials

Orange Crispy Chicken * in a piquant orange-peel sauce with chilis.    8.99
General Ws Chicken crispy chunks of chicken breast in mildly pungent, savory sauce.    8.99
Kung Pao Chicken * onions, bell peppers, peanuts, water chestnut, chili.    8.99
Fiery Fish crisp fillet of sole dusted with asian spice salt.    9.49
Panfried Noodles choice of chicken or beef. with chinese greens.    9.49
Garlic Chicken in a mild garlic-soy-rice vinegar dressing, with broccoli florets, shiitake, oyster and button mushrooms.    8.99
Grilled Vegetables With Asian Spices vegetables in season and soy marinated grilled tofu.    9.79
Chicken With Black Bean Sauce * roma tomato, asparagus in slightly spicy black bean sauce.    9.79
Cashew Chicken chicken breast with diced vegetables in lite brown sauce.    8.99
Jade Noodles With Grilled Prawns grilled prawns over lo mein in asian pesto sauce. served with steamed vegetables instead of rice.    12.79
Catch Of The Day In Parchment Paper seasonal fresh fish roasted in asian spices with vegetable medley.    12.99
Crispy Honey Walnut Shrimp lightly battered, in rich creamy sauce with honey walnuts.    11.99
Broccoli Beef with choice beef slices in shallot brown sauce.    8.99
Mooshu Chicken Or BBQ Pork shredded cabbage, egg, scallions. served wrapped.    8.99
Sesame Chicken in sweet & tart soy-balsamic, with pickled cucumbers.    8.99
Red Hot Beef * beef slices in spicy bean sauce with a touch of mint.    9.79
Lemon Chicken Special lightly panko-breaded chicken breast with a lemon glaze.    9.79
Teriyaki Chicken grilled chicken with soy glaze. served with steamed vegetables.    9.79
Mongolian Beef * with scallions, chilis, bamboo shoots and fresh ginger, over rice sticks.    9.79
Shrimp With Chardonnay Sauce with snow peas, asparagus, and scallions.    11.99
Grilled Salmon W/ Ginger-Soy Glace fresh atlantic salmon. served with steamed vegetables.    13.79
Sea Of Prawns, Fish And Scallops in tomato asian basil sauce, fresh coriander.    11.99
Wok Seared Ahi Tuna served with steamed vegetables, seaweed salad, pickled ginger.    12.99
Beef Tenderloin Saltado with roma tomato, bell peppers, onions, and potato fries, in latin-asian flavors.    11.99


Vegetable Spring Rolls shredded vegetables, scallions, black shiitake mushrooms, baby winter bamboo shoot hearts.    4.50
Potstickers steamed and then pan-fried: ground pork, chinese greens, ginger and scallions. served with soy-vinaigrette.    6.50
Steamed Chicken Dumplings steamed, filled with ground chicken breast, chinese parsley, ginger and scallions. served with mild szechwan cream sauce.    6.25
Rice Rolls grilled chicken, julienned cucumber, green leaf lettuce, sesame seeds, fresh herbs, in transparent rice paper wrapping. (served cold, not fried).    6.25
Rice Rolls with shrimp.    8.95
Krazy Egg Rolls stuffed with chunks of chicken, broccoli, cabbage, three types of cheeses, in a light, crisp tempura batter.    6.95
Cream Cheese Wontons crispy, served with s & s sauce.    4.95
Crackling Calamari crisp light breaded strips of calamari steak with asian spiced kosher salt, fresh chili, served with asian pungent sauce.    8.50
Ahi Poke diced sashimi yellow fin tuna served with hot house cucumber, seaweed, scallion and avocado.    9.95
Dim Sum Platter szechwan chicken dumplins, crab-stuffed shrimp shrimp cigars, potstickers, beef skewers.   (for 2) 13.95
Chicken Tamales wrapped in banana leaf. made with olive oil, topped with spicy avocado salsa.    7.95
South Pacific Beef Skewers served with spicy peanut sauce and citrus relish.    7.95
Cantonese Spareribs marinated in a hunan style bbq sauce, finished on the grill.    9.95
Lettuce Cups with a choice of minced chicken or tofu-water chestnut, chives, black mushrooms. served with iceberg lettuce cups.    8.95
Lettuce Cups with shrimp add    3.00
Crab Stuffed Shrimp Cigars shrimp, crab meat, cream cheese, chinese chives, with macadamia nut, wrapped in filo paper. served with dijon-mango-lime dipping sauce.    9.95

Soup & Salads

Classic Wonton Soup shrimp, chicken & bbq. pork in a hearty broth with mixed chinese greens and wonton pork dumplings.   lg 10.25 half 7.25
Hot & Sour Chicken Soup shredded breast of chicken, black mushroom, bean curd, in a peppery consommé.   bowl 6.25 cup 3.50 lg 8.95
Egg Flower Soup chicken breast chunks in a creamy broth with egg white, carrots, snow peas.   bowl 6.25 lg 8.95
Vegetable Soup In Ginger Broth in season vegetables, baby bok choy, snow peas, napa cabbage, fresh mushrooms, scallions.   bowl 6.25 lg 8.95
Chicken Dumpling Soup chicken breast dumplings in a tasty broth with chinese greens.   bowl 6.45 lg 9.25
Chinese Chicken Salad grilled chicken, chopped lettuce, baby greens, scallions, wonton threads, rice sticks, in soy-ginger vinaigrette.   lg 11.50 half 7.50
Oriental Citrus Salad spring mix greens with orange and asian pear wedges, green apple, grapefruit, craisins, water chestnut, honey walnuts, in raspberry-ginger vinaigrette.   lg 11.50 half 7.50
Gorgonzola Salad with mango, beet, green apple, asian pear, walnuts, on a bed of baby greens tossed with a plum dressing.   lg 12.95 half 7.95
Seared Ahi Tuna Salad sashimi seared ahi, with baby gourmet greens tossed in asian vinaigrette, topped with new potatoes, hot house cucumber, daikon sprouts, asparagus and ginger-dijon-olive dressing.   (entree only) 12.95
Seared Ahi Tuna Salad add avocado    1.95
Seared Salmon Salad served with baby gourmet greens tossed in asian vinaigrette, topped with new potatoes, hot house cucumber, daikon sprouts, asparagus and ginger-dijon-olive dressing.   (entree only) 14.95
Seared Salmon Salad add avocado    1.95
Peking Duck Salad roasted chinese duck over spring mix greens, water chestnuts, rice sticks and toasted almonds in plum- balsamic vinaigrette.   entree 14.95 half 9.75


Mooshu Chicken shredded vegetables, egg, white chicken meat, scallions, hoisin sauce. served wrapped.    11.95
Crispy Orange Chicken * lightly battered and quick fried, in orange peel sauce.    11.95
Kung Pao Chicken * diced onion, assorted bell peppers, peanuts & water chestnut.    12.95
House Chicken With Cashew Nuts with assorted cubed vegetables.    12.95
Moogoo Gai Pan with sliced chicken breast, snow peas, fresh mushrooms, celery, in a light sauce of ginger and shallots.    12.95
Crispy Sesame Chicken caramelized in a sauce made with dark soy and aged balsamic vinegar. topped with pickled cucumber and sesame seeds.    11.95
General Ws Chicken crispy chunks of chicken breast in a savory and pungent sauce with a touch of aged black vinegar.    11.95
Garlic Chicken With Wild Mushrooms * accented with rice vinegar, chili sauce, and plenty of garlic. shiitake, button and oyster mushrooms.    12.95
Special Lemon Chicken crispy, lightly breaded chicken breasts, in a sauce made with fresh lemons.    13.95
Chicken With Black Bean Sauce sliced chicken breast, roma tomato and asparagus, in rich black bean sauce.    14.50
Sweet & Tangy Crispy Chicken lightly battered and quick fried, in cantonese sweet & sour sauce.    11.95
Hunan Chicken chicken breast slices, broccoli florets, with splash of shaoshing wine.    13.50


Mooshu Pork shredded vegetables, egg, pork, scallions, hoisin sauce. served wrapped.    11.95
Red Hot Beef * with julienned vegetables, snow peas, garlic, hoisin, ginger, chili, in spicy sauce with a touch of mint.    14.50
Spicy Hunan Beef * tender beef slices in spicy bean sauce, soy sauce with sweet onions, chili, over a bed of broccoli florets.    14.50
Angus Tenderloin With Wild Mushrooms angus tenderloin chunks deglazed with pinot noir. shiitake, oyster and button mushroom, truffle oil.    18.95
Cantonese Beef With Broccoli choice flank steak in a ginger-scallion brown sauce, cauliflower and carrots.    12.50
Crispy Orange Peel Beef * reintroducing a favorite. with orange peel, chilis and our unique orange sauce.    13.95
Northern Style Mongolian Beef * with dry chilis, scallions, bamboo shoots and fresh ginger.    14.50
Roast Duck A La Peking served with steamed buns, scallions, hoisin and plum sauces.    18.95
Waichun's Beef Tenderloin aged, upper choice, cubed and sauteed with maui onions, roma tomatoes and bok choy.    19.95


Fiery Fish crispy sole fillet, dusted with asian spiced kosher salt, pickled vegetables, in mild tamarind sauce.    12.95
Shrimp With Chardonnay Sauce plump jumbo white shrimp, in light scallion-shallot sauce with chardonnay wine.    16.95
Spicy Shrimp * jumbo white shrimp in spicy soy sauce with sweet onions, chili, over a bed of broccoli florets.    17.95
Crispy Honey Walnut Shrimp lightly battered jumbo crispy prawns in a rich,creamy sauce, topped with honey walnuts.    16.95
Steamed Salmon atlantic salmon with soy-lemon sauce. served with stirfried vegetables.    18.95
Fire Roasted Mahi Mahi grilled with southeast asian spices. served over grilled seasonal vegetables.    18.95
Grilled Salmon asian style. atlantic salmon in soy ginger glaze. served with stir-fry vegetables.    18.95
Black Bean Fish Fillet sole fish sauteed with black bean sauce, roma tomatoes and green beans.    14.95
Crispy Prawns lightly battered large prawns in a soy-ginger-balsamic vinegar dressing.    17.95
Wok Seared Ahi Tuna 6 oz sashimi grade over baby bok choy, asparagus, china peas and three sauces.    19.95
Asian Seafood Paella shrimp, scallop, seasonal fish, calamari, green mussels, manila clams, over saffron rice.    21.95
Grilled Sea Scallops with julienned young squash in mild chili-black bean sauce.    19.95
Hot Pot Of Shrimp, Fish And Scallops with chinese eggplant, tofu, mushroom, tomato and fresh asian herbs.    19.95
Catch Of The Day In Parchment Paper seasonal fresh fish roasted in ground asian spices with vegetable medley.    18.95


Side Of Steam Rice     1.95
Side Of Pickled Vegetables daikon, carrots, cabbage, red jalapeño    3.25
Side Of Fried Rice (white or brown)    3.95
Side Of Chow Mein     3.95
Side Of Spicy Noodles     4.25
Side Of Steamed Veg     4.50
Side Of Garlic Noodles     4.25
Side Of Stir-Fry Veg     4.50
Side Of Grilled Vegetables     4.95

Rice & Pastas

Fried Rice wokked to perfection in the traditional cantonese style. with soy sauce, egg and scallions.    8.25
Vegetable Fried Rice selected vegetables, pineapple tidbits, and egg. (cooked without soy sauce)    9.95
Brown Fried Rice wokked to perfection in the traditional cantonese style. with soy sauce, egg, and scallions.    8.25
Chur Fun prepared in the dry style with scallions, bean sprouts, in rich soy sauce.    8.95
Soy Lo Mein sauteed asian spaghetti noodles in rich soy sauce and mixed vegetables.    8.95
Pad Thai * wok-tossed sprouts and china peas, fresh chilies, cilantro, egg, rice noodles, peanuts.    11.95
Spicy Garlic Sauce Pasta broccoli florets, shiitake, oyster and button mushrooms, bell pepper. served over panfried or chur fun rice noodles.    10.95
Garlic Noodles * flat wheat noodles with garlic, chives, and a touch of sambal chili.    8.95
Szechwan Noodles * flat noodles, scallions, trio bell peppers, fresh coriander, in spicy szechwan sauce.    9.95
Pan Fried Chow Mein wok toasted noodles topped with sauteed china peas and tender greens.    10.95
Szechwan Cream Pasta flat wheat noodles topped with a spicy cream sauce and chives.    10.95
Jade Noodles spaghetti style noodles tossed in delicious non-dairy asian pesto sauce.    10.95
Asian Marinara Sauce fresh tomato, onions and fresh asian herbs. served over garlic noodles.    10.95
Cream Of Shiitake Pasta our version of alfredo sauce (shiitake mushroom sauce), over flat noodles and chives.    10.95


Stir-Fry Vegetable Melange fresh in season vegetables, tofu, black shiitake mushroom, in garlic-scallion sauce.    8.95
Mapo Tofu * firm tofu in garlic-ginger-hot bean sauce.    9.95
Spicy Szechwan Eggplant * chinese purple eggplant in spicy szechwan sauce.    9.95
Grilled Vegetables With Asian Spices vegetables in season and soy marinated grilled tofu.    11.95
Wok Tossed Green Beans green beans with garlic-shallots, cantonese style.    9.95
Curry Vegetables with new potatoes, eggplant, zucchini, onions, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and bell peppers.    9.95

Kid's $5.25

Favorite Chicken Nuggets served with sweet & sour, teriyaki and orange sauces.  
Chicken Fried Rice Confetti with pineapple tidbits, cubed carrots, egg and broccoli florets.  
Grilled Chicken With Veggies served over steamed rice, with teriyaki sauce.  
Noodles & Krazy Egg Roll chow mein noodles, broccoli florets and tempura egg roll, with s&s sauce.  


Chocolate Bliss flourless chocolate cake layered with rich belgium dark chocolate, topped with smooth chocolate ganache and garnished with sweet raspberry couli, and house-made coconut vanilla ice cream.    7.95
Chocolate Bliss a la mode add    2.00
Creme Brulee not-your-average creme brulee! silky smooth with rich vanilla bean flavor. served with seasonal fresh fruit.    6.95
Our House Sampler we make all our sorbets and ice creams in house, with flavors, ranging from plain vanilla to tropical mango. choose your choice of any flavors. ask your server for this week's list of flavors.    6.95
Five Spiced Apple Tart an old world styled tart with granny smith apples, speckled with sugar-laced asian spices, baked with a light tropical fruit glaze and topped with homemade vanilla ice cream.    6.95
Passion Mango Cheesecake awaken your passions with this passion fruit and mango infused cheesecake. new york style, creamy, topped with fresh mango puree and with fresh fruit.    6.95
Banana Caramel Spring Rolls hand-rolled ripe bananas and candied walnuts quick-fried and covered in creamy caramel, with a hearty scoop of house-made banana walnut ice cream.    6.95


Coke diet, sprite  
Paradise Iced Tea   
Specialty Lemonade strawberry, raspberry, etc.  
Coffee Presspot By Seattle's Best   
Chinese Hot Teas green, jasmine, oolong  
San Pellegrino Mineral Water 15oz   
Aqua Panna Water 15oz   

Bottle Beer

Tsingtao     5.00
Asahi     5.00
Amstel Light     5.00
Heineken     5.00
Miller Lite     4.00
St Pauli (non-alcoholic)    5.00

Wines By The Glass

Listed From Mildest To Strongest * Mild Spicy.

White Zinfandel, Maddalena, Paso Robles off dry, with flavors of strawberries and cherry--light body    5.00
Riesling, Kungfu Girl, Washington bursting with zingy apricot, tart apple and peachy floral aromas--light body    8.00
Pinot Grigio, Mezza Corona, Italy pretty melon aroma, pleasant mineral, nice crisp finish--light body    8.00
Sauvignon Blanc, 'the Ned', New Zealand lemon zest aroma, pineapples and citrus, clean finish--medium body    9.00
Chardonnay, Maddalena, Monterey smooth mixed fruit aromas, with citrus, guava and orange peel--light body    8.00
Chardonnay, Kendall Jackson, California gala apple, lemon, lime and pear layered with butterscotch and subtle toasty oak--medium body    9.00
Chardonnay, La Crema, Monterey crisp, firm structure. pineapple, lemon zest, apricot, clean mineral notes--full body    11.00
Pinot Noir, Bell Town, Central Coast garnet in color, nose of plums, aged in french oak barrells--light body    8.00
Pinot Noir, Byron, Santa Barbara tastes of dark berries, cherry, red plum, spice and smoke with a plesant finish--light body    10.00
Zinfandel, Terra De Oro, Amador County rich in dark fruits and berry, smooth palate, lingering long finish-medium body    10.00
Merlot, Bogle, California kicks of black raspberry and dark cherries, fruit and spice finish--light body    8.00
Cabernet Sauvignon ‘moon Eyes', Lodi the bouquet has multiple layers and evolves with nuances of black cherry, blueberry, violets, charcruterie, black liquorice and dried leafs--full body    7.00
Cabernet Sauvignon, Joel Gott, California blackberry, dark plum, cedar and vanilla, polished tannins and elegant long finish--full body    11.00
House Wines chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, merlot, cabernet sauvignon    5.00


China Grill
3282 N Sepulveda Blvd
At 33rd St
(310) 546-7284
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