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  • Japanese, Noodles
  • 1253 Vine St #5, Los Angeles 90038 34.093913 -118.326659
  • (Btwn Fountain & La Mirada Ave)
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  • (323) 467-5537
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Small Green Salad     3.50
Soft Kelp Salad     4.50
Chicken Salad     7.25
Seafood Salad salad with shrimp and crab sticks    8.00
Tofu Salad     7.00


Edamame slated boiled soybean    3.75
Shishito sweet chili    5.00
Eggplant mustard or miso    5.00
Hiya-Yakko japanese cold tofu    3.50
Assuage deep fried tofu with ginger    5.00
Tofu Steak lightly fried tofu    5.00
Ohitashi boiled spinach with bonito flake    3.75
Lotus Roots Or Kinpira Gobo     5.00
Chinese Cold Tofu spicy zasal dressing    4.00
Agedashi Tofu fried tofu in bonito    5.50
Gomayogoshi spinach in sesame sauce    5.00
Bok Choy oyster sauce    5.00


Harumaki vegetable spring rolls   (4pcs) 5.50
Gyoza pan-fried vegetable pot-stickers   (6pcs) 5.50
Chicken Gyoza chicken pot-stickers   (6pcs) 6.00
Shrimp Gyoza pan fried pot-stickers   (6pcs) 6.50
Pork Shumai steamed dumplings   (5pcs) 5.50
Shrimp Shumai steamed dumplings   (6pcs) 6.50

Ramen And Noodles

Ramen noodle in chicken broth with menma, green onions and chashu pork    7.50
Tanmen is ramen noodle served with sauteed vegetables and chashu pork. select flavor: shio ramen - clear broth, shoyu ramen - soy sauce flavor, miso ramen - soybean paste flavor, tanmen - clear broth w/ vege, shoyu tanmen - soy sauce w/ vege, miso tanmen - soybean paste w/ vege. vegetarian available for shio and miso tonmen.    9.50
Tanmen add miso flavor    1.00
Udon thick wheat flour noodle, served hot, cold or zaru-dipping style in soy sauce flavored bonito flake broth, garnished with chopped green onions    7.50
Soba buckwheat noodle, served hot, cold or zaru-dipping style in soy sauce flavored bonito flake broth, garnished with chopped green onions    7.50
Sohmen thin wheat flour noodle, served hot, cold or zaru-dipping style in soy sauce flavored bonito flake broth, garnished with chopped green onions    7.50
Yum- Yam Noodle low crab, gluten-free noodle made of yam and tofu    9.50

Toppings For Noodles

Grated Garlic     0.50
Hot And Spicy     0.50
Butter     1.00
Sweet Corn     1.00
Tanuki tempura crust    1.00
Wakame soft kelp    1.00
Nori dried seaweed    1.00
Crab Stick     1.00
Boiled Egg     1.25
Moyashi bean sprouts    1.25
Zasai chinese pickles    1.25
Menma bamboo shoot    1.50
Tofu    (2pcs) 1.50
Kitsune fried tofu   (2pcs) 1.50
Shiitake    (2pcs) 1.50
Spinach Or Bok Choy     1.50
Broccoli     1.50
Sapporo Style sauteed moyashi and onion    1.50
Curry     2.00
Chashu Pork     2.00
Boiled Chicken     2.00
Sauteed Vegetables     2.00
Shrimp     2.00
Sauteed Beef     2.75
Shrimp & Crab Stick     2.75
Fried Chicken Or Pork     2.75
Kakiage shredded vegetable tempura    2.75

House Noodle Specials

1. Parko Ramen shoyu ramen with a choice of fried chicken or pork    9.75
2. South Sea Style spicy miso ramen with a choice of boiled chicken or chashu pork with a garnish of shredded scallion, red ginger and sesame    10.00
3. North Sea Style miso ramen with salmon wing, crab sticks, moyashi, wakame, and corn.    10.50
4. Curry Udon Or Soda curry flavored bonito broth with onion. select toppings  
4. Curry Udon Or Soba chicken or pork    10.00
4. Curry Udon Or Soba beef or shrimp    11.00
5. Ramen Salad shoyu or sesame dressing available with shredded baked egg, shredded chicken, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and moyashi.    9.75
6. Soba Salad oil-free shoyu flavored dressing with shredded chicken, baked egg, tomato, cucumber, lettuce and radish sprouts    9.75
7. Cold Dip Ramen sesame dipping sauce with crab sticks, moyashi, nori, red ginger, tomato, cucumber and celery on the side    9.75

House Noodle Specials

Omakase Dinner chef's original creations of the day. for 2 or more party   pp 30.00


Served In Bento Box With Salad, Miso Soup And Rice. Take $2 Off For Appetizer Style

8. Tuna Sashimi     13.00
9. Spicy Tuna Sashimi     13.00
10. Tataki Albacore seared with ponzu sauce    13.00
11. Sauteed Red Snapper rich lemon sauce    13.00
12. Grilled Salmon teriyaki or sakelees    13.00
13. Unagi Box     15.00
14. Ginger Pork     11.50
15. Spicy Garlic Shrimp or Fried Shrimp     13.00
16. Spicy Garlic Tofu     10.50
16. Spicy Garlic Tofu add chicken or beef    1.00

Noodle Cuisine $6.50

Udon thick noodle  
Soba buckwheat noodle  
Sohmen thin noodle  

Atch-Kotch Entree

Teriyaki Chicken with rice & salad    7.00
Teriyaki Combo with rice & salad    7.50
Teriyaki Beef with rice & salad    8.00
Curry Rice with salad  
Curry Rice chicken, pork or vegetable    7.50
Curry Rice beef or shrimp    8.50
Fried Rice with miso soup  
Fried Rice chicken, pork or vegetable    7.00
Fried Rice shrimp    8.00
Chow Mein chicken, pork or vegetable    7.00
Chow Mein shrimp    8.00
Crispy Chow Mein sauteed vegetable sauce with combination of chicken, pork and shrimp over crunchy pan-fried noodle    9.00
Sauteed Vegetable with rice. vegetable includes green bell pepper, cabbage, carrot, menma, moyashi and onion    7.00
Mabo Tofu with rice. spicy miso sauce with tofu, select chicken or pork    8.00


Oyako-Don boiled chicken with sauteed onion and egg    7.00
Chuka-Don assortment of sauteed vegetables in starch-thickened sauce with pork, crab and shrimp    9.00
Kakiage-Don shredded vegetable tempura in pancake style    7.00
Chicken Katsu-Don fried chicken with sauteed onion and egg    8.00
Pork Katsu-Don fried pork with sauteed onion and egg    8.00
Sukiyaki-Don boiled beef and tofu with sauteed vegetables    8.50

Dim Sum

Harumaki vegetable spring rolls   (4pcs) 5.00
Gyoza pan fried vegetable pot-stickers   (6pcs) 5.50
Shrimp Gyoza pan fried shrimp pot-stickers   (6pcs) 6.50
Shrimp Shumai steamed shrimp dumplings   (6pcs) 6.50

Ramen Small Bowl Combination

Ramen (2pcs) with harumaki    10.00  8.00
Ramen (3pcs) with gyoza    10.25  8.25
Ramen (3pcs) with shrimp gyoza    10.75  8.75
Ramen (3pcs) with shrimp shumai    10.75  8.75
Ramen with shrimp fried rice    11.75  9.75
Ramen With Fried Rice choice of vegetable, chicken and pork available    11.25  9.25

Side Order

Onigiri rice ball with a choice of ume, okaka or salmon   (1pc) 1.80
Yaki Onigiri baked rice ball with shoyu   (1pc) 1.20
Inari Sushi rice in slightly sweet shoyu flavor kitsune   (2pcs) 3.00
California Roll    (6pcs) 5.00
Steamed Rice     1.50
Miso Soup     1.50
Oshinko japanese pickles including carrot, cucumber, turnip and radish    4.00
Zasai chinese pickles    2.00


Almond Jelly     2.70
Ice Cream choice of green tea, strawberry or vanilla available    2.75


Sodas coke, diet coke or 7-up    1.50
Hot Green Tea Or Ice Tea     1.50
Ice Cream Tea, Ice Oolong Tea, Ice Coffee, Nectar Or Lemonade     2.00
Perrier small shoyu ramen and gyoza combination    2.25


1253 Vine St
Btwn Fountain & La Mirada Ave
(323) 467-5537
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