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  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 16226 Ventura Blvd, Encino CA91436 34.156306 -118.486743
  • (Btwn Woodley & Libbet Ave)
  • (818) 788-7121
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Salad & Vegetables

Emperor’s Salad garden salad with grapefruit, avocado, asparagus, english cucumber and assorted fresh vegetables served with wasabi dressing. oil and vinegar or ginger dressing also available. comes with benihana onion soup, hibachi shrimp appetizer, brown rice, homemade dipping sauces and japanese hot green tea.   13.75
add chicken   16.25
add collosal shrimp   16.75
add steak*   17.25
Garden Delight asparagus and other assorted fresh garden vegetables steamed on the grill before your eyes and finished with a white balsamic vinegar. comes with benihana onion soup, benihana salad, tofu appetizer, hibachi vegetables, brown rice and japanese hot green tea.   14.75

Entrées - Steak And Chicken

All Of Our Beef Is USDA Choice, Aged To Perfection And Hand-Butchered On Premise. Served With Benihana Onion Soup, Benihana Salad, Hibachi Shrimp Appetizer, Hibachi Vegetables, Homemade Dipping Sauces, Steamed Rice And Japanese Hot Green Tea.

Filet Mignon tenderloin* and mushrooms lightly seasoned and grilled to perfection.   24.50
Teriyaki Steak thinly sliced steak*, scallions and mushrooms grilled in a homemade teriyaki sauce.   22.25
Imperial Steak a 12oz new york strip steak* with mushrooms grilled to perfection.   34.50
Hibachi Lemon Chicken chicken breast hibachi grilled and finished with fresh lemon.   18.25
Teriyaki Chicken chicken breast grilled with mushrooms in a special homemade teriyaki sauce.   18.50
Hibachi Steak new york strip steak* and mushrooms hibachi grilled to your specification.   22.25
Hibachi Chateaubriand 8.5oz of center cut tenderloin* and mushrooms lightly seasoned and grilled with garlic butter.   32.25
Hibachi Chicken chicken breast and mushrooms grilled with butter and sesame seeds.   18.25
Spicy Hibachi Chicken chicken breast grilled with green onions and mushrooms in a special spicy homemade sauce.   18.75

Entrées - Specialties

All Of Our Beef Is USDA Choice, Aged To Perfection And Hand-Butchered On Premise. Served With Benihana Onion Soup, Benihana Salad, Hibachi Shrimp Appetizer, Hibachi Vegetables, Mushrooms, Homemade Dipping Sauces, Steamed Rice, Japanese Hot Green Tea And Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream, Sherbet Or Sorbet.

Rocky’s Choice hibachi steak* and chicken breast grilled to your specification.   25.75
Benihana Delight chicken breast and colossal shrimp lightly seasoned and grilled.   25.75
Splash ‘N Meadow hibachi steak* and grilled colossal shrimp lightly seasoned and grilled to your specification.   28.25
Land ‘N Sea tender filet mignon* and sea scallops grilled in butter and lemon.   32.75
Benihana Trio filet mignon*, chicken breast and colossal shrimp grilled with lemon and butter.   36.25
Benihana Excellence teriyaki beef* julienne with scallions and colossal shrimp.   27.00
Samurai Treat filet mignon* and colossal shrimp grilled to perfection with lemon and butter.   33.25
Benihana Special hibachi steak* paired with a cold water lobster tail.   35.75
Deluxe Treat filet mignon* and cold water lobster tail grilled to perfection with butter and lemon.   36.75
Hibachi Supreme chateaubriand*, 8.5oz of our finest center cut tenderloin, served with a cold water lobster tail sautéed with butter and lemon.   44.25


Served With Benihana Onion Soup, Benihana Salad, Hibachi Shrimp Appetizer, Hibachi Vegetables, Homemade Dipping Sauces, Steamed Rice And Japanese Hot Green Tea.

Colossal Shrimp colossal shrimp lightly seasoned and grilled with lemon and butter.   25.75
Hibachi Shrimp hibachi shrimp grilled to perfection.   23.25
Hibachi Tuna Steak sesame crusted tuna steak* with tomato, avocado and edamame in a white balsamic sauce. served medium rare.   22.75
Hibachi Scallops tender sea scallops grilled hibachi style with butter and lemon.   24.25
Ocean Treasure cold water lobster tail, sea scallops and colossal shrimp grilled to perfection.   36.00
Colossal Mango Shrimp colossal shrimp grilled with yellow bell pepper, asparagus, lime and cilantro in a fresh mango sauce.   25.25
Hibachi Mango Salmon hibachi salmon with sweet potatoes and vegetables, served with a delicious asian-inspired mango salsa.   22.75
Surf Side grilled colossal shrimp, calamari and tender sea scallops.   28.25
Twin Lobster Tails two cold water lobster tails grilled with butter and lemon.   39.50

Noodles & Tofu

Served With Benihana Onion Soup, Benihana Salad, Hibachi Shrimp Appetizer, Hibachi Vegetables, Homemade Dipping Sauces, Steamed Rice And Japanese Hot Green Tea.

Seafood Diablo sea scallops, calamari, shrimp, assorted vegetables and japanese udon noodles grilled in a homemade spicy sauce.   21.50
Spicy Tofu Steak tofu, scallions and cilantro grilled in a spicy tofu hot sauce.   16.00
Yakisoba japanese sautéed noodles with chicken and mixed vegetables in a special sauce and sprinkled sesame seeds.   18.25

Specialty Sushi Rolls

Half / Full.

Vegetable Roll green leaf, avocado, cucumber, tomato, red cabbage, yamagobo  full 4.75
California Roll crab#, avocado, cucumber  3.00 5.75
Spicy Tuna Roll tuna*, cucumber, spicy sauce  3.75 7.25
Las Vegas Roll salmon, avocado, cream cheese, jalapeño, spicy sauce on top (deep fried)  4.00 7.75
Shrimp Lovers crab#, avocado, shrimp tempura, shrimp, cucumber  5.75 11.00
Alaskan Roll crab#, avocado, salmon*, cucumber  5.75 11.25
Dragon Roll eel, avocado, crab#, cucumber  5.75 11.25
Spider Roll soft shell crab, crab#, green leaf, cucumber, avocado, soybean paper, yamagobo  full 11.25
Benihana Roll crab#, avocado, cucumber, smelt egg  2.75 5.50
Salmon Skin Roll salmon skin, cucumber, yamagobo, bonito flakes on top  3.00 5.75
Philly Roll marinated salmon*, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado  3.75 7.25
Crunchy Roll shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, crab#, tempura crumbs  4.50 9.00
Caterpillar Roll eel, cucumber, avocado  5.50 11.25
Boston Roll crab#, avocado, cucumber, tuna*  5.75 11.25
Rainbow Roll tuna*, shrimp, yellowtail*, izumidai*, salmon*, crab#, avocado, cucumber  full 11.25
Sumo Roll crab#, avocado, cucumber, shrimp tempura, salmon, special mayo sauce (baked)   12.50

Sushi Entrees*

Served With Salad And Miso Soup

Sushi Combination    14.50
Sushi Combination Deluxe    20.00
Sashimi Combination with rice   21.25
Sushi/Sashimi Combination with rice   24.50

Sashimi & Sushi

Per Pc.

Crab Stick #    2.50
Mackerel*    2.50
Smelt Roe*    2.50
Surf Clam*    2.50
Halibut*    2.75
Octopus    2.75
Eel    3.00
Tuna*    3.00
Salmon Roe*    3.25
Egg    2.50
Shrimp    2.50
Squid*    2.50
Ablacore Tuna*    2.75
Izumidai - Tilapia*    2.75
Salmon*    2.75
Marinated Salmon*    3.00
Yellowtail*    3.00
Sweet Shrimp* with head   3.75
Sea Urchin* if available   


Cucumber Roll    4.25
Oshinko Roll    4.25
Salmon Roll*    4.50
Yellowtail Roll*    4.50
Tuna Roll*    5.50
Eel Roll    7.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll    7.75
Lobster Roll    21.25

Hand Rolls

Cucumber    4.25
Philadelphia*    4.50
Salmon Skin    4.50
California #    4.50
Tuna*    4.50
Eel    4.50
Shrimp Tempura    4.50
Spicy Tuna*    4.75

Lunch Boat

Served With Soup, Salad, Edamame, Sashimi*, Half California # Roll, Shrimp And Vegetable Tempura, Steamed Rice And Fresh Fruit.

Chicken    10.25
Salmon    10.25
Beef* Julienne    10.75

Lunch Entrées

All Of Our Beef Is USDA Choice, Aged To Perfection And Hand-Butchered On Premise. Served With Benihana Salad, Hibachi Vegetable Rice And Hibachi Vegetables.

Hibachi Chicken chicken breast and mushrooms grilled with butter and sesame seeds.   9.75
Spicy Hibachi Chicken chicken breast and mushrooms grilled with butter and sesame seeds.   10.00
Hibachi Shrimp chicken breast and mushrooms grilled with butter and sesame seeds.   12.00
Beef Julienne teriyaki beef* with green onions and mushrooms grilled in a homemade teriyaki sauce.   12.00
Filet Mignon tenderloin* and mushrooms lightly seasoned and grilled to perfection   14.50
Hibachi Lemon Chicken chicken breast hibachi grilled and finished with fresh lemon.   9.75
Yakisoba japanese sautéed noodles with vegetables in a special sauce.   
chicken   9.00
Yakisoba* steak   9.75
Yakisoba hibachi shrimp   9.75
Hibachi Scallops tender sea scallops grilled hibachi style with butter and lemon.   12.25
Hibachi Steak new york strip steak* and mushrooms teppanyaki grilled to your specification.   12.25
Lunch Duet select two of these benihana favorites. beef* julienne, chicken, calamari yakisoba, scallops, hibachi shrimp   14.50
Dinner Menu Items Also Available.

Take Home

Benihana Herb Tea: Signature Blend Of 17 Herbs From Okinawa. 4.6oz Can $12 / Take Home Our Full Tea Set $40.

Steamed Rice   (12oz) 3.00
Brown Rice   (12oz) 4.00
Benihana Sushi Rice   (12oz) 4.00
Hibachi Chicken Rice   (12oz) 6.50
Ginger Sauce   pt 4.00
Hot Sauce   (4oz) 3.00
Teriyaki Sauce   pt 5.00
Salad Dressing   pt 4.00

Side Orders

Edamame served hot and sprinkled with sea salt.   4.75
Benihana Onion Soup this homemade benihana specialty simmers for six hours. a favorite since 1964.   3.00
Beef Sashimi seared beef* slices with a special dipping sauce.   7.75
Hibachi Chicken Rice the original benihana classic. grilled chicken, rice, egg and chopped vegetables with garlic flavored butter.   3.25
Benihana Salad crisp greens, red cabbage, carrots and grape tomatoes in homemade tangy ginger dressing.   2.75
Brown Rice    2.00
Seaweed Salad    4.25
Sushi Sampler*    8.00
Vegetable Tempura    6.00
Calamri Tempura    7.50
Shrimp Tempura    8.25
Scallop Tampura    8.25
Miso Soup    3.25
Benihana Sushi Rice    2.25
Agedashi Tofu    6.00
Sashimi Sampler*    8.00
Soft Shell Crab    10.75
Calamari Saute    7.50
Shrimp Saute    8.25
Scallop Saute    8.50
Tuna Tataki*    11.00
Spicy Seafood Soup salmon, shrimp, calamari and mixed vegetables served in a spicy garlic onion soup.   9.00
Extra Serving Of Homemade Benihana Hot Sauce $0.75. Extra Serving Of Steamed Rice $1.


Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream chocolate, vanilla or strawberry   3.50
Green Tea Ice Cream    3.50
Rainbow Sherbet    3.25
Bindi Orange Sorbet    3.50
Fresh Pineapple Boat    4.00
Banana Tempura    6.25


Entrees Served With Japanese Onion Soup Or Benihana Salad, Shrimp Appetizer, Vegetables (Corn, Zucchini And Onion), Steamed Rice And Ice Cream.

Entree Combos

Combination Chicken & Shrimp    13.25
Combination Chicken & Steak*    13.25
Combination Steak* &shrimp    13.75


California Roll #    8.50
Hibachi Chicken    10.25
Hibachi Shrimp    10.25
Hibachi Steak*    10.75

Side Orders

White Noodles    3.25
Hibachi Chicken Rice    3.25
Edamame    4.50


Banana Berry Blast banana, strawberry and blueberry smoothie.   4.75
Ramune nostalgic japanese children's drink, in strawberry or lemon-lime.   3.95
Benihana Fruit Punch    3.00
Benihana Lemonade strawberry, mango, raspberry   3.00
Milk 2%    2.50
Juice apple, orange, cranberry, grapefruit, pineapple.   2.95
Soda    2.60


Soft Drinks

Benihana Lemonade complimentary refills. raspberry, mango, strawberry, passion fruit   3.95
Freshsly Brewed Iced Teas complimentary refills. benihana "red flower" hibiscus blend (caffeine free), green tea (passion fruit), black organic   3.00
Ramune classic japanese bottled soda with a "pop" original or strawberry   3.95
Benihana Herb Tea signature blend of 17 herbs from okinawa  (one pot) 6.00

Water $3.75

Fiji natural artesian, still   
Voss lightly sparkling   

Soda $2.95

Complimentary Refills

Diet Pepsi    
Sierra Mist    
Dr. Pepper    
Ginger Ale    

Specialty Cocktails

Benihana Punch myers’s platinum rum, strawberry and peach liqueurs, tropical fruit juices   8.75
enjoy in a signature mug   12.00
Mai Tai myers’s platinum rum, orgeat syrup, angostura bitters, tropical fruit juices, myers’s dark rum float   8.75
Benihana Mojito bacardi silver rum, benihana sake, fresh limes and mint   8.75
Coconut Mojito cîroc coconut vodka, malibu rum, coconut and pineapple, fresh limes and mint   8.75
White Peach Sake Sangria white wine, benihana sake, white peach and passion fruit purées, pineapple juice   8.75
Grape Escape skyy infusions grape vodka, moscato wine, fresh muddled grapes   8.75
To Kyo Wild Tea absolut wild tea vodka, iichiko shochu, yuzu sour mix, organic black iced tea, gosling’s ginger beer   8.75
Haiku Colada malibu rum, pineapple and coconut, strawberry purée swirl, frozen   8.75
Apple Moscow Mule absolut orient apple vodka, fresh ginger and lime, gosling’s ginger beer   8.75
Exotic Mojito malibu mango rum, passion fruit purée, pineapple juice, fresh limes and mint   8.75
Cucumber Collins hendrick’s gin, st-germain elderflower liqueur, iichiko shochu, fresh cucumber slices   8.75
Red Plum Sake Sangria red wine, benihana sake, plum wine, pomegranate and orange juice   8.75
Yuzu Margarita patrón silver tequila, patrón citrónge, organic agave nectar, yuzu sour mix   10.00
Blue Ocean Punch Bowl for two or more. a tropical blue concoction with malibu rum, skyy pineapple vodka, sake, blue curaçao, tropical fruit juices   26.00
Baby Blue Ocean   (sgl serving) 8.75

Signature Martinis $9.50

Beni-Tini grey goose vodka, iichiko shochu, hibiscus infused tea, passion fruit purée   
Strawberry Saketini russian standard vodka, nigori sake, fresh muddled strawberries, cranberry juice   
Rising Sun Lemon Drop ketel one citroen vodka, cointreau, fresh lemon juice, pama pomegranate liqueur, sugar rim   
To Kyo Manhattan the yamazaki 12 years single malt whisky, lillet rouge, cherry heering, fee brothers cherry bitters   
Mango Saketini malibu mango rum, nigori sake, mango puree, tropical fruit juices   

Alcohol-Free Frozen Specialties $5.75

Banana Berry Smoothie strawberry, banana and blueberry   
Strawberry Passion Delight passion fruit and strawberry swirl   
Mango Colada pineapple, coconut and mango purée   


Japanese Brands

Sapporo asahi, kirin ichiban (large)   8.95
Kirin Light    5.25

Draft & Microbrews

Echigo niigata - japan  (500ml) 10.00
Kirin Ichiban draft   6.00
Bud Light draft   5.00

Domestic & Import

Bud Light    4.75
Corona    5.25
O'Douls    4.75


Wines By The Glass


Chardonnay canyon road, california   8.00
kendall-jackson, california   9.00
la crema, sonoma coast, ca   11.25
Sauvignon Blanc joel gott, california   8.75
kim crawford, new zealand   10.50
Pinot Grigio coppola ‘bianco’, california   8.00
santa margherita, valdadige, italy   13.25
Torrontés doña paula, argentina   9.00
Moscato beringer, chile   7.00
Riesling chateau ste. michelle, columbia valley, wa   7.75
saint m by dr loosen, pfalz, germany   9.00
White Zinfandel beringer, california   6.75


Pinot Noir estancia ‘pinnacles ranches’, monterey, ca   10.00
`flor de campo´ by sanford, santa barbara, ca   11.50
Merlot 14 hands, washington state   8.25
tangley oaks, napa valley, ca   10.00
Cabernet Sauvignon hayes ranch, central coast, ca   8.50
louis m. martini, sonoma, ca   9.50
simi, alexander valley, ca   13.75
Cabernet Blend claret by coppola, california   11.50
Malbec don miguel gascón, mendoza, argentina   10.00
Shiraz penfolds ‘thomas hyland’, adelaide, australia   10.00
Zinfandel edmeades, mendocino, ca   10.50


Benihana Plum wine berkeley, ca   7.00


* We Are Required By The Health Department To Inform You That The Items Indicated Contain Raw Fish And Consuming Raw Or Undercooked Meats, Poultry, Seafood, Shellfish Or Eggs May Increase Your Risk Of Food-Borne Illness, Especially If You Have Certain Medical Conditions. (#) Kani Kama Crab & Kani Kama Crab Mix Contain Imitation Crab.
16226 Ventura Blvd
Btwn Woodley & Libbet Ave
(818) 788-7121
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