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Bell Gardens Thai Bbq

  • $$
  • Thai
  • 6634 Eastern Ave, Bell Gardens 90201 33.971854 -118.163726
  • (Btwn Lubec St & Loveland St)
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  • (323) 560-8654
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Shrimp Rolls     7.00
Thai Spring Rolls     6.35
Fried Wonton     6.05
Wings Of Angel     8.00
Fried Shrimp     7.75

Lunch Specials

L1. B.B.Q Chicken     7.75
L2. B.B.Q Spare Ribs     8.00
L3. Beef Sate     8.00
L4. Pepper Steak     7.75
L5. Chicken Phad Thai     7.75
L6. Chicken Curry     7.75
L7. Chicken Sate     8.00
L8. Chicken Or Beef Broccoli     7.75
L9. Spicy Mint Chicken     7.75
L10. Green Garden Vegetable     7.00
L11. Salmon Teriyaki     8.25
L12. Chicken Teriyaki     7.00

House Special

All Served With Shrimp Fried Rice.

S1. Kai Yang bbq chicken dinner. half a chicken    9.75
S2. BBQ Pork Spare Rib Dinner thai bbq pork spare ribs    9.75
S3. Chicken Sate     10.00
S4. Combo Sate skewer chicken and beef sate.    10.00
S5. Scampi A La Thai BBQ shrimp sauteed with black pepper and garlic sauce server with broccoli.    9.75
S6. Sweet Angel stuffed chicken wings topped with sweet sour sauce    9.50
S7. Dearest Crab a combination of crab meat, shrimp, beef, chicken    9.50
S8. Sate Dinner beef sate    10.00
S9. Rainbow Trout grilled trout topped with our red wine sauce    9.50
S10. Crispy Duck Dinner crisp honey duck glazed with orange sauce served with broccoli.    10.50
S11. Chicken Ruby Dinner deep fried whole baby hen stuffed with a combination of shrimp, chicken, pork    10.50
S12. Teriyaki Salmon Dinner salmon steak grilled with teriyaki sauce served with broccoli.    10.50
S13. Teriyaki Chicken     9.50

A La Carte Poultry

1. Thai B.B.Q Chicken half chicken served with sweet n' sour sauce    8.60
2. Chicken with broccoli    9.20
3. Mint Chicken sliced chicken with a mixture of green chili and mint leaves    9.20
4. Chicken Curry yellow curry chicken with onions    9.20
5. Chicken With Baby Corn sauteed in oyster sauce with mushrooms and green onions    9.20
6. Sweet And Sour Chicken fried with cucumbers, onion, tomatoes and pineapples sauteed with sweet n' sour sauce    9.20
7. Sweet And Sour Angel     9.20
8. Chicken Ruby     10.30
9. Ginger Chicken     9.20
10. Crispy Duck     9.50
11. Garlic Chicken slices of chicken stir fried with garlic and black pepper.    9.20
12. Cashew Chicken slices chicken stir fried with cashew nuts, green onions and dried chili.    9.20
13. Teriyaki Chicken server with broccoli    9.20


14. Thai B.B.Q Spare Ribs     9.00
15. Garlic Short Ribs pork short ribs sauteed with garlic and black pp    8.35


16. Beef with broccoli. sauteed in oyster sauce    8.50
17. Chili Beef     8.50
18. Mint Beef slices if beef stir with a mixture of green chili and mint leaves in a spicy sauce    8.50
19. Chili Chicken     8.75
20. Teriyaki Chicken     8.80


21. Shrimp And Baby Corn sauteed in oyster sauce with mushrooms and green onion    9.00
22. Sweet And Sour Shrimp fried with cucumbers pineapples and greens onions sauteed with sweet n' sour sauce    9.00
23. Chili Shrimp     9.00
24. Pia-Tod Lard Prik fried pompano fish topped with a spicy sauce made with mushrooms, ginger root, fresh greens chili and oyster sauce.    8.25
25. Rainbow Trout     8.25
26. Mint Shrimp fried in mixture of fresh greens chili and mint leaves    9.00
27. Salmon Teriyaki salmon steak grilled to perfection glazes with teriyaki sauce served with broccoli    9.25
28. Cashew Shrimp shrimp and cashew nuts stir fried with greens onions in chili paste sauce    9.00
29. Garlic Shrimp shrimp stir fried with garlic and black pepper    9.00
30. Shrimp With Broccoli shrimp stir fried with broccoli and oyster sauce    9.00
31. Gulf Of Siam v shrimp, scallops, crab, clam, fish, squids, mussels with onions and green onions stir fried with a chili paste.    9.25
32. Seafood Chop Suey     11.10


33. Seafood Combination Soup shrimp, scallops, crab, clam, fish squids mussel and mushrooms hot and sour    10.90
34. Seafood Combination Soup A La Thai     10.90
35. Spicy Fish Soup yom yum pla    9.20
36. Spicy Chicken Soup     7.75
37. Chicken Soup A La Thai     8.35
38. Shrimp Soup with mushrooms. in a hot and sour soup.    9.20
39. Combination Soup mixed vegetables with shrimp, chicken and pork in clear soup.    8.35
40. Shrimp Soup A La Thai B.B.Q with mushrooms in creamy hot and sour soup with a touch of thai    10.90


41. Broccoli Mushroom     7.50
42. Green Garden mixed vegetables sauteed with oyster sauce    7.50
43. Chop-Suey     8.60
Combo Or Shrimp     10.00


44. Spicy Beef Salad     7.50
45. The Monster plah goong. grilled medium-rare shrimp seasoned with lime juice and fresh chili, served on bed lettuce along with slice cucumber.    9.20
46. Thai Salad fresh lettuce, cucumber, tomato and shredded chicken with home made dressing    4.00
47. Spicy Chicken Salad     7.50


48. Chicken Noodles rice noodles scrambled with egg and chicken    8.35
49. Vegetable Phad Thai     8.35
50. Chow Mein Chicken, Beef Or Pork chow mein noodles stir fried with mixed veg    8.35
51. Phad See Ew rice noodles stir fried with broccoli and choice of chicken. beef or pork    8.35
52. Phad Wood Sen glass noodle with shrimp stir fried tomatoes onion and egg    8.60
53. Phad Thai thai rice noodles with shrimp, bean sprouts and egg scrambled in mild spicy sauce.    8.90
54. Seafood Chow Mein     10.90
55. Combo Phad Thai     9.95


56. Shrimp & Rice     48.00
57. Chow Mein     48.00
58. Ground Rice     31.00


59. Pineapple Fried Rice a combination of chicken, crab, raisins shrimp, cashew nuts and pineapple    8.90
60. Shrimp Fried Rice     8.35
61. Combination Fried Rice     8.35
62. Crab Fried Rice     8.60
63. Chicken Or Pork Beef Fried Rice     8.35
64. Vegetable Fried Rice     7.50
65. Fried Rice     1.75
66. Plain Rice     1.50
67. Brown Rice     1.50


Fried Banana ice cream    3.00
Lychee     1.75
Flan     1.25


Thai Ice Coffee     2.00
Thai Ice Tea     2.00
Regular Ice Tea     2.00
Tropical Drink     1.25
Lemonade     1.75
Coke diet coke, 7up    1.75
Hot Coffee hot tea    1.75
Drinks Con Boba     2.30


Victoria     3.25
Shinga     3.25
Shinga Light     3.25
Tall     6.23
Bud Light     3.00
Heineken     3.25
Corona     3.25


Bell Gardens Thai Bbq
6634 Eastern Ave
Btwn Lubec St & Loveland St
(323) 560-8654
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